We hope these tips, link and bits of advice will help you on your 30 Day Go Vegan Challenge! 
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WOW! Nearly your first week being vegan, well done!

 Clare's advice for day five: 
CONGRATULATIONS! It’s day 5 and if you are reading this, you are still on the path. Today I want to talk about motivation and the reason behind your choice to do the 30 Day Vegan Challenge. The late Vicktor Frankl, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning said that in everything we do in life ‘If we have a big enough WHY, we will take any HOW’. The WHY refers to the reasons we want to do something with all the associated emotions and meanings. The HOW are the things that facilitate or inhibit us sticking to something. If our WHY is strong enough, no circumstances or challenges on the way will stop us from sticking to the path, despite temporary setbacks. He made this statement after being imprisoned in a concentration camp in the Second World War and witnessing the factors that kept people alive under enormous physical constraints. The people that survived had an unwavering belief that they would be released whereas those whose died were those that literally gave up and died, many of whom were probably more physically robust than those that lived. This shows the power of intention and belief in the end goal.

TIP: Think back to what it was that influenced you to enter the 30 Day Vegan Challenge. Was it an image, a fact, an emotional response to injustice or desire to eat food that is nutritious and wholesome and not gained on the backcloth of animal suffering? Whatever it is, bring it into sharp focus now and remind yourself that this is your WHY. When you encounter roadblocks on this journey - whether resistance from others or anxiety that maybe it’s too hard in a non-vegan world to easily pop into a café an eat whatever you fancy on the menu - bring this image of the WHY into sharp focus. When you do this, your energy and intention will be renewed and your health, purse, conscience and the animals will thank you for it!


Robyn's advice for day five:
Get off your butt and MOVE!
Even the healthiest vegan diet on the planet won’t protect you against the damaging effects of being sedentary. Regular physical activity is crucial for your physical and mental health, at every stage of life!
Inactive lifestyles are linked with an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, many types of cancer, osteoporotic bone fractures, anxiety, depression, and declining mental performance with age, among many other conditions that make life a drag.

People who exercise regularly have stronger immune systems, more enjoyable sex lives and better mental health than couch potatoes. I personally use exercise as one of my primary stress-busting strategies, as do many of my clients.
If you’re currently inactive, the way to get started is to choose some kind of physical activity that you actually enjoy. Don’t join a gym if the thought of sweating it out among Lycra-clad, treadmill-thumping automatons makes your toes curl; join a Latin dance class instead, try out indoor rock-climbing, or do something you haven’t done since you were a kid, such as roller skating or ice skating (I can vouch for these last two as not just incredibly fun, but a fine leg, butt and cardiovascular workout as well).
Buddy up with a friend who also wants to get fit, or join in with some of the fun fitness-based meet-ups that Sydney Vegan Club regularly hosts.
For the time-poor or those who like to exercise alone, Youtube offers many free workouts in every exercise style form Pilates to bootcamp-style training; just go to www.youtube.com and search for your preferred exercise style.
Whatever you do, get off the couch and start exercising today!


Cassie's recipe idea for day five:

Basil Pesto
Makes 2 cups
2 cups firmly packed basil leaves
2/3 cup roasted cashews
½ cup pinenuts, toasted
1/3 cup lemon juice
½ cup olive oil
2 cloves garlic
2 tsp flaked salt

Place all ingredients into a food processor or blender and blend until smooth and consistent. 

Kym's advice for day five:
Yesterday my advice was regarding how to be prepared for dinner parties and barbeques with non-vegan friends. Today I want to give some advice about eating at non-vegan restaurants and cafes. Although Sydney has over one hundred eateries with labelled vegan options and menus, there are many that are still to catch on to the vegan movement and be bothered to cater for the already thousands of vegans in Sydney. Despite this, you will find that almost any eatery will do their best to cater for you and create a special dish or variation or as we vegans like to say 'veganise' one of the menu items, for example do the Baked potatoes without sour cream or butter, or the vegetarian burger without the cheese. I don't recommend to try to veganise things like a chicken salad or a fried rice without bacon, as the waiter will sometimes suggest that they 'pick out' the offending animal products, but this always results in bits and pieces left behind that can make for an unpleasant meal. 
If you are eating at a fine restaurant, they will sometimes even have a 'secret' vegan menu. I'm at a loss why some restaurants are still doing this, as if a plant-based meal that takes less toll on the environment, our health and the animals is something to keep hidden away.. perhaps they fear selling less of their high priced and cruelty-infused pieces of dead baby animals body parts...**insert face palm**. Anyway, for a up-market restaurant, always email or phone a day or two ahead and let them know that you will be requiring a vegan meal, as you don't want to pay $50+ for your main course and end up with tiny snack size portion of veggie korma or pea risotto that will leave you with a half-empty tummy and a completely empty wallet! 

Have you ever eaten at a 100% vegan restaurant? We have over thirty vegan dedicated restaurants in Sydney, so why not book in a dinner with your friends today and experience the wonderful new flavours and textures together? Check out our list --> here . Also check out what dinner outings we have coming up on our Sydney Vegan Club calendar and make a date to come along and share great food, and awesome company --> check out our upcoming meetups here 

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Congratulations making it through DAY FIVE of your 30 Day Go Vegan Challenge! 
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