VoiceD Newsletter
Upcoming voice workshops in Vancouver: March 1 - 3 and April 5 - 7!


Unleash Your Voice: March 1 - 3
Designed for non-performers to build confidence in communication, presentations and public speaking.

Voice Technique: April 5 - 7
Designed to give actors, singers and voice-over artists a foundation upon which to build a personal practice.

Workshops are $250 each or $400 for both. 

Register at


If you've taken a weekend workshop or done any private coaching with Danielle and would like to maintain your practice, you can sign up for weekly evening classes starting the second week of April. Email me at for more information.


Living voice student, Colette Nichol, will soon be touring her one-woman show Swimming With Piranahs. Check out the trailer at


Back to Basics

This passed weekend I treated myself to a mini-intensive voice workshop with David Smukler. It was a joy to be a student again and to surrender to the learning process. David is so ruthlessly perceptive that I feel my practice has deepened to a whole new level.

It's so easy (for me anyway) to get lost in the mechanics of an exercise that I practice regularly. The habit of "doing" is so powerful that if I'm not careful I go into autopilot and forget to simply "be". . . READ MORE

Tip of the Week: D Your T's!

The articulation tip for today (say that 10 times fast!) is to D your T's.

No! I don't mean say budder instead of butter! This is about being precise, not lazy. D and T are a plosive pair. That means the only real difference in making them is that one is voiced (D) and the other is unvoiced (T). Other than that, they are exactly the same!

I've been hearing a lot of splashy T's lately, the result of either a lazy or an over active tongue tip. The "splash" is usually caused by the tongue straying too close to the upper teeth, either upon contact or as it releases. . . READ MORE

Happening in Vancouver

The HiVE Regrettably Presents:
An Evening of Debauchery

February 21, 2013
The Vinyl Retro Club, Vancouver


A night of fun, thought-provoking theatre!
Feb 21-23, 8pm, $13
VADA Studios (900 Helmcken Street)

Mini-Intensive C with David Smukler
Sat. February 23 and Sun. February 24
Contact Valerie Sing Turner

Soundswrite Studios
Intro to voice-over: Feb 23 and 24
Home stuido set up:  Feb 26

Crazy 8s, 23 Feb, 7pm
Six short films made in just 8 days by some of Vancouver’s best emerging filmmakers.
777 Homer Street
Visit for more info.

Holmes & Watson Save the Empire!
A family friendly musical mystery!
Feb 27, 2013 - March 16
Deep Cove Shaw Theatre

One Asian First Weekend Intensive
A human potential program tailored specifically for women of Asian heritage. 
March 8 - 10
Creekside Community Centre
Contact: Olivia Cheng at 

Buffonery Workshops
with Trilby Jeeves
March 9 - 10

The Performer’s Mastery
March 22, 23, 24
Contact: Henry J Mah

Advanced Audition Classes with Linda Darlow
Starting April 11
Contact: Henry J Mah

Canada’s National Voice Intensive
Headed by Canada’s foremost voice coach and teacher, David Smukler, the programme’s faculty includes ten of the most respected voice and movement practitioners in Canada and the US.
19 May - 22 June

Friend Companies
CG Masters School of 3D Animation and Visual Effects
A unified voice for the arts in metro vancouver.
Banish your inner critic!
Exploring the musical landscape as it exists in a post cd/record label/store dominated industry.
Community theatre in North Vancouver.
A Vancouver based sport medicine and rehabilitation clinic.
Santa Monica Public Yoga Classes, Private Bodywork, Powerful Workshops, Transformational Retreats...
KickstArt Theatre (South Africa) providing essential project-based employment for talented Durban actors.
Vancouver based registered massage therapist, Margot J Levington.
An improvisational group with a unique West Coast music style.
actor | voice-over artist | teacher
Vancouver's first Natural Cosmetic Medical Clinic.
The Performers Mastery.
Vancouver entertainment company.
Peer review “spanking the ass of culture”.
A not-for-profit charity that fosters the exploration and creation of contemporary performance in Toronto, ON.
Photography in metro vancouver.
Voice-over casting, coaching, workshops and production.
Larry Silverberg is a master teacher of the Meisner Technique and offers international workshops. Check the website for upcoming classes near you.
Central Florida's resource for Professional Actor Training.
International creative career coaching.
The original free resource for the Vancouver acting community.
Improvisation workshops to open students’ imagination and spontaneity.
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