3 New Books and the Opening of Saraha Children's School
Three New Books
By different hands and different means, three new and special books arrived at Saraha last week...

~ The Sole Panacea, a sublime commentary by Dudjom Lineage Master HH Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche on the Seven-Line Prayer of Guru Padmasambhava, published and available through Shambhala Publications...

~ Lotus Light Tibetan Textbook, a new 97-page  introductory Tibetan language primer, written specifically for children, including color photos and illustrations, including drawings by famed artist Robert Beer, was written primarily by Saraha founding teacher Lama Sonam Tsering and published by Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute on the first day of classes of the newly-opened Saraha Children's School on Sept. 4, 2014. This book is in current use at the school and can be viewed there.

~ The 2014-15 School Handbook of Saraha Children's School, This 55-page School Handbook of the newly-opened Saraha Children's School, written primarily by SCS Principal Susan Nakaba, outlines school procedures as well as the full curriculum of grades K-8, including Dharma, Tibetan Language and academic programs and standards, was published Sept. 4, the first day of classes of Saraha Children's School. This handbook is available for prospective students and their parents of the school.
Saraha Children's School Takes Flight
On Thurs. Sept. 4, Guru Rinpoche Day, almost six months from March 13, the day that the creation of Saraha Children's School (grades K-8) was first announced, the school opened its doors to its first-ever class of students.

On hand for this event was Saraha founding teacher Lama Sonam Tsering, shown in the picture above welcoming and presenting new students for the first time with the text "Lotus Light" which he authored, and which they will be using over the course of the coming year for their Tibetan language and Dharma studies.
Saraha Children's School (SCS) was created to provide children grades K-8 and parents with the opportunity to engage in an integrated curriculum of Dharma education and a full program of traditional academics.

The school resides on the campus of Saraha Nyingma Institute, and occupies the entire lower storey of the its main building. It features trained, experienced, certified educators, Principal Susan Nakaba and Teacher Jennie Goodlett, and assistants, including Matthew Wells, who provides Dharma and Tibetan language instructions to children in the first class of the day, and Diana Hoffman, who works as administrative assistant to the school. For more information on SCS see its dedicated website at:  www.sarahaschool.org

For the meaning of the Saraha logo and motto, "from light to light" click HERE...
SCS Facilities & Classrooms
Main Shrine Room at Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute
Saraha Children's School will occupy and use the entire building and campus during school days, which start with meditation in the Main Shrine Room upstairs, use the Classrooms downstairs, the new Library Room, and the Playground to the West of the temple and the natural Forest land to the East.

The photos below were taken of the new SCS classrooms as they appeared on the morning of Sept. 4, the first day of school. One more thanks to the volunteers who worked selflessly and tirelessly throughout the summer to create these beautiful and comfortable rooms for this first class of children at Saraha Children's School...
New Classrooms at SCS
Helping Saraha & Helping
Saraha Children's School
Some of you out there secretly, openly or potentially like or love Saraha, which now includes Saraha Children's School, and want to help. There are two main ways to do this immediately.

...One is, to be blunt, by donating money. We definitely need it. All the repairs and alterations that we did over the Summer to create the school were done out of pocket. Add to this that, since we needed to bear down, concentrate and have unlimited access for our volunteers to do our building renovations, we have not held any (potentially revenue generating) special events since the end of May.  All the costs of our fix-ups and SCS start-up have come right out of pocket for the Institute. These special expenses will continue for a while, until the complete school-build project is completed (Playground, Library) later this Fall.

For what it's worth, please remember that we the people who are asking this and typing these words are the very same volunteers who spent the summer mirthfully busting dusty knuckles to build the school, the same ones who have been running Saraha Institute on these same terms since its inception three years ago, the same ones who still today can and want to keep going and do more for the Dharma, the kids, this city, this community, the world. Honestly, there is so much that can be done. Saraha is a blessing platform for exercising our kindest intents. With help we can do these things and more. Please join us.  We need your help.

Remember, Saraha is a registered non-profit and your donation is tax-deductible. If you want to donate, you can do so online  at this LINK... If the amount is largish, pls consider sending a check, because the card company charges us 3% for the convenience of online transactions.

...The second way you can help, at least the School,  is this... We would really welcome some more children at the School. This would make the school more fun, more diverse and would help pay its operating expenses. Obviously the school year has already started, so most families are already tucked into some educational program. Still, there may be others who would change, or if they knew about SCS, would want to find out more and maybe come in at the next school break. You can help us in this matter getting the word out that Saraha Children's School exists. If you think it is neat/good or whatever on the positive barometer side of things, you are hereby and forthwith authorized to vocalize that information, telling loved-ones, delivery people, telepaths, philatelists, real and unreal estate agents, friends, "friends,"  and neighbors all.

To educate yourself in what the school is doing, there is the info you can find on the school website, sarahaschool.org. You can also send us any questions you have.  You can also make an appointment to come by and take a look when the school schedule allows. Email the school at school@saraha.org, or call the school on its dedicated number during the day at 541-359-3585.  Please think about us this way. Please help us to find some more wonderful children to study at SCS.  Thanks for your help and kindness. 
The Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute, or "Saraha" for short, is a registered 501(c)(3) status non-profit religious organization based in Eugene, Oregon, USA.  Following the Buddha's teachings of Enlightenment, and practicing according to the Dudjom Lineage of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, Saraha offers a full schedule of regular temple meditation events, special teachings events, and educational courses. Moreover, Saraha intends to offer a community-based, family friendly atmosphere where students young and old can visit and grow in age and wisdom together. For more information, click our online calendar HERE.
Open to the public, everyone welcome.

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