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...but do you know Jesus?

Boldness to start the conversation.

"...but do you know Jesus?" was the pointed question that Camden asked his friend Sincere at school over a ham and cheese sandwich at the lunch table.

The night before, Camden asked me a question at bedtime... "Dad, did you ever pray as a kid and ask God to come into the hearts of your stuffed animals?" This led to a discussion about the destiny of his friends at school.  I asked him to pray that night that God would give him the chance to share his faith at school the next day.

Sincere is just one of those kids, the one that gets picked on... sometimes deservedly so.  Camden has been cultivating a relationship with Sincere for weeks now (his heart is always drawn to the "underdog"). 

Camden prayed for a chance to share his faith, and then made a chance to share his faith.  His lunch ritual involves himself and three friends... Well, today it was just Camden and Sincere.

"Do you believe in God?" was how he started.  After Sincere responded with an affirmative head shake and a reply only half heard due to the obstruction of a mouth full of food... Camden went the much needed next step; "But do you know Jesus?"

Jesus makes all the difference in the world.  Camden was awakened to the idea that he can be a "missionary" at his school by a Godly man back in Warsaw, Joel Widman.  While riding in an old bus through windy roads in the "back country" of Guatemala, Joel and Camden began talking about life and where they saw God taking them.  Later that night, Joel asked if he could speak to Camden with me in the room, and if he could share with Camden some thoughts that God had given him about what he saw in Camden.  That was a night the three of us will never forget.  That night Camden saw for the first time that God has crafted him specifically for greatness and that to waste that greatness would be a sin.  Joel and Camden share "MudLove Bands" that say "Mission Field" as a reminder that "life" is their mission field.

I see this lunch table discussion as a direct result of Joel's "pouring into" Camden... it started in Guatemala, but continues today as the two men, some 10 years of age apart, talk on the phone.

Sincere now has a destiny that includes heaven thanks to Camden's willingness to share his faith.

Yes, we were called to PA to work with CPR-3, but we are first and foremost called to "someone"... Jesus.  Camden is taking his faith seriously.

We are not only "breathing life and hope" into Haiti... Coatesville, PA is witnessing the awakening of a young man of God and Jesus' love for them.

Below is Camden with some of his friends.  Sincere is wearing the grey sweatshirt.

May 1,8,15,22,29 : Raylee & Scott serve @ Camp at Old Mill
May 8 : Camden in a school play at East Fallowfield Elem.
May 9 - 13 : Scott in Haiti with CPR-3
May 18 : Scott Preaching @ Gateway Church
May 19 - 23 : Scott taking a DMIN class in North Carolina
June 3 - 7 : Scott in Haiti with CPR-3
  • Jodi and her work and witness at Keller Williams
  • Raylee as she finishes up the school year and her witness on the Track Team
  • Camden as he finishes school and is playing baseball 
  • Our missionary support, we are only funded at 50% 
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Our missionary support -- we are currently only funded 50%
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