Riding Tip: DABBING
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BRANDON KRAUSE dabbing to maintain balance
Riding Tip: Dabbing and why it is an important skill.

We should ride with our feet on the pegs and only touch the ground with one foot and only when we want to. So why is dabbing, or putting a foot down, such an important skill? Because it involves high-level bike control and teaches you to be relaxed and maneuverable on the motorcycle.

Putting a single foot on the ground is a comforting and necessary movement when you come to a stop and it can sometimes save you in a technical situation. Doing it wrong, half-assed or when out of control beyond recovery is just plain dangerous.

The reason for only a single foot on the ground is simple. With a foot on the footpeg and a foot on the ground you are in control. Your feet will tell you where the bike is and where the ground is. You will have two options to control the balance (using the ground or the bike) and you are much less likely to be taken for a ride by the bike. When you put two feet on the ground, especially for those inseam challenged, you are likely not that far away from being stuck on the seat and not that far from tipping over side-to-side should something go wrong. And humans don’t “hop” along we walk, one foot at a time.

The drill involves riding along slower than a walking pace and quickly touching one foot to the ground and picking it back up. You need to put the foot down in front of you and pick it back up before it gets behind the footpeg. You don’t want to get your foot behind you as this will pull you down, just think about walking, when do you lift your foot back up?

You’ll need to learn to use your other leg (non-dabbing leg) to do most of the lifting of your body weight on the footpeg and to only use your arms as little as possible. In the beginning it may be easiest to do this drill from a sitting position but doing it from a standing position is where you will learn the most from dabbing. It requires balance and teaching yourself how to stay loose and control the bike while moving around on it.

What do you learn most from our dabbing drill? How to stay balanced so you don’t have to dab in the first place and furthermore when you do dab you’ll do it correctly.

JLR Partners: Carson Motorsports KTM

One of our Partners is Carson Motorsports, a KTM, Husqvarna, OSET and Kuberg motorcycle shop in Carson City, Nevada.
We have been doing events with them and saw their passion for the off-road community while at the same time needed an honest and professional shop to deal with for all our KTM needs. With close to 15 KTMs in our fleet it was important to have a one-stop go-to shop that supports us as well. We are working on partnering on a few cool events this year as well as some programs if you are looking for a new bike that is set up just for you. So if you need to get a new KTM or Husky and want professional-level service make sure you give them a shot. Speak to Kevin and tell them Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Training sent you.

951 Jack's Valley Rd. Suite A

Carson City, NV 89705

Phone: (775) 267-3767

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