Windows of Heaven!

I am so grateful that 2000 years ago, our Father opened up the windows of heaven and sent his son (a prince) to come down to this earth and live with the lowly of the human race, to dwell with us, to live with us and live in our depravity. Jesus did not come to judge us, He came to set us free.

He did not come and say let someone else reach them, He did not say let me go to the people where I can only make the biggest impact, He did not tell His Father the warfare would be too great. He didn’t say the problem is not that big, He didn’t say I am not going to do this because they made their choice. He didn’t have a country club ministry - He went to the streets and markets, He went to the highways and byways and He compelled them to come in. God opened up the window of heaven and stepped out for you and me. He did not care if he was rejected, He did not care about the cost, He did not care about his comfort or what people thought, He didn’t go for numbers - He came for one! He came for you and He came for me!
Do you realize that these little girls are our little girls? They are in our backyards, our schools, our churches our neighborhoods. Make no mistake, men are rampantly buying girls right here in the United States. Just recently during a sting operation in Houston, they found a girl being sold who was only 4 years old!

God is stepping out again, He is hearing the cries of these children, that are in your neighborhood. He is wanting to reach these kids because He cares about the little girl whose mom died at 9 years old and no one took her, so she ended up in a system that abused and exploited her but no one has noticed her. He is stepping out for the one who was sold at 6 by her mom and never had a family and ended up with 3 different trafficker/pimps branding her. He is stepping out for the one who wanted to be accepted and finally have a family but was exploited instead. God is stepping out of heaven and is saying just reach one. He did it for you even when no one else would. He sent people to you so that you could be set free.

This Christmas season give the gift of stepping out.  Maybe our Father will use you so that one girl will see God open up the Window of Heaven for them. And then watch the miracles in your own life, as you become an answer to someone else's heart cry! 

As you can imagine, battles and wars rage in this area of ministry - the enemy does not want to see these girls set free. We have been discouraged, disappointed and yet determined. When it feels like the battle is going to be lost the Lord opens up the windows of Heaven and reminds us how great the victory can be. Just in these last two weeks we have seen amazing things. 

A mom who took the time to notice a young girl being held against her will and was doing things she didn't want to do - this mom was not willing to turn her head and look the other way, locates a neighbor to help her get out and brings her to her own home. Then gets on the phone calling people to help when she comes across Run 2 Rescue. We are in the process of helping this girl right now because one person stepped out!

We then received a series of text messages from a mom whose daughter was helped by Run 2 Rescue:

These are the reasons that we should all step out of our comfort zone this Christmas. Please consider a year-end donation to help Run 2 Rescue and make a difference in other people's lives!

When a local church asked Shannon to come share at their annual women's tea, they were kind enough to record and upload it for all to hear it - check it out!

Merry Christmas!

Shannon Forsythe
Shannon Forsythe was asked to share on Malachi 3:10 at New Hope Family Worship's women's tea. An appropriate message for Christmas. Be blessed and ask what would God have you do?
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