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Wilde International Network Newsletter February 2014
Inspiration is all around

In the whole of my house, I live in my bedroom. Some people frown on it but my home office is in my bedroom, which is also my creative space. I’ve decorated it bright – pristine white walls and a feature warm orange wall with varying shades of orange home accessories and magnificent art work. When the sun hits that room it turns into paradise and I live there. I’ve tried to be as minimalist as possible, which is an art in itself because I love my books and I have stacks, and stacks them.
I have a huge pine bookcase in my room which houses all my favourite books. Then there are books on bedside stand. Oh yeah … and let’s not forget the book I have in the kitchen to read between chops and stirs and of course the book in my bag.

I love books. I also loved comics and magazines before I loved books. Now I still love books, newspapers, music, theatre, movies, radio and art. This all connects back to my love of knowledge and learning new things and being inspired by people, stories and ideas.

Inspiration is all around us! There’s an infinite source of inspiration online. Newsfeeds, social streams, Ted Talks, design blogs — you name it. There are also expos and retreats, awards, bootcamps, workshops and seminars all offering confidence building, inspiration and empowerment, and now there is no excuse not to inspire or be inspired.


February Issue

Organisers of 1 Billion Rising: l-r: Natasha, Tafia, Ginger, Samira, Nagia
1 Billion Rising, Free Me To Be Me, Protect
The Girl Child Campaign


We took part in Eve Ensler’s 1 Billion Rising on 14th February. It rained practically all day, leaving us with the feeling that many people would be put off coming because of the dismal weather. We were surprised. We had a good turnout, a full room of men and women there to show support and condemn the violent actions that will lead to 1 billion women and girls being raped and beaten within this year.

The discussions asked how best we can support our mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, nieces and friends who may themselves be faced with this situation with the hopeless feelings of nowhere to turn.

It was interactive and gave food for thought as the enormity and the reality of what women and girls face on a daily basis globally impacted on those present in the room. There are two further sessions planned for West London so we’ll keep you in the loop.

To date we have gained the support of Came Women and Girls Project, Omega Radio, Victoria Climbe Foundation, RAFFA, One Step Forward Consultancy, Natural November, Ankh Wellbeing Centre, Instrumental Health, ICASS, Pure Potential and Every Woman Inspired.

Hi, I'm Coach Carla Campbell, a mother to two wonderful, beautiful and talented little girls and a business woman. I will be at this year’s Every Woman Inspired Expo, taking place in Ocho Rios from 23-25th October. My workshop is taking place on Friday 24th October 2014 and is called Wheel of Life, Unleash The Magic in YOUR Life …YOU. I'm going to take you on a magical journey which will open your minds into thinking about all aspects (family, finances, spiritually, relationships etc), it will allow you to be, to exist, to live. Can't wait to meet you.

Book now. Call the Travel Shop on 0208 682 7222.

Book Review . . . Returnee by Dr Vernella Fuller

The cover of this book lights all your senses. It’s a picture of the sea in motion so you can hear the waves, smell the saltiness and see the vivid blue sky against the sea. It’s all synonymous with Jamaica. Unfortunately so are some of the tales within the pages, toe-curling, stomach-churning, stories that leave you flabbergasted and incredulous.

Yet for all of those emotions, you can’t help but to fall in love with Jamaica, Vernella Fuller paints a beautiful picture of nature and the wild life, and of course there are some wonderful people on the Island.

This collection of stories collated by Dr Vernella Fuller who herself left the UK and returned to live in Jamaica many years ago brings reality home for many returnees.  I loved the fact that Fuller brought Jamaica alive with her descriptive wild life, landscapes and plant life; it truly showed her appreciation for nature and hookd you totally.

There are seemingly many funny anecdotes about the natives and the returnees, which on closer inspection were quite serious, although interestingly some were passed off as myths. I think one of the returnees who had been there longer had a point and felt if there was a fault to be placed on the returnee, it was that they imagine they still share the same culture as Jamaicans who had not left.

If you are considering moving back to Jamaica or any Caribbean Island or African countries, I would recommend this read as I am sure the information contained within is transferable to these cultures. It truly is one for your list.

Published by Top of the Mountain Press Available on Amazon



Following on from the many successful business seminars, Diaspora News In Brief video interviews and business radio shows on conducted by award-winning CaribDirect Multi-Media over the past few years we have set up the CaribDirect International Business Network (CIBN).

The considerable database of Caribbean entrepreneurs and businessmen and women amassed through our many programs makes it a commercial imperative that we create a sustainable platform for our members and others across the UK to benefit from monthly discourses, lectures and presentations aimed at improving participants’ knowledge, understanding and ability to trade effectively within and outside of both the Caribbean and the United Kingdom.

We have planned the theme of each event to be around a particular Caribbean country. We hope to have Caribbean High Commissioners and Overseas Territory Representatives open each event with a short presentation on the health of their respective country’s economy followed by presentations by key UK government officials, Caribbean tourism officials and agencies with an interest in the development of the Caribbean. Prearranged ‘elevator pitches’ will be conducted followed by a period of networking.

The launch of this initiative is scheduled for Thursday 13th March 2014 at the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission at 18:30hrs. The first CIBN will take place under the St Lucia theme on Thursday 10th April 2014 at the elegant Impact Hub King’s Cross, London.

We invite you to participate in this initiative and also to speak briefly at one of the events to be confirmed. We look forward to working with you on this initiative. See link: Regards

David F. Roberts
Chief Executive Officer
CaribDirect Multi-Media Limited

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And that’s me for now . . . I leave you with this thought for the month: 

Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

ealth, wealth, love and joy! 
Rasheda ‘Ginger’ Ashanti Malcolm, BA, MA
Author, Writer, Broadcaster, Activist, CEO of WIN and The Wilde Foundation and director of Every Woman Inspired.
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