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Candee Clark and I have joined forces to create Find Your Voice. We're hoping to grow it to a full hub of creative professionals passionate about helping people and businesses tap into what makes them unique and express that through branding, voice and, well, in every way we can. We'll be set up at booth 16 of the Body Soul & Spirit Expo this weekend (April 4-6) so please come and visit us, we're offering free consultations, prizes and much more. Print a 2 for 1 voucher for the expo here.

We had some time on saturday and were feeling a little silly so the fabulous Lori Watt interviewed us on video about who we are, what we do and the upcoming Expo. Watch the video here.
Sound Meditation
A gentle meditation through breath and sound. Every breath is a full journey, a full life. Each Chakra has a sound. Find your voice, calm the mind and open yourself to being fully present and connected with the inner and outer world.

Speaking From the Heart : Presenter Training
If every word you said on stage, in an interview or sales pitch came from the core of your heart, how would that affect your business? Would it deepen your client relationships? Brighten your day? A one hour presentation on the power of authentic speech.

PRE-REGISTER or sign up at booth 16.
The Living Voice Meisner Acting Lab is a unique combination of Meisner Approach (as taught by Larry Silverberg of the True Acting Institute) and Vocal Technique to support an alive, connected and emotionally agile performance. A comprehensive, step by step system appropriate for all skill levels. 

Next Lab: Sundays 10-6 for 8 weeks starting April 20th.

Weekend: 2-4 May
Weekly: May 2, 9 ,16

14 May - 4 June 
Wed: 1pm-5pm 
Thursday 3 April, 7:30pm - 11pm
Ceilis Irish Pub 670 Smithe St

Island Productions
 with Frolicking Divas & Bar S Entertainment present:
A fundraising evening for Seminar by Theresa Rebeck

Joseph Cairns
Lori Watt
Michael Riel & Infinite Dream Machine
Dave Phillips & 1887

Tickets: $10.00 (includes a free drink if you arrive before 9 pm)
50/50 DRAW
Written by Martha Herrera-Lasso
Directed by Jessica Anne Nelson
Co-Produced by dream of passion productions in association with Excavation Theatre

Mar 25-29, Apr 1-5, 2014 at Havana Theatre
1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC 

Starring: Stefania Indelicato, Al MiroJane HancockMatthew McLellan
Tickets: $17 Early Bird, $20 General 
Box Office:

Four people - a man and woman in their 20s and a man and woman in their 30s, each at different stages in their lives, get themselves caught up in complicated and sometimes surprisingly emotional and confusing conversations, all taking place after sex. Struggling to find their paths within and without societal relationship norms and expectations, this is an exploration of love and lust in a modern day society that is overwhelmed by choice.
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Hannah's Trust-Specificity-Commitment Pyramid

A different type of student spotlight this month. Hannah Rose Brearley was in the Meisner Phase One that ended this Sunday. She shared an entry from her journal that I loved so much I asked if she would mind recording it to share on my website and she generously agreed. The link to the video is below.



Ballet BC - Grace Symmetry

You may or may not know that I review for an online magazine, called Plank. 

Last night I saw Grace Symmetry, a collaborative performance between Ballet BC and Turning Point Ensemble. This snippet of conversation from drinks after the show sums up the experience pretty well:

“This ballet feels so primal, it’s like the material by-passed my brain, reached into my guts and stirred things about.”
“Yes! Not needing words they instead go: That thing you’re feeling? It looks something like this…“


Truth and Lies

When you tell people that you're an actor, you can get some pretty off the wall, laughable and occasionally really  offensive responses. Especially in Vancouver, which has got to have almost as many aspiring actors as Los Angeles. I'm not going to address all of the ridiculous things I've been asked upon answering that dreaded "So what do you do?" question. 
But there is one particular myth that I'd like to dispel today. Acting is not lying. It's not a form of escapism and it's not about pretending to be someone else. This is why:

1. Good acting is about telling the truth, the truest truth you possibly can.

2. Character is not an outside thing you put on like a costume, it must arise from within. The character is never someone else, it always you.

Human experience is 100% subjective

Hic. . . hic. . . hiccup!

Want a real cure for the hiccoughs? 

This breath control exercise will calm that spasming diaphragm. It works for me every time.

The trick to this is to use the muscles in your diaphragm, solarplexis and belly as much as possible. This is a control exercise, specifically to calm nerves or a fluttery diaphragm, not to be used in performance or as part of your practice towards free, relaxed sound.

As evenly and using as much physical control as you can:
  • Breathe in for five counts (or 6 if you can)
  • Hold the breath inside you for 3 counts
  • Breathe out for 10 counts (or 12 if you can) 
The out breath works best on a fricative. I find F is the best for being inconspicuous, like example when you have an attack of hiccoughs in a job interview or on a crowded train.

If you do the above fully and consciously, 3 to 5 breaths should have you hiccough-free! :)

Friend Companies
Women's Empowerment Coaching: Be Your Essence, Live Your Purpose, Create Your World
CG Masters School of 3D Animation and Visual Effects
A unified voice for the arts in metro vancouver.
One of South Africa's leading impressionist artists.
Internationally acclaimed collaborative and interactive contemporary ballet company.
Banish your inner critic!
A independent production company; Setting forth to produce feature length movies, web-series, short films, music videos, and commercials. Ask about local film-making classes.
Exploring the musical landscape as it exists in a post cd/record label/store dominated industry.
Design: web and print
Community theatre in North Vancouver.
Acoustic folk rock country indie duo from South Africa.
A Vancouver based sport medicine and rehabilitation clinic.
A women's company formed to created a more giving and compassionate existence for all people.
Santa Monica Public Yoga Classes, Private Bodywork, Powerful Workshops, Transformational Retreats...
KickstArt Theatre (South Africa) providing essential project-based employment for talented Durban actors.
Vancouver based registered massage therapist, Margot J Levington.
Practical Creative Solutions
Artist, writer and business consultant. "Staying out of the box till they put me in one."
actor | voice-over artist | teacher
The Performers Mastery: A three day workshop focussed on you, the performer, becoming more self expressive in your artistic endeavors and more effective in your personal life.
Massage, mindfulness and wellbeing sessions.
"Business with Soul" Training and Consulting. CLICK HERE to receive a special offer.
Vancouver's first Natural Cosmetic Medical Clinic.
A comprehensive personal development program customized for women of Asian heritage.
An improvisational group with a unique West Coast music style.
Vancouver entertainment company.
Peer review “spanking the ass of culture”.
A not-for-profit charity that fosters the exploration and creation of contemporary performance in Toronto, ON.
Changing the financial future of middle income Canadians. Contact Danielle at for more information.
Accent and dialect coach based in London, England. Richard aims to inspire, empower and encourage personal and professional development.
Photography in metro vancouver.
Voice-over casting, coaching, workshops and production.
Larry Silverberg is a master teacher of the Meisner Technique and offers international workshops. Check the website for upcoming classes near you.
Central Florida's resource for Professional Actor Training.
International creative career coaching.
The original free resource for the Vancouver acting community.
Improvisation workshops to open students’ imagination and spontaneity.
A demanding programme of deep vocal, physical, and emotional work.
Inspiring women all over the world to go for their dreams and live the life they never imagined.
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