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Upcoming voice workshops in Vancouver at


The winner will get to participate in the Living Voice workshop of their choice (or gift that spot to a loved one) as long as that workshop happens before 31 December 2014. You can see a full workshop calendar here and it is updated regularly. Enter the contest by emailing me ( 
your answers to these questions before November 30th. I will draw the winner on December 3rd!
Build a solid performance from the ground up – appropriate for all skill levels. MORE INFO
A unique combination of Meisner Approach (as taught by Larry Silverberg of the True Acting Institute) and Vocal Technique to support an alive, connected and emotionally agile performance.
Thanks to Brian MacDonald (A Living Voice alum) and his radio show Skald's Hall, I present to you my first interview on air!
My interview with Brian is from about 4 minutes in to about 20 minutes in. Check out the show archives.


If you're planning on submitting to the Vancouver International Fringe Festival lottery this year, time is running out!
Mainstage applications close on November 28th at 4pm PST! CLICK HERE for more info.
Intro to Voiceover Nov 23 and 24
Acting for Voiceover Nov 16 and 17
The next Performers Mastery Weekend runs Nov 29 - Dec 1. Contact Henry Mah
for more information.
Canada's National Voice Intensive is accepting applications. 
The 2014 Intensive will run from Sunday, May 18th to Friday June 20th, 2014.
The plays have also been chosen: Measure for Measure, As You Like It, Henry VI Parts 1, 2, 3. APPLY HERE


Jesse Miller has been working on a short film over Halloween.

This is what he had to say about the experience:

The short film was made for the 2013 horror film festival in Whistler. 
It was the first time that the hero character "Mask" was portrayed in "real life" so it was sort of a salute, tribute or homage (if you will) to the fan base that has been growing for over a decade now.

This was my first stunt performance captured on film, so it was not only fun to do, but also a milestone in my early career.

Stay tuned for news and links to the finished project!
Got a project you're proud of? I'd love to spread the word!
Email me at and I'll include it in the next newsletter.


Lullabies - Still Musing

My mother recently reminded me of something that speaks to my previous posts about self-song and lullabies. When I was a kid I threw some serious temper tantrums. But my mother discovered that if she could just get this ball of kicking and screaming and biting into the bathroom, plunk her into a warm bath, lock the door (and then stand outside to listen and make sure I was safe) as soon as I thought I was alone I'd start singing. Angry songs at first, but within five minutes I would miraculously sing myself happy. Every time. . . READ FULL ARTICLE

Tip of the Week: Break up with your tension

We all know that things like habitual tension are more than just physical. It's a committed emotional relationship. We grow attached to our old ways. Like an unhealthy romance we just don't want to end because we have so much HISTORY. Am I right? So here's a fun exercise: let's take the metaphor to a whole new level. . . READ FULL ARTICLE

Friend Companies
Women's Empowerment Coaching: Be Your Essence, Live Your Purpose, Create Your World
CG Masters School of 3D Animation and Visual Effects
A unified voice for the arts in metro vancouver.
One of South Africa's leading impressionist artists.
Internationally acclaimed collaborative and interactive contemporary ballet company.
Banish your inner critic!
Exploring the musical landscape as it exists in a post cd/record label/store dominated industry.
Community theatre in North Vancouver.
Acoustic folk rock country indie duo from South Africa.
A Vancouver based sport medicine and rehabilitation clinic.
A women's company formed to created a more giving and compassionate existence for all people.
Santa Monica Public Yoga Classes, Private Bodywork, Powerful Workshops, Transformational Retreats...
KickstArt Theatre (South Africa) providing essential project-based employment for talented Durban actors.
Vancouver based registered massage therapist, Margot J Levington.
Artist, writer and business consultant. "Staying out of the box till they put me in one."
actor | voice-over artist | teacher
The Performers Mastery. A three day workshop focussed on you, the performer, becoming more self expressive in your artistic endeavors and more effective in your personal life.
"Business with Soul" Training and Consulting. CLICK HERE to receive a special offer.
Vancouver's first Natural Cosmetic Medical Clinic.
A comprehensive personal development program customized for women of Asian heritage.
An improvisational group with a unique West Coast music style.
Vancouver entertainment company.
Peer review “spanking the ass of culture”.
A not-for-profit charity that fosters the exploration and creation of contemporary performance in Toronto, ON.
Changing the financial future of middle income Canadians. Contact Danielle at for more information.
Accent and dialect coach based in London, England. Richard aims to inspire, empower and encourage personal and professional development.
Photography in metro vancouver.
Voice-over casting, coaching, workshops and production.
Larry Silverberg is a master teacher of the Meisner Technique and offers international workshops. Check the website for upcoming classes near you.
Central Florida's resource for Professional Actor Training.
International creative career coaching.
The original free resource for the Vancouver acting community.
Improvisation workshops to open students’ imagination and spontaneity.
A demanding programme of deep vocal, physical, and emotional work.
Inspiring women all over the world to go for their dreams and live the life they never imagined.
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