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Alison Burton

Director/Careers Coach

shares with us:
Love - Is a beautiful feeling.  As a woman you have to love yourself to know the kind of love that is acceptable to you…I’m not about to short change myself.  If it’s true love it will withstand the test of time.  As my Dad would say…there’s someone for everyone.

Sex - Sometimes it’s not better than chocolate.  However, creativity coupled with a meeting of the minds can be explosive.

HateThis is a strong word, not one that I like to use.

Fear - My feelings of fear represent an opportunity to test/challenge myself.  I weigh up the situation and ask myself…what you got to lose?

Business - You are your brand!  I treat people in business with the same respect as I do in my personal life.  Sometimes winning the business is the easy part, I have found that building relationships, a good reputation and gaining repeat business is what leads to success.

Power - It’s not always about money.  The ability to influence, generate positive change and leave a legacy… what a satisfying feeling that must be! 

Jealousy - Is not for me, it will eat you up!!!  Be honest & call it admiration, trust me, it will inspire you.
Inspiration - In my life I have been inspired by many people….family, friends, colleagues, writers etc, both male and female.   I am equally inspired by children…their honesty, how they can brighten up a room with their antics, watching them unleash their talents and receiving their unconditional love.

Achievements - Whenever I have stepped outside of my comfort zone, been bold and just gone for it has lead to an achievement.  However, my greatest achievement is becoming a mother, nothing compares! 

What Being A Woman Means - It may sound cliché but to me being a woman symbolises strength.   I reflect on the years gone by and whatever challenge seemed like a big deal at the time, doesn’t have the same weight now.  However, I don’t get it twisted, those same challenges have built the inner strength. I love being a woman and being around inspiring women, we all have our own story and wisdom to share.  Our minds and bodies are amazing, after all we bring life, we nurture, we love and have a gut instinct so strong that shouldn’t be ignored.  As I type I think of my grandmothers, the glint in their eye, the experiences they’ve shared and the lessons they taught me.  Turning 40 was fabulous…I am who I am and make no apologies.
Favourite Quote -  â€œShe stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails”… Elizabeth Edwards

God - Trust in him. He doesn’t give you more than you can bear.
Alison Burton has extensive recruitment experience, sourcing junior to senior level talent for established and successful City based organisations, including running assessment centres and psychometric testing to identify skills and strengths of candidates. During this time she has also mentored teenagers within the local community, using her recruitment skills and corporate knowledge to deliver careers workshops, providing careers advice and support to teenagers and women alike. Having designed and delivered numerous interactive and creative career workshops to schools, she has provided teenagers with knowledge and key tips in job searching and preparing for entering into corporate environments and higher education.
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