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I am so excited to be embarking on many new and exciting (ad)ventures in 2014! For me this year's focus is on health, growth and balance. I hope that you will find in 2014 a deeper joy and lust for life than ever before, that this year will bring you challenges that make you stronger and successes that you celebrate with those you love the most.


It's not too late!

Part-time Meisner classes begin 26 January 2014, Sundays 10am - 6pm. 
$500 for 8 weeks, $450 if you sign up before 6 January 2014.

The Living Voice Meisner Acting Lab is a unique combination of Meisner Approach (as taught by Larry Silverberg of the True Acting Institute) and Vocal Technique to support an alive, connected and emotionally agile performance. A comprehensive, step by step system appropriate for all skill levels.

Unleash Your Voice $300 is the "beginners course" and covers the basic concepts for confidence, authentic expression and vocal health. 
Technique for Performers $250 is the "advanced course" and you must have previous experience in order to qualify. The Technique Workshop covers advanced concepts like projection, character voice, dialects, approaching song and deepening your experience with core concepts like emotional connection.
Cancellation: Should you be unable to attend a workshop  your fee will be refunded to you less a $50 administration fee.
If you wish to reschedule to a different date, you will not be charged the $50 administration fee if you reschedule 14 days or more in advance of the first day of the workshop. If you reschedule less than 14 days before the first day of the workshop you will be charged a $50 administration fee.

Individual sessions     $65 each
3 session package       $150

Cancellation: You can reschedule private coaching up to 12 hours before your session. Should you need to reschedule less than 12 hours prior, you will be charged a $20 fee. Less than 1 hour's notice is a cancellation and your session is forfeit.
Refer a friend who enrols in a workshop or private sessions and you'll receive a free private session or $50 towards your next workshop as a thank you from me. And your friend gets a 5% discount on their first purchase.
I've partnered with public speaking professional Charles Wang to create a workshop series focussed on authenticity in the boardroom and powerful presentations. 
We're looking for Beta Testers for the program. If you or your office are interested in participating contact me and we will set up a meeting.


  • Soundswrite workshops
    • Intro to voice-over      Jan 18 - 19
    • Acting for Voiceover   Feb 1 - 2
  • The next Performers Mastery is in March 2014.
  • Canada's National Voice intensive will run 18 May - 20 June. APPLY HERE
Got a project you're proud of? I'd love to spread the word!
Email me at and I'll include it in the next newsletter.


Eat, Suppress and Be Merry?

We've all heard of emotional eating. I certainly am no stranger to the practice, but I've noticed something interesting recently about my relationship to food and how I use it to suppress what I'm feeling.

We usually associate emotional eating with negative emotions, a way to feel less pain, loneliness, sadness etc. But I have noticed that these days I use food to suppress my positive emotions as much or even more than the negative ones!
Most actors won't eat before a performance. . .

Inner - Outer Discoveries

I think all actors do their fair share of naval gazing, it is essential to know yourself if you are going to inhabit other people on a regular basis.
I am currently working with a Women's Empowerment Coach ( - she's awesome!) to help me work though some of the emotional stuff that is limiting me in my business. Today we had a conversation that reminded me how powerful an outside perspective can be. . . READ FULL ARTICLE

Lullabies - Still Musing

My mother recently reminded me of something that speaks to my previous posts about self-song and lullabies. When I was a kid I threw some serious temper tantrums. But my mother discovered that if she could just get this ball of kicking and screaming and biting into the bathroom, plunk her into a warm bath, lock the door (and then stand outside to listen and make sure I was safe) as soon as I thought I was alone I'd start singing. Angry songs at first, but within five minutes I would miraculously sing myself happy. Every time. . . READ FULL ARTICLE

Friend Companies
Women's Empowerment Coaching: Be Your Essence, Live Your Purpose, Create Your World
CG Masters School of 3D Animation and Visual Effects
A unified voice for the arts in metro vancouver.
One of South Africa's leading impressionist artists.
Internationally acclaimed collaborative and interactive contemporary ballet company.
Banish your inner critic!
A independent production company; Setting forth to produce feature length movies, web-series, short films, music videos, and commercials. Ask about local film-making classes.
Exploring the musical landscape as it exists in a post cd/record label/store dominated industry.
Design: web and print
Community theatre in North Vancouver.
Acoustic folk rock country indie duo from South Africa.
A Vancouver based sport medicine and rehabilitation clinic.
A women's company formed to created a more giving and compassionate existence for all people.
Santa Monica Public Yoga Classes, Private Bodywork, Powerful Workshops, Transformational Retreats...
KickstArt Theatre (South Africa) providing essential project-based employment for talented Durban actors.
Vancouver based registered massage therapist, Margot J Levington.
Practical Creative Solutions
Artist, writer and business consultant. "Staying out of the box till they put me in one."
actor | voice-over artist | teacher
The Performers Mastery: A three day workshop focussed on you, the performer, becoming more self expressive in your artistic endeavors and more effective in your personal life.
Massage, mindfulness and wellbeing sessions.
"Business with Soul" Training and Consulting. CLICK HERE to receive a special offer.
Vancouver's first Natural Cosmetic Medical Clinic.
A comprehensive personal development program customized for women of Asian heritage.
An improvisational group with a unique West Coast music style.
Vancouver entertainment company.
Peer review “spanking the ass of culture”.
A not-for-profit charity that fosters the exploration and creation of contemporary performance in Toronto, ON.
Changing the financial future of middle income Canadians. Contact Danielle at for more information.
Accent and dialect coach based in London, England. Richard aims to inspire, empower and encourage personal and professional development.
Photography in metro vancouver.
Voice-over casting, coaching, workshops and production.
Larry Silverberg is a master teacher of the Meisner Technique and offers international workshops. Check the website for upcoming classes near you.
Central Florida's resource for Professional Actor Training.
International creative career coaching.
The original free resource for the Vancouver acting community.
Improvisation workshops to open students’ imagination and spontaneity.
A demanding programme of deep vocal, physical, and emotional work.
Inspiring women all over the world to go for their dreams and live the life they never imagined.
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