Women AdvaNCe Weekly Roundup - Friday, June 21, 2013

Seriously? We're Fighting over Birth Control Again?!

BY DIANE MORRIS    Birth control is one of those battles women in America thought they had won. We thought there was widespread agreement that ensuring women have the ability to prevent unwanted pregnancies was in the best interest of the country, families, women and children. And there is widespread agreement! Surveys show 70 percent of Americans believe insurance companies should cover birth control as basic health care – as required under the Affordable Care Act. Read More.

Get Ready to Enroll in Obamacare

BY DIANE MORRIS     There are lots of reasons why a woman may have trouble accessing health insurance. Many women work part-time or work from home so they can fulfill their role as caregiver to children, aging parents, or disabled relatives. As a result, they’re not eligible for employer-sponsored health insurance. Other women work full-time but are in low-wage jobs that don’t offer benefits. Read More

Countdown to the Student Loan Apocalypse 

BY MIKAELA MCLELLAN     School’s out for the summer! Bring on the beach trips, reading lists, internships—and increases in student loan interest rates. If Congress fails to act by July 1, the rate on federally subsidized Stafford loans will double from 3.4 to 6.8 percent. Summer just got a lot less relaxing. Luckily, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has a plan. She introduced a bill earlier this month that would fix student loan interest rates at 0.75 percent—the same rate offered to banks by the Federal Reserve. Read More

More Guns, More Danger for Women

BY DIANE MORRIS     Earlier this month in Texas, a jury acquitted a man who shot and killed an unarmed woman. He had paid her $150 to be his escort and killed her when she refused to have sex with him. Under Texas law, it’s legal to use deadly force to retrieve stolen property at night, so the jury agreed that it was his right to shoot her in the neck to get his money back. In California, a private Catholic school fired a teacher because her ex-husband, against whom she had a restraining order, showed up at the school. He was arrested, but the school decided having her on staff was too dangerous. Perhaps school officials were aware that while California has some of the strongest gun control laws in the nation, he could easily get a gun in neighboring Nevada or Arizona. Read More



I Saw the Signs

BY ASHLEY SIMONS-RUDOLPH, PhD, Director, NC State University Women’s Center. The NC State Women’s Center recently co-sponsored a week commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, probably the most important legislation promoting gender equity in higher education. As Director of the Center and mindful of my ever-shrinking programming budget, I suggested that our staff dual-purpose the commemoration by attending a morale-boosting women’s basketball game with our significant others. Read More.


Too Small To Fail

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