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Has Your Pet Called You Today?

Your phone’s beeping, it’s Fido calling, and he wants a treat NOW.

If you think your pet calling you sounds too far-fetched, it’s actually reality, with the all-new PawCall®, a PetChatz® HD accessory that lets pets initiate two-way video chats with the press of a button placed on your household’s floor.

Learn more about the award-winning, landmark PawCall, which begins shipping in the coming weeks!

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Training as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Whether it’s potty-training, putting a stop to biting, or teaching to roll over, most dog owners know training takes time. For “cool dog mom” Alysha Rice, PetChatz training has been as easy as 1, 2, 3. Barker, her 2-year-old white dachshund, learned to use the device in only a matter of days.

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PetChatz® “Stand” to Move Around

Love PetChatz® but not sure you want it in just one location? Take a “Stand” with the PetChatz Stand, an optional, versatile accessory that lets you place your PetChatz unit in multiple locations within your home or business.

With pet safety in mind, we recommend you mount PetChatz over an outlet, affixed flush to the wall. However, if you don’t have an appropriate outlet available in a desired location or if you plan to move your PetChatz to different locations, the PetChatz Stand is for you (and your pet!)

The PetChatz Stand – compatible with PetChatz HD and PetChatz 1.0 – is made of durable, 20ga Cold Rolled Steel with glossy black powder coat finish. Get moving with a PetChatz Stand today.

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