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Light Dive Mobile first customer support software

The Customer Relationship Management industry is a very interesting industry to analyse. It’s a big industry, it totaled $23.3B in 2014 (+ 13% YoY) and it’s the most mature in terms of SaaS penetration as 50% of CRM solutions will be cloud based by 2016.

There was traditional on-premise software (IBM, SAP…) then came the first wave of innovation with the cloud (= SaaS = SalesForce, Zendesk etc…) and then everybody thought that the next wave of innovation would happen with mobile. But it was not clear how.

The potential catalyst that will start the mobile wave might be messaging platforms. I’m seeing an increasing number of products which tackle customer support through messaging apps. The obvious advantage being that customers can be reached where they are already and that in terms of usage messaging is growing like crazy (amazing potential in terms of analytics).

It’s still too early to say whether the “mobile first” customer software wave will really start with messaging platforms but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

The UI/UX corner Google Spreadsheet integrations

If you follow the bs I’m writing for a bit you’ve probably noticed that I’m convinced that products should (more and more) offer multiple "small" interaction endpoints with their users (Slack bots, Zapier integrations, Chrome plugin...) and not only their full featured application / interface.

An interesting integration is the Google Spreadsheet one.

I’m using several SaaS / APIs with which I’m interacting mostly via spreadsheets.


Google spreadsheet add ons are available in the upper menu

Once you click on it, a side bar opens on the right.

As you can see you have quite a lot of options to play with:

  • 3 different tabs (Discovery, Prospector and Enrichment) for the 3 main types of features available on Clearbit

  • for each tab a list of options to customize the results according to what you need

  • a button at the bottom



Same concept with blockspring.

I’m not saying that every SaaS should do that but, for example, I wish that more of them offer a simple / small Google Spreadsheet integration when there’s a metrics dashboard involved (of any kind). That would enable users to centralise their metrics without having to copy / paste them in cells all the time and also to manipulate the data more easily.

New Kid on The Block

Fusemachine: AI assistant for inside sales.

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