Riding Tip: Why you ride faster when you slow things down.
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FALL 2014

June 27,28,29 Altrider Conserve The Ride, Pennsylvania (one-day class on Friday)

Sept 25-28 Horizons Unlimited Rider Meeting  near Yosemite, CA

Oct 25, 26  Series One Essential Skill Course, Pahrump, NV

Nov 8,9 Series One Essential Skill Course, Pahrump, NV

Dec 6,7 Series One Essential Skill Course, Pahrump, NV

We have rental bikes available for our Pahrump classes but these go quick. Rental and the class is $900 as a package. Our last few classes have been full to capacity so sign up early if you’d like to attend. Classes are open to all bike types and all skill levels are welcome, unless noted as a specific class type (ie. Small Dirt Bikes.)
Alt Rider Conserve The Ride

Jimmy will team up with the AltRider crew to put on a one-day class at the Pennsylvania event in late June. There are still a few spots open for this scenic run through spectacular State Forests. Hosted by the Seven Mountains Conservation Core the ride promotes awareness about proper land use and the issues off-road riders face to keep the trails and roads in the area open.  

Learning to ride faster by slowing down... the secret tip that will change your riding. 
Newsletter Riding Tip:  Ride Faster By Slowing Down More.
One of the biggest differences between novice riders and more advanced riders is the speed they ride. But when most think “FASTER”  it is the “SLOWER” part that is really making the difference. Most of the time a more advanced rider will actually slow down more for a dangerous or technical situation and ride through it under control and with the ability to speed up or use a burst of power to make the bike do what he or she wants it to do. Not only is the more advanced rider going slower, they likely slowed quicker (more rapidly because they are confident on the brakes) and then after they get through the trouble spot they are back on the gas sooner and accelerating harder because they slowed down so much.

On the other hand a novice rider will do a number of incorrect things usually starting with not getting on the brakes soon enough for their skill level or current speed. Then, not being as good on the brakes, they will not slow as quick resulting (usually) in going into and through the problem area too fast and likely out of control.  Next, maybe panicked, they are slow to get back on the throttle, nor are they willing to use a burst of power (if needed) to help regain control.  With this  slight out of control incident comes stress with the rider getting tired as well.

When you play this scenario out over the course of a riding day the mistakes like hitting bumps too hard, overshooting turns and the resulting tip-overs or crashes really add up to make a rider tired and most of all slow. So when you hear the term “slow down to go faster” now you have a little insight into how it actually works.
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