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Mission in action...

Dear <<Nume>>,

As the parks are full of people here in Medias during the summer, God challenged us to start do street Evangelism once again. We started to go out each Saturday evening in the central park, singing, and talking with people. We notice that people enjoy listening!

Last week we had a team from Switzerland together we went to Vitro Park and they sing, did pantomimes, share testimonies and the gospel. People were very attracted when an artistic Romanian girl painted Jesus with only her hands. We went there to discuss with people and also pray for those who were open to receive prayer. There were people in the park who were glad to have someone to speak with and listen to their struggles. Most of the time street evangelism is more simple then we imagine and it’s important to not be shy, but rather be open and discuss with people.

Mission among our neighbours...

If you would come to YWAM Medias and as you climb the street you will notice the big,nice houses which were built recently in the last few years. Suddenly you will see a long old brick house in the style of a wagon style. This house is a shelter for 8 Roma families and their children (about 20 in number).

These children with beautiful eyes, uncombed hair, but always with a smiley face will greet you as soon as they see you.

The majority of them didn't go to school, so Lidia and Estera( two of our colleges started a literacy program during the school year. There are 20 children whose parents went in Italy for work and they live by themselves. During the school year they have weekly program to help them with their homework, and during the summer we meet them to spend time with them, playing games, and share Bible stories.
They are very smart and special children though there is a need for a lot of patience with them. You can see some small changes. Before they spoke very dirt, were aggressive now they are more respectful and some of them start to go to school and make some progresses.

There is a lot of work to do with them still in order to sow some values in these children's lives, but you are glad when you hear them saying " thank you" or " forgive me," words which they were not used to say before. We pray that God will use us to continue to influence there lives so they can bring a change in their community.
The DTS students came back from their outreaches: one team from Croatia and one team from Romania.

I would like to let them share their experience with us:

"Our time as a team in Croatia was a time of building relationships. We stayed in a small village and as we walked the streets we met people who invited us into there homes to talk and eat. The hospitality was amazing! Our host was a great example in this area, too.
 Before we left Croatia they had the annual village Donkey Race. Yes, it was quite the sight to see grown men on rather small donkeys racing down the road. While we were waiting for the races to start we met people and our host was reunited with a few friends from the past.
We invited people we had met to a goodbye dinner, but most of those we invited could not join us for one reason or another. In the end we had a full table of diverse people from all walks of life. For example a couple from Canada visiting the YWAM couple there, two men from a near by island, one man who is part of a charismatic Catholic movement, our hosts, and  of course us. The evening began with a donkey race, continued with a very tasty beef stew made by a local man, and ended with a beautiful time of worship together in English, Croatian, and Romanian. It was great to see how each one enjoyed this time to together and I believe God enjoyed to see us together, too."
  ( Ana Morosan, DTS staff)

Short term summer-outreaches: Romania, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and India  just came back and they have many stories to share it with us. I would like to give it a glimpse...

“My name is Flori. I am 21 years old. I was for 2-nd time in India.  India is a colorful country, very agglomerated with hospitable and creative people and very smart. I was visiting the slum one day together with other of my colleagues. As we walk on the path of that poor area the Indians curios came to greet us and shake our hands. They have been very glad to see white people. Besides the appearance and face features there is the same need- to be loved and accepted… and the need to know the true God. I felt honored to see that we’ve been coworkers with God and see how He spoke through us. When I shared in the families we visited how God healed my mother from cancer, I saw the smile on people faces and some glimpse of hope. The gospel break evert wall which is raised, it’s touching hearts. The gospel was shared in India through me, but it can be shared also through you… What do you say would you like to step out on this ground with God?” ( Flori, India’s outreach leader)

 “This month a decided to dedicate it to God for mission. I went to Ukraine. I learned to serve those around me and see their needs before mine. Most important thing I learned to listen to God’s voice!”((Adriana E, part of Ukraine outreach team)


As August is already gone we prepare for the fall season.

We have to do some renovations in the base, like painting,  general cleaning, concrete...

We hope to finish and have the house ready for the new season...


On behalf of all team from Medias,

Marta Dunas

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