July 2014
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You attract what you are - not what you want. If you want great, then be great

Rasheda 'Ginger' Ashanti Malcolm
I am an activist, but before that I am a writer.
I am an empowerment driver for women, but before that I am a writer. I am a lover, a mother and now a grandmother, but before all that, I am a writer and writing is what I aspire to be great at. But what is great? Great is being the best I can be. Being me. I don't even have to try any more, I just am.

In between completing my first novel, I'm writing a contemporary love story, (lol) which I am way behind on because of this other passion of mine. I'm embraced by the need to keep on keeping on and shouting out about the domestic and sexual abuse and hidden practices going on globally.

My agent, Susan Yearwood invited me to the launch of Patrick Wilmot's latest book, Glass and I think it was the r
ight thing to do to give my writing a subtle kick up the sit-upon, as my darling daddy use to say, because networking with my fellow writers, speaking with Patrick himself, the veteran publisher Dr Margaret Busby OBE, the Word of Colour director Joy Francis and the writer and editor Patsy Isles reminded me that we don't make enough time to just talk and catch up, share tips, news and jokes. Time just ran out before we knew it.

I must say congratulations to Jacaranda Books for a wonderful evening and after hearing Patrick Wilmot read an excerpt, I bought the book and I'm looking forward to reading it after I've completed my own novel.

Now I'm inspired. It's like I've been given an injection of creativity and 4am finds me wide awake and tapping on the laptop before I begin the 9-5 and before I can get my Skype 6am from my business partner and director of One Step Forward Consultancy. They say a woman's work is never done.

Empty Vessels 

Don’t tell people what you’re doing, show them. I'm a great believer in this adage. I like action not noise coming from empty vessels because they usually come with big egos. I look at this ego thing and hope it has no reigns on me, yet I'm confident if it did then my circle of sister-friends and brothers would soon put me in my place and I too would return that action if their egos should become a problem. 
First Thoughts
I know I should trust my first thought. Those natural instincts. I have proof that I should trust those first feelings. I've learnt the consequences of not trusting my first thought, yet every time I'm faced with a conundrum or dilemma, the first thought gets more questioning from me, more hesitation as I quickly feel out the other options that I may or may not take. Usually, more than half the time my first thought has been correct. Yet when I'm faced with another decision to make, you bet I'll still be questioning that first thought again. I guess it's about feeling the fear and taking that step any way.

Yours in writing



The WILDE Foundation Nominated in the National Diversity Awards 2014
I have good news which I'm bursting to share with you. We've been nominated for the National Community Award, under Gender. Now you all know (or should if you read my posts and newsletters) how hard we've been working (with our partners, Maendeleo Services & CAME Women & Girls Network) to raise awareness of the sexual and domestic abuse of women & girls globally . . . someone recognised our hard work & nominated us.

For all of you who have already voted, thanks a million, it is truly heart-felt and wee'll keep you in the loop of the outcome.

Share Our Great News ...

. . . we were successful in our funding application to develop a domestic abuse programme for the age group most affected by domestic and sexual abuse. If you know anyone who would benefit or would be interested in working to empower and inform women and girls, have them call us. The programme will pilot in Hammersmith and Fulham but will be rolled out nationally and internationally.
We held another workshop discussion in West London on Thursday 17th, The crowd was smaller but the discussions and the message remains the same. We have normalised abuse so that we don't even recognise it. We accept it so we don't think we need assistance. It's a shameful topic that puts a lot of people out of their comfort zones; (males & females). 

The next event is the launch information day about our Free Me To Be Me Domestic Abuse Ambassador Programme. It's a drop in day so you can come along and pick up info and talk to us, the info is below on the flyer . . . thanks to Wilde International Network (WIN) working partners Tafia Byfield Director of Maendeleo Services and CAME Women & Girls Network.

Thanks also for the support, and a big thanks for the peeps who regularly share my post pertaining to Protect The Girl Child Campaign and our awareness and training programmes. We gotta keep shouting until they hear..

Patricia Foster . . . a new Poet
In Residence

We would like to congratulate Patricia Foster, poet, broadcaster and many more titles under her belt. Patricia has accepted Sable Literary Magazine’s invitation to be the first poet in residence. Of course I have to boast now because Patricia is known to us here at WILDE because she is also one of our workshop facilitators at the Every Woman Inspired Conference and Expo, held in Jamaica. She wowed the women who attended the workshop and I know she will do the same for a Sable audience.  
We're going to Jamaica

20-26 October 2014 . . .

it's a great time to be a


Keep watching out for

our 2015 event.
WildeTalk listeners, as you know we are off air presently but keep watching this space for updates as to when the station re-launches. Thanks for the 'we miss you' emails.
Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm is an Author, Writer, Broadcaster, Activist, the CEO of WILDE International Network (WIN) and Director of Every Woman Inspired Conference.
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