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News from Danielle:

I am back in Vancouver from my sunny summer/winter holiday! I'm still getting over the jetlag, so bear with me while I catch up. The Living Voice Facebook Page and my website will be getting some love this week. In the meantime, check out the PuSh Festival, it's only got one week left. I'm reviewing some shows through Plank Magazine, read what I wrote and let me know what you think.


The next workshops are scheduled for March 1 - 3 and April 5 - 7.
Call me 778 235 7696 or email for more info.


Weekly practice classes begin in April! If you've taken a weekend workshop or private coaching with Danielle you are eligible to join. Email me to request more info.


Living Voice Workshop grad Brian MacDonald is hosting a radio show called Skald's Hall. Check it out at

Recent Blog Posts:

I was listening to, of all things, Gold Mother by James today and it got me think about how I'm approaching the world and my life right now. I've been hibernating the last week or two, doing a lot of punishing and judging, not so much of the curious exploring. I only realized listening to that song what a funk I was in! So this tip of the week is as much for me as it is for you.

Tip of the Week: Be Curious!

Imagine a baby approaching the world, they don't even know how their fingers work! Everything is wonder and mystery and discovery. Why shouldn't we continue to approach our bodies that way all through our lives? If anything as adults we have more of a capacity to appreciate just how intricate and powerful and fragile and versatile and strong our bodies are. But instead of being in awe, we punish, we bully, we ignore and neglect. Read more

What's Happening in the Community

Soundswrite Workshops
Intro to Voiceover Jan 26 - 27
Home Studio Setup Jan 30

Buffoonery Workshops
with Trilby Jeeves

Feb 2 - 3
March 9 - 10

Performer's Mastery
March 22 - 24

National Voice Intensive
19 May - 22 June

True Acting Institute
Learn to do and teach Meisner
2 x 2 week summer workshops

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