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This month, together with Minter Ellison Lawyers, IAMA is again hosting Bill Eddy, direct from the USA.  This is a full day program on "Managing and Mediating High Conflict Situations" with our Queensland Chapter. Also in August, Professor Laurence Boulle, Chair of the Mediator Standards Board, will be speaking to members about the review of the National Mediation Accreditation Standards - this is a free event being held in conjunction with the Australian International Disputes Centre and the ACDC - please register on-line as numbers are strictly limited.

We are also very pleased to advise that IAMA is a supporting organisation of several key events coming up in 2014.

For our Domain Name Dispute Resolvers, the auDRP Overview Workshop is being held as a part of the Australian Internet Governance Forum in Melbourne, our Arbitrators can participate in Sydney Arbitration Week and our Mediators have the National Mediation Conference in Melbourne.  The annual AMINZ Conference is also on this month in Queenstown.

Details of these and many other events and training opportunities are contained in this edition of the IAMA Pulse e-Newsetter.

We also congratulate our colleagues at ACICA and AMINZ - their joint bid to host the 2018 ICCA conference in Sydney was successful.  The other bidders were Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow.  We look forward to IAMA members supporting this great event coming to Australia.

Delegates of the IAMA National Conference last May - if you haven't yet provided your feedback on the event, it is not too late to do so.  To have your say and inform the Conference Planning Committee for next year: click here to enter your feedback
Rowena McNally
National President

NEW IAMA Arbitration Rules now available

The new IAMA Arbitration Rules are now available on the IAMA Website.  To download and view a copy of the rules visit our website: 

more details
Pupilage Opportunities For Arbitrator Members

Arbitrator members who are interested in taking on a pupil are invited to contact your local Chapter: see contact details

Upcoming Events

For full details of upcoming August 2014 Events, go to our Events Calendar: click here

Photo Gallery

IAMA National Councillor and Immediate Past President Warren Fischer speaking held at the Dispute Resolution Industry Forum held in Sydney on 14 May 2014.
IAMA Meets with the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators - IAMA Grade 1 Arbitrator John Bond QC, SiArb President/Chair Leng Sun Chan, IAMA President Rowena McNally and SiArb Deputy President Ho Choon Chia.
ACT Chapter - Paul Monagle undertakes a panel interview for IAMA mediation accreditation with EC members Wendy Hare and Bryan Ahern.
ACT Chapter - Photos from 19 June CPD "Pre-mediation session". The Facilitator was Nigel Biginell.
IAMA Strategic Planning Day 2014 - National Council and State Chapter Chairs gathered in Sydney on 21 June 2014 to discuss IAMA's strategic directions.
National Councillor David Egarr (SA Chapter), centre, enjoying a Queensland Chapter CPD event with Queensland IAMA members.
PCM Course participants, learning and networking in the ACT Chapter.
John Wagner presenting to the Queensland Chapter members on the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport project - Australia's first privately constructed airport in over 40 years.
Below: Queensland IAMA Chapter networking before the presentation by John Wagner at the Brisbane Club.

Melbourne Commercial Arbitration & Mediation Centre

The MCAM Centre is open!  For more information about the Centre click here.
National Mediation Conference - 9-11 September 2014

IAMA is a proud sponsor of the 2014 National Mediation Conference, Melbourne.
Early bird registrations close 27 August 2014.
Register now!
More details.
Jennifer David Posthumous Award Memorial Cocktail Party

The Jennifer David Posthumous Award Memorial Cocktail Party is to be held at the NSW Law Society, Level 3 on 26 August, 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start. This is a combined event with IAMA, LEADR, ADRA and ACDC. The cost is $25 which you can pay through paypal here.  The award will be received by IAMA Vice President Alysoun Boyle.

WIPO - New Rules

The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center has announced the release of the 2014 WIPO Mediation, (Expedited) Arbitration and Expert Determination Rules which came into effect on 1 June 2014.

Click here for:
New Rules
Summary of changes 
WIPO contract clauses (which remain unchanged)

You can contact the WIPO Center at 

Sydney Arbitration Week 2014

IAMA is proud to support the "Regional Arbitration Conference 2014" held by the Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia (BLS) together with the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (ACICA).  The Conference will be held in Sydney on 14 November 2014

Mediator Standards Board

The MSB Board has decided that the post nominal for a mediator accredited under NMAS is: Accredited Mediator NMAS.

auDRP Workshop

All auDRP panelists, and other members interested in domain name disputes, are encouraged to attend the auDRP Overview Workshop, held as a part of the Australian Internet Governance Forum (auIGF) from 26‐27 August 2014 at the Crown Promenade in Melbourne.
The auIGF is an annual event run by auDA which brings together government, industry and community members to discuss Internet‐related policy issues, exchange ideas and best practices, and help shape the future of the Internet in Australia. This year the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for Communications will be our opening speaker for the event.
The auDRP Overview Workshop is being held to mark the official launch of the “auDRP Overview”, a compendium of consensus views of panels on key legal and procedural issues under the auDRP.  The workshop will cover how the Overview was produced and how it can be used by auDRP panelists, participants and other interested stakeholders. There will also be a panel discussion of the main issues of interest contained in the Overview.
More details. 

Arbitrator Triennial Reviews - IAMA Grade 1 & Grade 2 Arbitrators

Maintenance of the standards of its arbitrators is one of the most important obligations of the Institute.  A vital component of maintaining the standards of arbitrators is the IAMA's triennial review of Grade 1 and Grade 2 arbitrators.  This is dealt with by the Institute's Policy on the Register of Practising Arbitrators ("the Policy").  The Policy provides:
"the grading of all Grade 1 and Grade 2 arbitrators shall be reviewed every three years ('the triennial review').  All Grade 1 and Grade 2 arbitrators shall only hold such grading until the next triennial review, unless Council otherwise determines pursuant to Sections 10.2 or 10.3 [of the Policy]."

30 June 2015 is the date of the next triennial review.

Arbitrators will need to provide to the Institute the material on which they rely to justify retention of their grading on or before 15 April 2015.

Further information will be forwarded directly to all Grade 1 and 2 Arbitrators later in the year.

Please note the Policy provides at 10.4:"Unless otherwise determined by Council, maintenance of an arbitrator’s grading in the triennial review shall be subject to:
10.4.1   satisfactory completion of a Masterclass since the last triennial review;
10.4.2   completion of the number of hours of eligible training required under the Institute's CPD Policy."


Malaysia - International Dispute Resolvers

The amendments to the Legal Profession Act 1976 in Malaysia ("the Act”) came into force on 3 June 2014.
Of possible relevance to Australian Arbitrators, the Act has introduced a new subsection as follows:


(1) Sections 36 and 37 shall not apply to -
  (a) any arbitrator lawfully acting in any arbitral proceedings ;
(b) any person representing any party in arbitral proceedings; or
(c) any person giving advice, preparing documents and rendering any other assistance in relation to or arising out of arbitral proceedings except for court proceedings arising out of arbitral proceedings.
  (2) In this section, "arbitral proceedings” means proceedings in an arbitration which is governed by the Arbitration Act 2005 [Act 646] or would have been governed by such Act had the seat of arbitration been Malaysia.”
It is now provided that foreign arbitrators and foreign lawyers are now allowed to enter into Malaysia to participate in arbitral proceedings and are exempted from the "fly-in fly-out” prohibition in the other parts of the Legal Profession (Amendment) Act 2013.
As such, foreign arbitrators and foreign lawyers are not subject to the restriction of 60 days nor require immigration approval by way of a work permit to enter into Malaysia to conduct arbitral proceedings.
This lifting of the "fly in fly out” prohibition for arbitral proceedings is in line with the Malaysian government's commitment to the growth of arbitration in Malaysia.
Parties will now have access to the legal service provider or representative of their choice from anywhere in the world, who will be able to enter into Malaysia to advise and to carry on any work related to arbitration.

Mediation Ethics - Bond Uni, QLD

Bond University Faculty of Law invites IAMA members to attend their inaugural ADR Ethics Symposium which will be held Thursday, 30 October, to Saturday, 1 November, at Bond University on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The Symposium will bring together scholars and practitioners with expertise in mediation practice and legal ethics.

One of the aims of the Symposium is to also discuss ways of collecting data to support a research project on this topic.  With consent of participants, a number of focus groups will be convened at the Symposisum on 1 November.

More details.
Note: New members approved on 9/8/14 not yet published below.  
Emily Harris ACT
Hugh Major ACT
George Montanez ACT
Roxanne Murray ACT
Moira Najdecki ACT
Jack Quaid ACT
Mardie Seymour ACT
Angela Summersby ACT
Mark Addison NSW
Jason Clapham NSW
David Collins NSW
The Hon Dennis Cowdroy OAM QC NSW
Suzanne Frazer NSW
Stephen Gurney NSW
Fiona Mahl NSW
Kate McDonald NSW
Rory O’Moore NSW
Colin Packham NSW
Timothy Page NSW
Elizabeth Picker NSW
Frances Richards NSW
Tony Samuel NSW
Dr John Tarrant NSW
David Kelly O/S
Nathan Burke QLD
Fiona Ferguson QLD
Peter Freer QLD
Christopher Hall QLD
Glenn Newton QC QLD
Kim Pattinson QLD
Luke Preston QLD
Tony Roccisano QLD
John Tuhtan QLD
Richard Williams QLD
Arturo Dal Cin SA
Wayne Irvine SA
Philip McNamara QC SA
Nathan Abbott VIC
Maria Bustos VIC
Connie Cant VIC
Amanda Fajerman VIC
Graham Fountain VIC
Catherine Frecker VIC
James Robert Holmes VIC
Nigel Jenkins VIC
Renee Mengler-Steel VIC
Phillip Naughton VIC
Deanna Oberdan VIC
Brenton Otte VIC
Emilee Pisano VIC
Michael Lonergan WA
David Moore WA
Dominic Pilkington WA
Jacqueline Wallace WA
IAMA Adjudicator:  
Frazer Beggs QLD
IAMA Mediator:  
Paul Monagle ACT
Fiona Mahl NSW
Helen Wall NSW
Barbara Lawrence QLD
Marie-Laurence Michelle Menzies QLD
Graham Fountain VIC
Susan McLean VIC
Timothy Strahan WA
Jessica Vidoni WA
Helen Wall NSW
Barbara Lawrence QLD
Michael McCall QLD
Graham Fountain VIC
Susan McLean VIC
Roz Lucas ACT
Natalie Trafford ACT
John Bateman QLD
Ibrahim Elkojje VIC
Emily Harris ACT
Hugh Major ACT
Adrian Makeham-Kirchner ACT
George Montanez ACT
Moira Najdecki ACT
Marina Polita ACT
Mardie Seymour ACT
Sara Balmer NSW
Frances Booth NSW
David Collins NSW
Pauline Evans NSW
Suzanne Frazer NSW
Stephen Gurney NSW
Fiona Mahl NSW
Kate McDonald NSW
Andrea McElhinney NSW
Elizabeth Picker NSW
Frances Richards NSW
Rebecca Cameron VIC
Connie Cant VIC
Mohamed Elagha VIC
Amanda Fajerman VIC
Graham Fountain VIC
Neil Kirkpatrick VIC
Renee Mengler-Steel VIC
Adrian Muller VIC
Brenton Otte VIC
Mark Manners WA
Lorraine Oyenaike WA

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To renew you membership for the current year, please log into our website using your email and password.  If you are unable to access your account or require assistance, please contact us on 02 9241 1188 or email  
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Journal Submissions

Events & Training

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WA Mediation Seminar
When: 12 August; 5:30 pm
CPD: 3
Cost: $20

NSW National Mediator Accreditation Standards with MSB Chair Professor Boulle
When: 20 August; 5:15 pm
CPD: 1
Cost: Free

WA - General Meeting Update
When: 20 August; 5:15 pm
CPD: 1
Cost: Free

ACT - CPD: Issues & Insights Natural Justice & ADR
When: 21 August; 6:00 pm
CPD: 2
Cost: $40

NSW - Mediators Masterclass - 1 day Workshop
When: 23 August; 10:00 am
CPD: 10
Cost: $850

NSW Adjudicators Discussion Forum 2014
When: 27 August; 5:15 pm
CPD: 1
Cost: $44

VIC - Adjudication Discussion Group Meeting
When: 27 August; 5:45 pm
CPD: 2
Cost: $25

QLD - Bill Eddy - Managing & Mediating High Conflict Situations
When: 28 August; 8:30 am
CPD: 6
Sponsor: Minter Ellison

VIC - Practitioners Certificate in Mediation Course
When: 27-29 August & 3-5 September; 9:00 am (full days)
CPD: 30

more events

AMINZ Conference

Queenstown, 28-30 August 2014
Looking Forward
  • two-and-a-half days
  • more than 50 presenters
  • two extra seminars
  • a construction adjudication symposium
  • networking and social opportunities aplenty
Register Now!
WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center
Mediation Workshop
Arbitration Workshop
in New York on 6 & 7 November 2014
More details.
Other External Events:

National Mediation Conference 2014
When: 9 - 11 September 
Where: Melbourne
more details

Sydney Arbitration Week 2014
When: 14 November 2014
Where: Sydney

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