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Parker Dam State Park
Photo by Nate Hardic
Here we are in the middle of Lake Appreciation Month and I have yet to visit our own Yough Lake for a swim. So I'll take this week to do a little day-dreaming. About lakes and, well, a lot of other good places to visit.

The first entry into the lakes sweepstakes is this dynamite image from Park Manager Nate Hardic at Parker Dam State Park. FULL double rainbow over the spillway. Now, if THAT isn't jigsaw worthy, I don't know my rainbows!
Pam Metzger, Membership Coordinator
Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation
News of Note
Hey, all you early risers! Marci will be a guest on "On the Mark" with Mark Lawrence on News Radio WKOK 1070 (Sunbury) on Wednesday morning at around 7:10 AM. You can stream live on your computer or phone. Tune in and hear our take on the economic impact of our state parks and forests - and a little fun, too!
We were honored to present PPFF's COVID-19 Champion Award to DCNR's four-person Communications Team who disseminated timely information to ensure public safety and enjoyment of the outdoors despite the ever-changing situation caused by the pandemic as well as to Cindy Hogeman, founding board member of the Capital Area Greenbelt Association, for volunteer coordination and stewardship efforts at the Five Senses Garden.

Thank you DCNR Secretary Dunn for joining in the recognition of these awardees as well as the 53 members of the DCNR Bureau of Forestry's Incident Management Team and our hard-working Park and Forest Rangers statewide for going above and beyond throughout the pandemic.

More in-person awards coming soon. Stay tuned! Maybe you'll come out and join us to honor a deserving array of volunteers and professionals!

Quick Reminder #1: The Friends of R.B. Winter sponsor a volunteer day tomorrow. Meet at the park office at 9:00. Marci will be there!

Quick Reminder #2: The Friends of Greenwood Furnace sponsor the Whipple Dam Summer Concert Series tomorrow evening at, you guessed it, Whipple Dam State Park beginning at 7:00 PM featuring Erin Condo and the Hoofties. 
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Pictures of the Week
If I've said it once ... lake. sky. clouds. Add in some driftwood and Samantha Markovich nailed it! Yellow Creek State Park.
Foster Joseph Sayres Lake at Bald Eagle State Park provided this lovely vista for photographer Donny Shuey.
This "canoes in the sunset" shot comes from earlier this spring on the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau Book of Faces. It's a Promised Land State Park vertical dazzler. 
Now, just because I established a theme for the newsletter doesn't mean I can't deviate for "an hour's worth of fireflies" at Moraine State Park combined into one glorious photograph. Click to Chris Mondello's full vertical and, sure.  I short-changed jigsaw fans last week by forgetting, so this week you get a two-fer.  It's a jigsaw
That picture from Promised Land is the perfect reminder that next week (July 17 through July 23) is "Capture the Sunset Week." Send your pictures in and I'll gather them into the Fan Fotos gallery on our website for everyone to enjoy. 
This month's tribute and challenge in support of the Environmental Rights Amendment is to ponder what Pennsylvania's "esthetic value" means to you. How does the beauty of our natural environment stir your emotions? It will be fun though. Tell us in an acrostic using the letters of the word "Esthetic." Check out our ERA-50 webpage for examples

Submissions to
Calendar of Events

The Speckled Band (concert)
Saturday, 7/24 - 7:00 PM
Chapman State Park.

Warriors Path/Broad Top Trail Loop Hike
Sunday, 7/25 - 11:00 AM
Warriors Path State Park. 

Geology - Minerals Rock! (Recurring event)
Saturday, 7/24 - 10:00 AM
Ridley Creek State Park.

Intro to Paddleboard (Registration required)
Saturday, 7/24 - 10:00 AM
Yellow Creek State Park
Don't forget to bookmark the DCNR Calendar of Events and our PPFF calendar. A quick search in those places will keep you up to date on everything that's coming up. 
A terrific shout-out to these folks, penned by Mike Walsh, DCNR's Deputy Secretary for Administration, can be found in the PPFF News blog at Thank you, Mike!
Where Are We This Week?
Green boxes are photos and photos from the news; red are events.
Take Five for Trivia
Our attention-getting question from last week concerned the outdoor activity that has seen the most deaths from lightning strikes. Many of you were able to determine that, yes, that most dangerous of pursuits is fishing. It stands to reason and may be based on the understandable reluctance to leave that perfect spot even as storms begin to roll in. But. Please do! The lake will still be there to appreciate when you come back. 

This week, let's talk about Pennsylvania's biggest lake. Sometimes when you have something huge, the courteous thing to do is share its abundance and that's the case with our largest lake - Erie. With what other states do we share this beautiful resource?

Enter each week to increase your chances of a fabulous prize at the end of the month when I'll draw one entry from all correct answers received during the month. 
In Closing
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