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To add news items and annoucements, please send notices to
Michelle Gibbons at by Wednesday evening.

If you have news, stories, celebrations, photos or would like to have a pastoral visit to video a tour of your home, please send to

Sabbath School - Zoom or Host Homes
One of the best things about church on Sabbath is community! If you have been missing this - we have a few host homes set up to have up to 10 people over each Sabbath. Send Jess Laws a message if you'd like more information.
     Or you can join the Zoom Sabbath School by going to the Castle Hill Youth FB page on Sabbath morning at 9:30am, and clicking the link that is displayed on this Sabbath's date. 

Click here to go to Facebook page for Zoom link
Other Sabbath Schools and Resources
Currently, these are the groups who are running online or in-home Sabbath Schools and Bible Studies

Sabbath Schools:
  • Juniors and Preteens have Zoom Sabbath school and a Kahoot! each week from 9:30am for those in our church in Grades 4 to 7. Email for connection details. 
Bible Study Groups:
  • Uni Life Group - Taco Tuesday - dinner and Bible study - every second Tuesday of the month
  • Young Adults Dinner & Bible Study Group - every second Wednesday
  • Year 11/12 Bible Study - every second Friday 
For information and links, please contact Jess -  or text 0424 370 294 
If you are running an online Sabbath School or have links to great videos and resources that you'd like to share with our church congregation, please message or email Michelle with the details.

In the recent Board Meeting, it was agreed that Bible study and Sabbath School groups can now meet at the church in the hall, provided that social distancing rules are adhered to.

Please refer to Item 2 of Pr Pablo's letter (below the Offering section) to read the details to apply to this possibility. 
YouTube - Rewatch Sermons

    Church Online

You're invited to join us for our church service from 10:45am to 12:00 pm tomorrow—Sabbath online with the Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Join us online at

Join us! Click here!
There are many other recorded and livestream programs that you can access via the Greater Sydney Conference website.
Click on this link:
Tithes and Offerings
You’re invited to give generously to the mission and outreach of the Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church—as we strive to make a difference in our community.
     Please go to eGiving to give your tithes and offerings. If you’re not able to, Richard Hurrell will be at church every Monday from 2:00-4:00pm to receive your tithes and offerings and help with Sabbath School lessons, Record, Adventist World, and Intrasyd and the general running of our church.
Today's Offering is for the ADRA Appeal
There are broken people in every corner of Australia. Our neighbours are just surviving under the weight of financial stress, poor health, strained relationships, loneliness and a lack of connections. Every person facing hardship is an opportunity for us, as Adventists, to reach out and demonstrate Christ’s grace and hope in practical ways. Today’s offerings will support ADRA Community Projects in Australia such as community meals, crisis support, youth and disaster response. Each project is run in partnership with a local Adventist Church and helps feed, clothe, house and connect Australians doing it tough. Give generously today to help Australians live and serve as God intended.

Find out what ADRA is doing locally, nationally and internationally:

* ADRA Appeal - Offering 3 October for ADRA Projects within Australia

While you're visiting Richard at the church
on Monday, you can also collect
Sabbath School pamphlets for all ages,
and Records.
Jesus understands...just pour it out to Him. 

Prayer Requests
Our church family has many needs, and we ask that you keep the following members in your daily prayers for healing and help.
  • Nick & Sarah Kross as they prepare for their new baby
  • Eric White
  • Colleen White
  • Bob & Margaret Smith
  • Nanette Boileau
  • Bill & Heather Webster
  • Sarah Boccaletti
  • Sharon Jones
  • Year 12 students as they study for and sit their HSC exams
  • Baby Imogen Rea, as well as her parents, sisters and extended family - they all need support as they fight Imogen's cancer. 
Please pray for Baby Imogen Rea and her parents and sisters
If you know anyone else who needs or would like prayer,
please send a message to Pr Pablo, Marvin or Jess.


Church Transfer In - 2nd Reading
This is the second reading of transfer from Church in the Fields SDA Church (Macquarie Fields, NSW) to Castle Hill SDA Church for George & Rita Karraz.

We are thrilled to have the Karraz's join our church family!
Welcome, George and Rita!

Summit 2020 - Live His Calling 
Series will be LIVE STREAMED over the weekend
9-11 October - see speakers and schedule below

Join us for a weekend of spiritual growth with a mix of international and local speakers. Discover how Jesus’ modern-day disciples can live His calling by sharing hope through literature. Be inspired to share the Gospel with a troubled world unprepared to meet their soon-coming Saviour. This is a weekend for everybody right across the South Pacific Division.

Pack a Shoebox! Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child collecting boxes of gifts for disadvantaged children across the world!
Operation Christmas Child?
Please remember to pack your Operation Christmas Child Boxes and return them to Castle Hill ASAP.
Operation Christmas Child is a hands-on way for you and me to bless children in need around the world by filling shoeboxes with toys, hygiene items, school supplies and other fun gifts. The gift-filled shoeboxes are distributed to children in over 100 countries around the world in the Name of Jesus Christ.
    The link below can help with ideas on how to fill the box.
"Our family went out shopping on Thursday night," says Pr Pablo. "Our three children chose an age, boy or girl and selected items of their choice to fill the boxes. We’ll deliver them to the Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church for processing."

Click here for How to Pack a Shoebox
There are ready-to-fold boxes at the church, so feel free to come and collect one or two...
or more...
on Mondays between 2:00-7:00pm, and start filling them for return in October. 
Please bring your filled boxes to Castle Hill Church on
Tuesday afternoon or the following Monday.

Or, please let Pr Pablo know and he can organise a box to be collected.
I Need a Box!

Daylight Saving Kicks Off This Weekend

Yes – daylight saving 2020 is upon us, which means at 2:00am this Sunday, 4 October, clocks must be put forward by one hour. While most smartphones will automatically adjust the time, it’s important to remember to manually change the time on your watches and clocks on Sunday, 4 October from 2:00am to 3:00am.
Bushfire Danger Period Begins
The statutory Bush Fire Danger Period in NSW commenced on 1 October. Anyone wishing to light a fire during this time must obtain a permit from their local fire authority.
     "Permits, which are free to obtain, ensure that fire is used safely and to minimise the danger to landholders, their property and the community, Commissioner Rogers said.
    "While harzard reductions burns are an important part of preparations, landholders need to be extremely careful.
   "Never leave a fire unattended. If a fire does escape, ring Triple Zero (000) immediately so emergency services can respond to minimise damage."
"Commissioner Rogers also urges homeowners to prepare for the fire season, noting that we cannot be complacent this season, despite the Bureau forecasting a wet start to the fire season."
    Go to to make a fire survival plan or to apply for a permit, or to check fire danger ratings.
Even in suburbia, we can be fire safe and prepared. 
  • TRIM overhanging trees, shubs and hedges.
  • MOW grass and remove clippings. Clear a perimeter around your home and outbuildings.
  • REMOVE material that can burn from around your house (eg. doormats, woodpiles, mulch, leaves, paint, outdoor furniture)
  • CLEAR and remove all debris and leaves from gutters.
  • PREPARE - have a sturdy hose/s that reach all around your home and make sure the water supply is reliable.
  • PLAN - have a clear plan that your family understands, ie. what to do with pets, where to congregate, communication, etc.
Article from Hill to Hawkesbury Community News Magazine Volume 37 - Issue 17 page 5

Adventurer e-Camporee on 6-8 November:
     Join us for our first ever e-Camporee! This Camporee will take place as an online event, screened to Youtube and Facebook over the weekend of November 6-8. We encourage you to re-create the full Camporee experience for your Adventurers by setting up tents and camping out in your backyards or lounge rooms.   
     The theme for this year's Camporee is "Show and Tell about Jesus". Our guest speaker, Pr Raul Moran, will present a series of engaging talks on the topic. We also have 3 BRAND NEW Awards prepared for you.
     Thank you. God bless.  - Alex Rolfo

Register Here!
Last Sabbath, our Pathfinders headed for a scenic hike down the 8.9km Berowra Track.
The Juniors reached the bottom - it was very beautiful and cool.
Youth News
Castle Hill SDA Youth - Get Connected!

Go to Instagram to keep informed of socials, Sabbath Schools, Feature Friday testimonies, and inspiration from the Bible. Click the button below to go to the Insta page.
CHY Instagram

Women's Ministires
Breathe Online Women's Conference - 2-3 October
We are making history! We're gathering our beautiful CONQUERORs for our first BREATHE ONLINE Conference.
Joining us to share the word is the incredible CHARISSA TOROSAIN (née Fong)! She is excited and ready to bring God's word to the women of Sydney.

Friday, 2 October, 7:00pm - Charissa Torosain (née Fong)
Sabbath, 3 October
2:00pm - M.A.D Session
5:00pm - Charissa Torosain (née Fong)

This event is free, so invite every gal you know! But please click below to receive your link to join in online.
Get Tickets for the Conquerors Conference
To keep informed of all Women's Ministries events and inspiration, please go to
Sydney Adventist Women Facebook page.
Retirees Enjoying Life (REL) Group
REL group met at Wisteria Park Parramatta for a picnic on Tuesday. It's been nearly seven months since the last outing! There were lots of stories, laughs and good times had by all. So good to be together in person!
If you would like to be added to the REL Group's emailing list to keep informed about events and news, please contact Shirley Hinze on
Men's Ministries
Men's Zoom Bible Studies
Castle Hill Men's Ministry is an inclusive open group that is looking to always inspire, lift up the name of Jesus, and better still, be in alignment with our church values and mission of being that light into the world.
   Castle Hill Men’s Ministry is inviting all men of all ages to a scheduled Zoom meeting again this Wednesday at 7:00pm sharp, where we will be studying 1 Samuel 23. 
     As I lead under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we need men to come forward to serve alongside, dream big in how we can be the change our society. It is a commitment and I leave you with one thought....He was committed to the walk up to Calvary.
     Come and be blessed by what God is going to bring to us men in these rocky and trying times. Let's carry our cross as intently as Christ did....Let the world know that His followers can not be contained!
     Contact me on Facebook or on the church page or text me on 041 276 0401.
Love and Blessings. - Chris Engel

For more information, please contact Chris - 
041 276 0401
Ways to Serve

Gardening at Church
Although the church building is taking a rest, it is still needing constant care. If you'd like to some weeding or trimming over the holidays or during the week, we'd love you to volunteer! 

Community Response
There is also a huge opportunity to reach out and invest time in our community and friends through local service projects. Like on Sunday 13 September, a small group met up at the home of a local resident who had expressed a need for help around his home and yard. Armed with lawnmowers, edge trimmers, rakes, spades and garbage bags, we cleaned up around his home and garden. If this is something you'd like to get involved with, please contact Chris Engel to find out what is lined up in the future. Refreshments are always provided and we truly look forward to demonstrating God's love through service. It is a lot of fun working as a team to glorify His name, and help someone out.

To volunteer to do gardening at church, or if you'd like to be involved in other community service projects, please contact our Maintenance Coordinator and Men's Ministries Leader, Chris Engel - 0412 760 401

Food Parcels

During this current crisis, we have the opportunity to be the Church like never before! We’re being the hands and feet of Jesus in very practical ways, and you can help! We have so many people to feed, so many people in need. Our mission statement is to be the most loving church—so let's take this golden opportunity to give back and help struggling people in our community.
     A big thank you to the many families dropping off food to Castle Hill. We’re still in great need of food, as there is much pain in the community.  If you are able to provide food for ADRA Blacktown or Mt Druitt food pantries, please drop the food off on Monday from 2:00pm-7:00pm - Richard Hurrell will be at church until 4:00pm, and Pr Pablo will be around till 7:00pm to can take your donations too. Alternatively, please contact Pr Pablo and he can arrange for someone to collect your donation from you.

You can also make monetary donations to ADRA at

Donate to ADRA's Many Projects Now!

Upcoming Speakers at Castle Hill Church

3.    Youth Service, with Richie Reid speaking
       Offering: ADRA Appeal *

10.  Jim Dhiacou: "Being a Peacekeeper" 
       Offering: Castle Hill SDA Church

17. Pastor Pablo Lillo
      Offering: Education - Mt View Adventist College

24. Marvin Malcolm: Growing Together Summit II
      Offering: Castle Hill SDA Church

31. Dr Darius Jankiewicz: Protestant Reformation Day
      Offering: Castle Hill SDA Church

Our Church Vision:
The vision of Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist church is to be the most loving church.
Our mission is for us to take the good of Jesus Christ to every place we can, in every way possible. Whatever the means, we want to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our School, friends, family, neighbours, and the wider community.
We exist:
1. To honour God through worship.
2. To share the Gospel message of Jesus with others.
3. To connect with others in meaningful relationships.
4. To prepare disciples to fulfil their purpose.
5. To encourage leaders in their God-given destiny.
Senior Pastor – Pablo Lillo
M: 0412 588 827
Associate Pastor – Nick Kross
M: 0423 107 766
Youth Pastor – Jessica Laws
M: 0424 370 294

Senior Elder - Marvin Malcolm
M: 0414 430 688

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