Welcome to Castle Hill SDA Church eBulletin
for 30 January 2021

And welcome to the first eBulletin for 2021!
We trust this email finds you and yours well.

As we begin to gain momentum with the new year's activities,
let us remember that God goes before us to lead the way,
walks beside us to guide and redirect,
and always has our back.

Have a blessed Sabbath.
FEAR NOT! Friday Message from our Conference President

    Church Online

Join the live-streamed worship service
this Sabbath, 30 January

Our worship service runs from 11:00am to 12:00pm.

Click here to join us!


Due to the events of Covid-19 restrictions for gatherings inside buildings
over the last couple of months, the church leaders have decided to postpone our
regathering in person for the time being.
On 9 February they will discuss the way forward
and how the congregation can be ministered to in the safest way possible.

So our church worship service will again be pre-recorded
for the next couple of weeks, and streamed online for your family to enjoy at home.
Please be encouraged to invite a small group to your home to watch
the online service and enjoy fellowship over a meal together.
Continue to contact others who may be feeling anxious, isolated and lonely.
Send messages, pop a card in the mail, make a phone call, or make a visit.

Thank you to everyone who continues to serve in 2021. We need everyone to serve,
get involved and keep things going through this COVID crisis.

The start-up of formal Sabbath School classes via Zoom. Leaders of Sabbath School
groups will organise this with their contacts as we have done previously.

We will give notice, too, of when our Treasurer will be available to be
at the church on Mondays again.

Putting God first can be difficult.
What can we learn from Ruth that will help us
put God first in our lives today?

Ruth was not an Israelite when she was born. She grew up as a Moabite and probably worshipped Chemosh, the fish God of the Moabites. Chemosh was also known as “the destroyer”. In 2 Kings 3:27, we see the king of Moab offering his own son and heir as a blood sacrifice to Chemosh.
      In sharp contrast to this, Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi, spoke of Jehovah, the loving God of the Israelites, who rescued His people from slavery and calls them to love and respect each other. Ruth must have started to worship Jehovah a long time before the tragedies happened.
      In a sad and dark turn of events, Naomi lost her husband and two sons within a decade. Her daughters-in-law, Ruth and Orpah, were devastated. Life was already difficult when their husbands were alive, but now the situation was desperate. Naomi decided to return to Israel and sent both of them home. Orpah eventually agreed to go home. On the other hand, Ruth simply refused.
      Even at this darkest hour in her life, she didn’t blame God for her circumstances. Instead, she put God first in her life and insisted on travelling with Naomi to continue worshipping Jehovah. Here are Ruth’s words, as recorded in Ruth 1:16:
      “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.”
       Life may be difficult for you right now. Putting God first doesn’t guarantee that our lives will be easy, but it does mean we will find peace and salvation. Ruth found a loving husband and joined the people of God. In fact, Ruth had the honour of becoming a direct ancestor of Jesus Himself, the saviour of the world.
       Ruth put God first. Her example compels us to do the same. As the deacons collect the tithe and offerings, we are challenged to put God first.

Our heavenly Father, help us to seek You and Your kingdom first.
Please accept our worship this morning. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Our offering today will be for Local Church Outreach
Give Tithes, Offerings & Donations - eGiving

Sunday, 31 January 2021

All ages are invited to attend and participate in a church working bee
TOMORROW: Sunday, 31 January from 2:00pm

This will be an intensive cleanup for our return to
the church grounds on 6 February.
We will - clean up the Sabbath School rooms, hall and youth hall,
prepare the church building, and
tidy the gardens and grounds.

The more people to participate will help us get our jobs done quicker.

Refreshments will be provided.

Please put your alarm on so you don't miss it!

Please contact Chris Engel for more information.
An exciting evening of Worship and Celebration. A gathering of God's girls at 6 venues across Sydney.

An opportunity to come together after so long, hear the VISION and PLANS for 2021. A time to see what God is wanting to do through you. Join the army of women who want to make a difference.

UNITED NIGHT will be her farewell message as she sets off to be married and leave the Greater Sydney Conference.
We wait, with great expectation, to see how God will use her at UNITED NIGHT.
Registration ESSENTIAL. No Cost!
DRESS CODE: WHITE ATTIRE (or any colour you're comfortable in)

7:00 pm - Meet & Mingle with Refreshments
7:30 pm - Start of Program
9:00 pm - End of Program

Pr Hope serves as a much-loved Chaplain at Mountain View Adventist College, where she daily impacts the lives of many young people. She is a committed, dedicated, conscientious and creative young woman. Hope is an energetic, engaging speaker and passionate about sharing the Word of God.
Register Here
We are so excited to introduce our new Associate Pastor!
We warmly introduce you to
Josh & Danelle Stothers,
and their little daughter Lacey,

who will join our pastoral team,
commencing 1 February.

We are very excited to have them join
our pastoral team and church family,
and we welcome them with open arms!
We look forward to the contribution
they will bring to our congregation.


Sabbath, 13 February 2021
All those who are working with children in any area of ministry are
invited to join a training session, run by Colleen Savage,
on Sabbath, 13 February from 1:00pm
in the Castle Hill church.

Please note that the Working with Children list for the church will be updated on the day and those attending the training session will be asked to provide a valid WWC Check including your surname, DOB and WWC number for verification purposes. These details can also be sent prior to
to Megan Lillo -

Lunch will be provided, so please RSVP as soon as possible
to Colleen -

Or call her on 0435 955 330


There are currently 50 copies of this beautiful calendar
in the church foyer, waiting to be hung in your home! 
If you want one send Marvin a direct message
and we’ll see what we can do to get them to you.

The new school year has started!
But for some, it will be ill-equipped.

Give Old School Shoes
a New Purpose:
We just purchased new school shoes for our children.
Unfortunately, the kids had outgrown their shoes, and the shoes
are still in good condition.
"Can I encourage you to repurpose any school shoes your kids may have
outgrown but are still in good condition?
Drop them off at the Lillo's place, and we’ll get them to
needy areas of Sydney for families that can’t afford to purchase new shoes for their kids."

(Please give them a good polish and wipe out the inside.)
Sneakers/sport shoes in good condition can be repurposed too.

If you need further information please contact Pr Pablo.
Free Information Session to find out if the
8-week program is right for you!

To be held at Galston SDA Church on
Monday, 15 February @ 7:00pm


Fusion is an afternoon program for all those interested in Youth Ministry,
and those in Youth Leadership roles, to get together and discuss important
and relevant topics about Youth Ministry.
Our Keynote Speakers include:
Dr Nick Kross, Pr Cheonneth Strickland, Pr Craig Vanas, and Pr Simon Gigliotti.
Date: Saturday, 20 February 2021
Time: 3:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Dundas SDA Church - 40 Kissing Point Road, Oatlands, NSW, 2117
Afternoon Tea & Dinner provided.

This is a free event, but we would love you to register:
Register Here

We are living in unprecedented times and heading towards
the soon return of our Lord. In such times, our need to
come together as a church to focus on our mission, our message and
our personal preparation are more important and urgent than ever.

Though the General Conference Session has been rescheduled,
we will have a gathering of the church in a virtual setting to bring our entire
global church together.  We will be holding the 
Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting in May.

The virtual exhibition which we were planning to hold,  to coincide with the
GC Session, is being restructured as a global camp meeting event.
Though the name has changed, the purpose of the virtual
gathering remains the same; to connect with our
Adventist members, workers and leaders from around the world to
prepare each of us to fulfil our calling as servants of Christ.
To inspire all members to say “I Will Go” to finish the work.

Global Audience for Exhibitors and Presenters

The Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting will feature messages, seminars,
workshops and discussions by the best and brightest that our church has to offer
from around the world.  We invite your participation in this event as presenters,
exhibitors, support personnel and attendees.   

We will continue to offer a virtual exhibition area for our church organisations.
For exhibitors, this event remains a big opportunity to reach out to
fellow believers around the world, to tell them about their mission,
and to help them get involved. Whether at their booth, in a seminar,
or talking to attendees, they can find an audience to share their vision.

Global Event

We are working to make this a truly global event, but we need your help.
The organizers will continue to work with your staff who have been
organising your booth for the GC Session,
(for those entities which have arranged for a booth). 
We will also be reaching out to you to arrange for speakers, moderators,
translators, and other support personnel. Most important of all,
we seek your prayers in making this a success to reach our members
across the globe to encourage and inspire them as we head towards
the second coming of our Lord.

For exhibitors, there is still time and space to sign up for a booth.


Check out the event website for more information.

For more information, you can contact Tim Aka at:

Ministry Groups
Castle Hill Kids (0-9)
Here are some links that you might find helpful:
In Season 4 (next year) we are looking to try to get
your King’s Kids in the program too!
If you are interested, read the information belo

First, have your kids introduce themselves and say where they are from
(first name and region). Then, have them answer one of the following questions:
  1. In what ways have King’s Kids inspired you to learn more about Jesus?
  2. How has King’s Kids helped you connect with Jesus?
  3. Why/How are you a King’s Kid?

Video your “King’s Kids” in Gods creation showing us an example of where/how they see God.

Alternatively, if your child is not confident to speak, send us a good quality photo of them in God’s creation or holding a sign saying “I’m a King’s Kid.”
Tips to get usable video/photo:
1. 4k quality where possible - a lot of phones do this these days.
2. Landscape NOT portrait video/photo
3. Make sure you fill the frame with the kids
4. Avoid places where there is noisy background or wind. (or if a photo, a cluttered background)
5. Make sure lighting comes from the front - no windows or lights coming from behind.
6. Encourage your King’s Kids to speak clearly, confidently and slowly (or if a photo with a sign, that it is clear to read)
7. Keep the video short and succinct - we want to fit in as many as we can!

How to get it to us:
1. Use to send your files.
2. E-mail to
3. Make sure you include your name and the King’s Kids name(s) as well as where you are from.
4. Include the best e-mail for us to contact you back on. If we select your video(s) for use we will need you to sign a ‘talent’ release form.

Upload Your Video or Photo
Parents, are you looking for simple Bible studies to help children
fall in love with God?
Castle Hill Juniors

The Years 7 & 8 Bible Study Group

If you know of a young person who would like to be included in this year's group,
please contact one of our pastoral team.

The Hunter Chronicles series represents a cutting-edge new approach to teaching the great truths of the Bible.

Action-packed novels dovetail seamlessly with interactive handbooks, together offering valuable life lessons and leading junior and teenage kids into a saving relationship with Jesus.

Handbooks are packed to overflowing with puzzles, cryptograms, mazes, interactive Q&A sections, character profiles, and Bible studies on all 28 Fundamentals Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. A child who studies through the entire four volumes will have learned about all of our fundamental beliefs and will be prepped for baptism. In fact, the last lesson in Volume 4 deals with baptism and even invites a child to read through the General Conference endorsed “Simplified baptismal Vows” and make a decision for baptism.

Also includes Pathfinder honours and other hidden secrets.

Go to the
Adventist Book Centre to order your copies.

Castle Hill Youth & Young Adults

Converge 2021

Welcome to our Australian-wide, 18+ festival.
Come hang with Jesus and your mates!

Please ensure you provide a working and regularly-checked email in the form below. All ticket and event information will be sent to that email address.

We have awesome entry deals throughout the year, be sure to get in before the price increase! (closing dates will be listed)

Join the Converge Facebook Group here:

Other important info:

  • Contact Stuarts Point Convention Centre directly to book a Cabin or hire a tent
  • You must be at least 18 by February 12th 2021 to attend

We look forward to seeing you there!


Friday, 12th February 2021 - Monday, 15th February 2021


Stuarts Point Convention Centre
250 Grassy Head Rd, Stuarts Point NSW 2441

Details & Registration

Castle Hill SDA Youth - Get Connected!
Go to Instagram to keep informed of socials, Sabbath Schools, Feature Friday testimonies, and inspiration from the Bible.

Click the button below to go to the Insta page.
CHY Instagram
Men's Ministry
Castle Hill Men's Ministry is an inclusive open group that is looking to always inspire, lift up the name of Jesus, and better still, be in alignment with our church values and mission of being that light into the world.
Our weekly Bible study will be suspended for the festive break.
Please stay tuned for when we will recommence in 2021!

There is also a Facebook group, so if you'd like to join, 

Please contact Chris - 041 276 0401
Women's Ministry
Adventist Women encourages women to improve their potential
and participation in the mission of the Church and provides a support system
and forum for women in and out of the church.
Stop Uterine Prolapse

Nepal's mountains are big. The tragedy of uterine prolapse is bigger. With your help, the tragic mountain of uterine prolapse can be flattened.
Please help even more women escape a life of pain, shame and hopelessness.
Give now to stop uterine prolapse in its tracks:

Click here to learn more
Castle Hill Seniors

Retirees Enjoying Life Group (REL)

Keep updated on the group's activities, news and events by joining the mailing list.
Please contact Shirley Hinze on to have your name added.

REL Group Committee:
Bev Garrard, Marion Mason, Bob Smith, Greg and Shirley Hinze.
Ways to Serve & Give
Gardening at Church
Although the church building is taking a rest, it is still needing constant care. If you'd like to some weeding or trimming over the holidays or during the week, we'd love you to volunteer! 
Community Response
Reach out in our community and friends through local service projects. To volunteer to do some gardening at church, or register your interest be involved in a future community service project, please contact Chris Engel on 041 276 0401.
ADRA Community Centre Blacktown
Donate Here
We would like to say a big thank you to everyone’s generous donations this past year! 
Without all of you, we wouldn’t be able to help the number of people we do!
Mother and children living in a car

Fund for Needy Persons (FFNP) 

Offering this Sabbath, 19 December

The Greater Sydney Conference runs a charity that gives us the opportunity to provide for those in need.

The aim of the Fund for Needy Persons (FFNP) is to restore independence by helping people get back on their feet again. Funds are used to help resolve the crisis caused by rental or accommodation problems, abuse, unemployment, the illness or death of a family member. The FFNP charity is maintained by the generosity of members who give regularly and when the annual offering is collected. 


There will be a dedicated offering for Fund For Needy Persons on
Sabbath, 19 December, that you can contribute to through eGiving. 

You can also contribute throughout the year via and search Church Fund For The Needy. Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

Contribute Here
Worship Service Podcasts

Listen to the messages that have been presented this year
via our online services.


Listen to podcasts or our (growing) library of online church sermons from 2020. Pop over to to catch up on any episode, or subscribe using your favourite podcast app (search in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, etc).

For those entering the church premises for worship service recordings, study groups and bringing offerings and donations, please be aware of our

QR Code Sign-in

Please look for the QR Code on the desk as you enter the main door of the church, scan it, and fill in your details.

Thank you for helping keep our church a safe and welcoming place.
Missed last week's GSC newsletter? They're archived online!
Head to 
to find a listing of previous editions. 

Upcoming Speakers & Events at Castle Hill Church

January 2021

30.   Prayer - Kelvin Davis: "Prayer"
        Offering: Castle Hills SDA Church


February 2021

  6.   Pr Joshua Stothers: "My Story"
        Offering: Castle Hills SDA Church

 13.  Prayer - Pr Pablo Lillo: "Cultivating My Prayer Life"
        Offering: AUC: Disaster & Famine Relief

20.   Jessica Laws
        Offering: Castle Hills SDA Church

27.   Marvin Malcolm: "Calvary's Trio"
        Offering: Education - Auburn School Scholarships


Our Church Vision:
The vision of Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist church is to be the most loving church.
Our mission is for us to take the good of Jesus Christ to every place we can, in every way possible. Whatever the means, we want to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our School, friends, family, neighbours, and the wider community.
We exist:
1. To honour God through worship.
2. To share the Gospel message of Jesus with others.
3. To connect with others in meaningful relationships.
4. To prepare disciples to fulfil their purpose.
5. To encourage leaders in their God-given destiny.
Senior Pastor – Pablo Lillo
M: 0412 588 827

Associate Pastor – Josh Stothers 
Youth Pastor – Jessica Laws
M: 0424 370 294

Senior Elder - Marvin Malcolm
M: 0414 430 688

Final Word...
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