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A newsletter brought to you by the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association (CGPA).

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A Message from the President

Greetings CGPA members and friends,

I’m writing a brief ‘news update’ to let you know what’s been happening since our Conference in Toronto, May, 2015.

Our new board convened for the first time on June 8th, and we have plans laid out for the short and longer term. First of all, I want to welcome our four new board members; Aida Cabecinha (Toronto), Rowan Sharkey (Winnipeg), John Sherry (Prince George), and Andre Roch (Sudbury).

Welcome our New Board Members
Aida Cabecinha has been a mental health practitioner for 29 years practicing as an occupational therapist/group psychotherapist in a variety of settings including Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, the Addiction Research Foundation, Toronto East General Hospital, community mental health in COTA/VHA Rehab Solutions and in private practice. She has extensive experience in group therapies ranging from open-ended and time-limited psychodynamic groups, milieu therapy, psycho-educational and structured activity groups.
Aida is a founding member of the Toronto Institute of Group Studies, was training module coordinator and faculty member of the CGPA Toronto Training Section and has been on the faculty of CGPA’s National Training Day for several years.
Rowan Sharkey is a Psychiatrist and Group Therapist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She trained at the University of Manitoba in both undergraduate Medicine and Psychiatry. She chaired the Department of Psychiatry Group Psychotherapy Subcommittee and designed the Group Psychotherapy training program for Psychiatry residents. She is an active member of the Systems Centered Training and Research Institute (SCTRI) and the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA). She is the editor of “In The Loop”, the newsletter of the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association. She is an avid fan of “Portlandia” and devoted to the accurate use of apostrophes.
Letter from the Editor: Groups Everywhere

I am writing this piece from Beijing, where I am spending a few months. Being here has reminded me of some of my learnings from this past CGPA Annual Conference and I want to share one. 

On arriving here I was overwhelmed — I couldn’t describe the overwhelm to anyone, let alone to myself.  So many things were different — the food, the smells, the language (I can’t even guess at the street signs!) the heat, NO GOOGLE! I felt hot and nauseous and irritable. And I was afraid to tell anyone lest they think me a closed-minded tourist. That was until I found a yoga studio and was in the middle of downward dog, a rather vulnerable position to be in anywhere except for at a yoga studio.

Parting Thoughts

We asked departing board members to share their thoughts with us about their time on the board -- here is one from Lois Goodman.
Lois Goodman, RN, FCGPA

Sharing my thoughts/feelings around serving as a past CGPA Board Member.
I think the most satisfying thing for me about having been a Board Member of the National CGPA was feeling the ‘connected piece’ from the ‘local body’ to the ‘national body’. For me, the regular monthly teleconferences with the Board and bimonthly teleconferences with the Training and Education Committee played a major role in keeping this local-national connection alive.

Board Nomination Process
CGPA is similar to other volunteer organizations with a yearly search to find members willing to step into board vacancies, and a sigh of relief when the number of applicants equals the number of vacancies.  It seemed overly optimistic to think there could be an election but there was one at this year’s AGM!  Our thanks and appreciation to all who participated. 
There are two ways to apply or make a nomination to become a board member (or more formally, director of the board).  A call for nominations goes out to the membership well in advance of the AGM and information about becoming a board member is on our website.  We also take nominations from the floor at the AGM consistent with our values to encourage participation, inclusiveness, and transparency. 
Becoming a board member is only one way to get involved and have your voice heard.  Consider joining the Nominations and Awards Committee!  You’ll notice a change in the committee’s name and that reflects the addition of a complementary task of acknowledging and honouring members who have made significant contributions.  At our recent conference we had our first election under our new bylaws and we also acknowledged Dr. Salvendy with a Distinguished Fellowship.  Over the next year, the committee will review what worked well and consider what needs to be put in place for the future.  As well, we’ll be encouraging members to consider joining the board.  This is an interesting time to become part of the Board, so if you would like to get involved please contact me.
Warm regards,
Colleen Wilkie, PhD, RPsych
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