Great events to say YES to this Winter!
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Just say YES!Live Like Cecile

Each year we pick a theme, or it picks us, for the coming year.  

This year we are going to "
Live Like Cecile", and say YES to everything fun that comes our way!!!

And the FIRST thing we are saying "YES!" to is an offer from our wonderful friend Bob Graham to host another Great Music Benefit for Wind River at the famous Double Door Inn in Charlotte on Sunday January 31st from 3PM - 7PM (yes, "normal people" hours)! 

We are also saying YES to (and hope to see you at):
We are, of course, saying YES to three fun spring Cancer Wellness Retreats!    * Apply now as we fill up quickly!

Finally we pay tribute to some of the beautiful people Wind River has lost this past year in our annual
"In Loving Memory" video.  

While we are saddened by OUR loss of these fine people we are also reminded of how they said YES to life while they were here. 

Here's to a year of saying YES to fun, adventure, friends and family!         Dave, Shannon, Cheryl, Shirley and Tai Chi Mike

Music Benefit
Sunday January 31st

Say YES to the Truck Stop Preachers, Saints & Sinners, Leadville Social Club,The Waves, and Custom Grass Revue

-- GREAT Music/GREAT Cause --

The Double Door
The Double Door
1218 Charlottetowne Ave, Charlotte, NC

3pm - 7pm


Tickets - $7 online or $9 at the door

All proceeds go to Wind River Cancer Wellness Programs, a 501(c)3 organization. Special THANK YOU to our buddy        Bob Graham!
The 4th Annual Walk for Wind River
will be held on:

May 7th 2016!


Upcoming Events

24 Hours of Booty Kick Off Party
Dilworth Neighborhood Grille
6PM - All are welcome!

1/27   5:30pm
Cervical Cancer Month
Free interactive CC prevention forum and dinner. RSVP

3pm - 7pm
Wind River Music Benefit
Sunday fun with friends at the famous Double Door  
and remember your I.D.
Get Your Rear in Gear
Independence Park
Charlotte, NC
Family Run and 5K supporting Colon Survivors.
This run helps fund Wind River too!

Gardening for Your Health
Cheryl LeCroy at Carolina Breast Friends in Charlotte.

Shift Charlotte 2016
Mind Body Spirit Extravaganza. Tickets.
Contact Shannon about dinner and lodging with Wind River friends!

Tom Sawyer Day
Volunteer on the grounds at Wind River. Help make this place sparkle for our spring Retreats!  RSVP to Shannon

GYN Women's Retreat
King, NC
Fun, friendship and bon fire! Apply Now. (NC residents)

4/14  and 5/19
Wind River Wellness Retreat
Apply Now  for Wind River Retreats

4th Annual
Walk for Wind River
 - sign ups start February 1st.  * Spots are limited so mark your calendar!

In Loving Memory

In January each year we take a moment to light candles and remember the Wind River friends we've lost over the years.  This year we also read over 130 names of loved ones given to us by you, our extended family.
Candle Lighting Ceremony
We also remember the Wind River family members we've lost over the last 12 months by creating a short video in their honor.

This year we remember  Sue Falco, Cecile Domigue, Tracey Weiler-Elmore, Kelly Stuart, Dan Powell, Robin Morrison, Dorothy Williams, Cassandra Gary, Delena Johnson, Jennifer Plemmons,  Doug Stephenson, Juanita Nivens, Jill Hall, and Valerie Schilds.

We are blessed to have known them and honored to remember them...
Say YES to Tom Sawyer 

Our annual Spring Tom Sawyer Volunteer Day is set for March the 26th, BUT you don't have to wait for that!
Some of the best days to help out are when we have a surprise warm day in the winter and you just need a "mental health" day outside. We are also happy to arrange small team workdays for your group. 

We ALWAYS have stuff to do and would love to see you!  

Be sure to contact Shannon at!
Say YES to early screening!

Last year we posted a Colonoscopy Challenge.  Some thought we were nuts, but we are pleased to share 36 people confirmed getting tested And at least two had potentially dangerous polyps removed! 

 If you are over 50 (or earlier if you have a family history or are African-American), GET SCREENED! 
Need more on colon cancer and prevention?  Visit our sponsor the Colon Cancer Coalition.

And missed out last year? It's not too late to join this year's event: Colonoscopy Challenge 2016
Spring Retreats
Cancer Retreats

Our unique Cancer Wellness Retreats emphasize time away with fellow survivors in nature learning ways to become -- and stay -- more personally involved in their own healing and wellness.

We emphasize being active and playful, while having ample quality time connecting with others. Click here for Retreat Details.
Application are now available. Contact us today!

April 1-2 (Winston Salem area) Women's GYN Retreat:
April 14-17th   Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreat
May 19-22nd  Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreat with a (Yoga) Twist
Be Here Now
by Lori Myers
In light of our in loving memory tribute, this blog written by our friend Lori Myers feels like a good message for us all.  Enjoy this excerpt from our most recent blog post.  
... To me, being present is like breath is to a yoga practitioner.  It is essential to my life experiences and connection to loved ones.  It keeps me grounded in what’s important.  I find that my contributions to future are more enriched by my awareness of where I’ve been.  What a gift to build meaningful memories because I can ‘be here now’!

Click here to read Lori's entire post and to sign up for more Wind River blogs.
Wind River Wellness Retreats & Programs provide cancer survivors creative opportunities to be more active and playful, lower stress levels, and bond with other survivors. All non-profit activities are performed under Wind River Services, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit affiliate organization. Copyright © 2016 Wind River Services. All rights reserved.

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