Day 13: Guardian Angel Metta

Dear <<First Name>>

You know when you’re sitting on a subway and there’s someone sitting directly opposite? It’s kind of awkward — trying not to make eye contact, and those embarrassing moments when we get caught looking at them…

At times there can be something of this awkwardness in the metta bhavana  meditation practice. It’s not so bad with the friend, since you’re used to making eye contact with them, but even there it can feel a bit odd to be mentally “sitting opposite” them for ten minutes or so. It’s rather stilted and unnatural, isn’t it?

For quite a while now, I’ve been doing the lovingkindness practice in a different way. For one thing I’ve been imagining the other person not as being statically opposite me, but as going about their daily business. I might visualize my friend working on his computer, or practicing the piano, or doing some gardening. The “neutral person” I might see working at their counter in the post office, or whatever I imagine that they might be doing. It’s not that I have one ongoing movie, by the way. It’s more a series of fragmented images. That seems to be enough.

So that’s step one.

Step two is that I imagine myself as being with the other person, but invisible to them. I’m that person’s guardian angel, wishing them well.

I sometimes imagine that I’m laying a hand on them in a loving touch, and sending my love into their body as I say “May you be well; may you be happy; may you be at peace.” Sometimes I’ll imagine that there’s light streaming from my body to theirs as I repeat the phrases. Sometimes I’ll just see the person “doing their thing” and repeat the phrases.

Usually I’ll smile.

I think I got the idea from the Wim Wenders film, Wings of Desire (Himmel Über Berlin) where angels invisibly patrol the city of Berlin, touching people and feeling their pain, although in the movie this is rather depressing and you don’t get the impression that they actually alleviate much suffering.

But I like the idea. We all are familiar with the idea of guardian angels, but we usually think in terms of having one. I think it’s even lovelier to think in terms of being one.

With metta (lovingkindness),

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