A new story set in the wastes of the subcontinent, and some news.
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India is a place. There are better ones.

As you all might know, my lovely partner Laura and I spent about two months traveling around the Indian subcontinent. We started all the way down in Kerala and made our way north, hitting a new city every two to four days (except for the time I was laid up for a week with a belly full of e. coli.)

It's a bizarre, infuriating place. Dirty, cruel, but full of real in-your-face majesty. Temples that were around before Jesus shot out of his father's penis, stark rivers full of burning bodies, and some of the best food in the world, despite the sporadic poisoning episodes associated with actually eating it.

Lots of grist, as they say. 

There wasn't a lot of time for me to write clever email updates or blog posts while on the road. I did, however, manage to write a few stories and make some progress on that novel that I've been harping on about so often in these email updates.

Through some miracle of foresight we booked ten days in Japan as the next destination on our trip, post-India. As someone who delights in extremes, let's say that Japan was an extra fucking delightful place. As anybody who has been there will tell you, it's like being in the future but with more pornography and better food.

Enough about me, if you wanted to read all that stuff, you'd just keep track of the blog. Here are some things I've been reading lately:

  • Julie Rubicon which I am sure will go down as the best science fiction short of 2016, and probably the first truly good piece of social media oriented weirdfic.
  • Rutting Season over at Guernica. Really pushing boundaries with this outsider lit-mag stuff, eh? But srsly, it's a great short. It pulls off multi POV in a short, which is tough, and it resonates which is even tougher.
  • I'm about halfway through Sweet Lamb of Heaven and I'm completely in love with it so far. Give it a look-see.


Here's a little short that's floating around the lit mag rejectosphere. It's called The Last Waking Instant and it's set in the little town pictured in this very email header.



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