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Dear Lakeshore PAWS family,

Whenever life gets us down and the days feel heavy, we make grateful lists to remind ourselves of our blessings. Our lists include the big and the small things: family, friends, dogs (always!), a certain LSP success story that's dear to our hearts, a strong cup of coffee before morning kennel duty, etc. If the Lakeshore PAWS dogs made grateful lists, they'd definitely put peanut butter-stuffed Kongs at the top 😊.

We want you to know that you're at the top of this month's grateful list. The dogs agreed and even put you ahead of peanut-butter Kongs, which is saying something! Your loyalty and support is what keeps us going when the going gets tough. Your belief in our mission champions our success.

Much like life, rescue work is full of peaks and valleys. When we're at the top of the peak...what a VIEW! It's when adoptions are up and we're pulling in more dogs from overcrowded shelters, we're flush with volunteers and fosters, and staff is feeling supported. Life is good. But when we're in the valley...oh man, is it dark. Adoptions are down and medical expenses are up, there's a lull in volunteering, staff are dealing with online negativity, and we can't find fosters to save our lives. 

Cue up the grateful lists. All of a sudden, our attention shifts to our incredible supporters and the light at the end of the tunnel appears! Regardless of how terrible it all seems or how hopeless we feel, we remember how lucky we are to do this work with an amazing community rallying behind us. We can't believe how fortunate we are to have you.

So thank you for traveling with us to the tops of the peaks and to the depths of the valleys. You have a permanent spot on every one of our grateful lists to come!

With Gratitude,
Lakeshore PAWS
🏆 ⭐️ Volunteer of the Month ⭐️ 🏆
Dave Meyer!
Dave has been a supporter of Lakeshore PAWS for the past five years and a volunteer since last June. He's a regular at the center, walking dogs every morning and taking them for pup cup field trips. Dave takes the best pup cup photos!

Dave became a dog dad when he and his husband Jeff adopted a senior schnauzer, followed by two adult schnauzers named Lucy and Ricky AKA the Ricardo's 😊. They passed away in 2020 and until he's ready to rescue again, Dave is giving the lucky dogs at Lakeshore PAWS his extra time and attention.

"I have really enjoyed watching dogs get adopted out, and helping the hard-working kennel technicians take the dogs in and out while their kennels are being cleaned and breakfast is being prepared."

Dave's reliability, patience, and overall uplifting energy make him an invaluable member of our team. His closing statement...“After 30 years in retail, I much prefer dealing with dogs!" 😂

⭐️ 🐾 Dog of the Month 🐾 ⭐️
Last November, Gary Animal Control asked if we could help a gentle, 8 year old pit mix with some health issues. So began our love story with sweet Ralph!  ❤️

Ralph has suffered a laundry list of health troubles: mange and bleeding skin lesions, raw paw pads, two "floating" kneecaps, and swollen, irritated skin around his eyes.

Ralph is on a long road to recovery but we're ecstatic to see him turning the corner and becoming a whole new dog! He is constantly “smiling” and happily greets volunteers and staff. His youthful spirit and friendly demeanor have all of us wrapped around his paw. 😊

Ralph is searching for a low activity home that encourages him to rest and remain calm. He does well with respectful kids and dogs, although he does love to rough house. Ralph will benefit from a structured setting with lots of support, love, and relaxation (he also asked us to say treats...lots of treats). 😉
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