That’s the first two months of a new year well and truly out of the way. They will never return and we will never feel anything again which we felt in those first months of 2013. For me it was a time to know me for sure, my process for handling tragedy, surprises, disappointments, my fears and my heartbreaks. I know me well.

2013 is my time to astonish, according to my astrologer, (I have one now, his name is Galactic Clyde  . . . some of you may have heard of him) who says it’s an important time for me - me being a Capricorn woman.  I’m karmic, you see,  (which means I’ll think twice before doing you wrong because of my belief in it coming back tenfold to me) and because of this trait I’m also a structuralist.  Yeah, I like structures to things, and I’m focused and ambitious, apparently I’m going to do great in business . . . whoopeeee! I’ll keep you in the loop about this one. Let me just share this bit of advice from my business mentor . . . work smarter, not harder.

March Issue

WIN Website

I’ve got to thank all of you who took the time to tell us how much you enjoyed the newsletter and how much more attractive our website looks . . . thank you and thank Lucile, our awesome, very creative web designer who has absolutely a store room of ideas. If you need her to update or re-design your site, check her out!

The Writer that Writes

I want to congratulate Jamaican author, Ann-Margaret Lim, (Google her) on the publication of her book: The Festival of Wild Orchid.  I will now boast about our connection to this inspirational wordsmith, who we (WIN team) met when she entered our annual creative writing competition, Wilde Creative Writing Prize 2006 in Jamaica. I salute Ann-Margaret for her commitment to her art and for the talent and inspiration that shouts from her masterpiece.

Poetry Art Exhibition . . . a Collaboration

It was all happening last week at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill Gate – the collaboration between WIN’s poet, who also happens to be our Marketing and Social Networking champ, Najjah ‘Still Waters’ Edwards, and the artist, Shiri Achu. The collaboration took place in the form of an art exhibition, titled Poetry Art, where poetry met art in a fusion of erotic words and paintings. Check our website page for a glace and the opportunity to purchase limited edition art and poetry art.
International Women's Month (IWM)

As well as being spring and a time for re-birth, March is also International Women’s Month, International Women’s Day being 8th March. March is where we celebrate the achievements of women globally, and also think of our sisters across the globe that are suffering, being raped and tortured, being denied their basic human rights, being left vulnerable and destitute. Let us not forget that Women make up 70% of the world’s one billion poorest people. More Facts.

March is also Day of the Goddess Month, and this year I’m hearing great things are to come. I know for a fact that Marcia ‘Culture’ Gordon, (a director of WIN) will be performing an excerpt from Stories from Between (the black woman’s vagina monologues) alongside the Goddess herself, Ms Redhed, and the awesome female drumming group, Harambe . . . you can’t miss this, or you’ll be so disappointed in yourselves. The date is 20th March so check out the website for more info.

Lots more stuff is going on for IWM, my friend called to tell me Alice Walker was at Southbank and by the time we went to book . . . you got it, sold out! Any of you going - let us know how it goes.

Calling Women Who Write... JustWrite Creative Writing Workshop

We are already online, now we are heading to Askew Library, Askew Road, Shepherds Bush, London W12. Begins Thursday March 28th and join us every Thursday, (term times) 6-8pm.

Women are given the creative tools to write poems, short stories, essays or novels and are encouraged to express themselves in new and unexplored ways. Small classes ensure that the women get individual attention to develop their writing. Register here.

For more info: Tel: +44 (0) 7853 934 269

Protect the Girl Child Campaign 

The launch of Protect the Girl Child Campaign will be held on Sunday 13th April at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, London W6. It will bring together organisations and groups who work with women and children, and individuals who support the fight against violence and sexual abuse of women and children, using creative tools and other mediums.

It will be a day of presentations on domestic abuse from women’s groups and organisations, covering topics such as breast Ironing, witch-hunting and female genital mutilation. The day will culminate with poetry performances, readings, dancing and drumming.

Check our website for key note speakers.
For more information:
Wilde Talk
Check out our radio show on domestic violence
Every Woman Inspired (EWI) . . . The Expo

Now peeps, I’ve been getting a few queries about EWI’s hosting country to warrant a statement from me. And you won’t find me making many ‘statements’ in this newsletter, I simply like to open up the joyful, creative channel and let things flow. Why Jamaica, I’m asked, no doubt for the obvious fear the media plays on.

People! Killings happen every day, in every country to a family. Killing is not synonymous with Jamaica. Jamaica is no less safe than the UK. It’s all about minimizing risks. When we first started taking women away on our creative writing retreat to Jamaica, the first piece of advice I remember the then Acting High Commissioner gave us was, and I quote, ‘don’t take any risks you wouldn’t take in your own country'.

If you wouldn’t take a lone midnight walk in your country, or climb into a car with a ‘handsome’ stranger, why would you do it here?’

What my honorable friend was saying is have a great time but if you wouldn’t expose yourself to those things in a country you know, then don’t do it in a country you don’t know.

The Wilde Foundation Annual Walk
- Keep fit, lose weight and contribute to a good cause

This year join us on our annual walk . . . keep fit, lose those stubborn Xmas pounds and raise money for a good cause.

We will be meeting up at Little Venice where the walk is idyllic along the canal, taking in Paddington Basin, Little Venice, London Zoo (look out for the giraffes), Roman Abramovich and Madonna’s canal side homes on Regents Park, the fine London views from Primrose Hill and ending up at the lively Camden Lock Markets.

A young fresh talent out of the UK now residing in South Africa . . . let’s support her!
You may know her mother, the very artistic and talented, Angela Harvey, aka, Poppy Seed.
Writing Tip 

If you don’t know it . . . find it . . . your creative process! Know where you write best (me, I sit in the middle of my bed with my lap top & a note pad). Know what time of day your creative juices flow, (I’m early morning or late evenings) and find out what inspires you to write. (A good read, stimulating conversation, a good laugh or a good cry always gives me a push to start tapping on the key board).

And now . . .

It being IWM, I’d like to leave you with a quote:

“To plan for a day, catch a fish; to plan for a year, plant rice; to plan for a decade, plant a tree; but to plan for a lifetime, educate a girl”.

More health, wealth, love and joy!

Rasheda ‘Ginja’ Ashanti Malcolm
Author, Broadcaster, Activist, Workshop Facilitator, CEO of WIN and 
The Wilde Foundation and director of Every Woman Inspired.

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