The very first #SciFiHour, 15 days to go until FantastiCon and a sneaky newsletter peak at the programme and floor plan.

Dear Fantastic Subscriber,

Excellent news this week as the inaugural FantastiCon spools up for launch and all 5 books are heading to the printers. The spine art lines up to create an image of the iconic Cobra Mk3 spacecraft heading for a space station. The header to this newsletter shows how. If you would like to see the full covers, please head over to Orion Arm News, for all your Fantastic Elite Fiction news!

In only 15 days we will be welcoming delegates from all over the world to the very first FantastiCon and we are all really excited at the prospect. So many people have come together to help and the current programme is looking rammed full of exciting and Fantastic things to do on the day.

As a newsletter subscriber you get exclusive early access to our most exciting news and this week is no different. Below is the current programme for FantastiCon;

10am - Doors open to Golden Ticket holders
11am - Welcome to FantastiCon 'We made it and you guys are the reason why'
12pm - Elite Encounters with Dave Hughes
1pm - Welcome by Commander Dan to standard ticket holders
2pm - Elite author chat, Q&A and book readings.
4pm - Dr Who chat with Simon Fisher-Becker and John Levene, Q&A.
5pm - John Levene Sergeant Benton memorabilia auction
6pm - Elite audiobook exclusive play with Christopher Jarvis
8pm - Stuart Aken, J.S.Collyer and Linda Acaster author chat and readings.
9pm - Take part in the very first #SciFiHour live on Twitter from the event and meet the Vampire Wars cast - performance, chat, Q&A
10pm - Fantastic Awards Ceremony followed by charity raffle prize draw
MIDNIGHT - And now, the end is near...

As well as everything above, there will be some amazing things going on throughout the day including cosplay fun (those guys always have fun), RPG Gaming, Retro gaming, Music, Oculus Rift action, Independent films, author and actor signings, loads of sellers of shiny comicbook/cosplay/Elite merchandise, green screen photography, a Star Wars speeder bike, R2D2, free soft drinks and biscuits and even a Dalek too!

Lots and lots of projects are incoming but for the next two weeks our focus will be on this awesome event so I hope you'll all join in online (we plan to have live camera feeds to the event), on Twitter (with the very first #SciFiHour) and on our other social media channels and help us make this a Fantastic day for everyone.

Oops! As we were too busy to get a newsletter out to you last week, we nearly forgot your second newsletter exclusive! Here you are, the floor plan of FantastiCon, created by our very own Darren Grey. Thanks Darren, we especially love the 'Hyperspace Entry Point'!

Books, audiobooks, trailers and now international events. You guys have no idea how Fantastically fun this has become! Thank you for your continuing encouragement as we continue to change the world of publishing, one Fantastic book at a time!

Just imagine,

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