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Update on registration issue

We have recently been experiencing some issues with accepting online payment for our upcoming Infancy Matters conference. We are happy to say that this issue should now be resolved! There is a new link for this event:


Please note that we also accept payment in the form of cheques. Cheques can be made out to Attachment Network of Manitoba and mailed to us at 86 Bergman Cres, Winnipeg, MB, R3R 1Z7.  Please include your contact information especially your email address.  If we receive your email we will email you a confirmation receipt and if we do not have your email, we will produce a receipt for you at the conference.  

Our apologies for this inconvenience and any questions can always be directed to us at



We have an expanded description of our Infancy Matters workshop which will be with Dr. Mary Claire Heffron on Oct 24 and 25.  We believe this will be an opportunity to really fine tune our understanding of shifts that occur when either the infant is stressed from medical issues at or near birth, or even the family is stressed; and how it impacts on the infant’s development.  Many of us are alongside families at this point, and this conference should help us recognize these issues and equip us with what to do for the family.  Click here for the brochure, or visit our Events page


Infancy Matters: Securing Pathways for Well-being and Resilience

This workshop will provide participants with a deeper understanding about the importance of infancy and toddlerhood. Relevant theories of neurodevelopment,  attachment, and reflective functioning will be used to detail ways that this period of life is an efficacious time to implement two generation approaches designed to engage caregivers so they can promote secure relationships that optimize the chances for health, well-being and resilience of infants and toddlers.


Participants will learn about specifics of infancy and early parenthood such as crying, feeding and sleeping, early language acquisition, and the unfolding of regulatory capacities that form the foundation for effective executive functioning in young children. Participants will learn about core approaches to engage families that build parental self-efficacy. Participants will also learn how relational approaches provide an effective means to address early adversity related to exposure to toxins, loss, and trauma.  While grounded in theory, this workshop is meant to provide attendees with practical examples, a broad systemic view that considers many ports of entry, intervention approaches, and many opportunities to integrate content into the context of their own practices.


  1. Present current theoretical understandings derived from neuroscience research about the ways that early relationships promote both emotional and physical health and development.

  2. Link theoretical understanding in objective 1 to attachment theory, reflective functioning and infant mental health principles and practice as seen from a multidisciplinary lens.

  3. Present the notion of two generation approaches to intervention informed by the theories above linking to long term relational health, wellness and protection from chronic stress related illnesses.

  4. Present examples from specialty care that illustrate these examples, e.g. substance exposed infants, children who have experienced loss or trauma. Children who present with excessive crying, fussing, or sleep problems.

  5. Participants will view a series of video examples to illustrate key elements/milestones in relational health, regulatory capacities (social emotional) and language development.

  6. Finding and serving infants and their families: Examening engagement from a systemic and interpersonal perspective considering cultural and contextual adaptations.

  7. Pregnancy and the first year of life. Developing stances that engage, support, and build parental self efficacy.



Infancy Matters Brochure

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