April 2014
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                                      Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

Have you ever struggled with your passion? I’ve had a few emails from people who take the time to share their thoughts and say they feel inspired by what the WILDE team and their working partners are doing and that they want to follow their own passion, but don’t know where to start. They keep asking where I get my passion from and all I can say is I made passion a habit.
I remember a time after Candace Magazine, which I was editor of for five years finally closed its doors. I felt vacant. I was a failure. Fearful. There was no sign of my passion then. During that period I spent most of my mental and emotional energy trying to figure out what I would do next. In other words, I was thirty four years old with four children between the ages of twelve and six years and I started wondering what I would do with the rest of my life.

Those seemed like dark unsure days with hours of tears, self-torture, self-blame but finally, thank the Creator, self-realization. I realized that I didn’t like this feeling; it actually began to annoy me, and thankfully passion kicked in and took over. Gone was the accusing, angry voice that magnified my failure, and in its place was a voice of reason with such powerful persuasion that I was forced to pick up pen and paper and start scribbling. Those words turned out to be what my writing mentor, Jackee Holder termed, ‘Writing Manifesto’ only this was my life manifesto, ideas to take my life forward.
I became excited and started to take real notice of what was exciting me, what was my passion, and then I spent the next ten years researching it. I know without a shadow of a doubt that:

  • You have to want it more than you fear it.
  • You have to be willing to put in the long hours.
  • You have to be willing to take on the criticism and turn them into your strengths.
  • You have to be willing to motivate your team, or yourself, on those days when all you want to do is chillax!

No one has ever become a great success from dabbling in this and dabbling in that. You have to take the time to learn every single thing about every single part of your business, your passion. There is so much to learn and you will never know it all, but the more you do know the more you will see the benefits and the more the confidence will come.

A great time to be a Woman
Poetry is the song of the soul . . .
& fiction the voice of the imagination
The Joys of Travelling

One of the reasons that I love travelling and working in other countries is the knowledge that it gives and the new feel that comes home with me. I then get an enormous kick out of re-telling my adventures to anyone who will listen. Travelling has been one of my aids to creativity; it gives colour to my thoughts, imagination and my writing.
Travelling leaves me impressed, inspired and motivated, the more people I meet, cultures I explore is the more humbled I become.
There’s something about seeing people do so much with so little that brings it all home to you.

There’s something about seeing the world from another side that ignites your gratitude for your own life and all you have or have not. I’m rambling on about travelling because I’m getting the bug again . . . watch this space.

Can You Read This?

Hlleo! Did you konw taht as lnog as the fsirt and lsat lteters of ecah wrod saty put, the biarn can tlloaty raed snetecnes lkie tihs, eevn tuohgh the ltteers in the mdlide are all jmubled up? Ptrety cool.

Pen to Shelf Creative Writing Prize 2014 sponsored by
WILDE International Network & CaribLit
The Pen to Shelve Creative Writing Prize will be taking place as part of the Every Woman Inspired Conference in Ochos Rios Jamaica. The competition is for unpublished short stories up to 5000 words, and no more than three poems. We accept work on all subjects, so write about anything you want - we'd love to read it. Get your info pack by requesting one from:

Treat Yourself to . . . Ocho Rios, Jamaica . . . 20-26th October
Whether you are at a crossroads in your professional or personal life or you are feeling a longing to connect with your life purpose, come and join us Oct 20-26 for a week of discovery, creativity, networking, two day conference and deep friendships and business relationships that will set you on a path of empowerment and personal fulfilment.

To book call The Travel Shop: 0208 682 7222
To get details on the information day being held in the UK . . . 07583 934 269 
Free Me To Be Me, Protect The Girl Child Campaign
The next community discussion sessions will be taking place in West London on Wednesday May 15th at Dalgarno Way, 1 Webb Close, W10 5QB. 6-9pm. Please email us for more information.
Keep Lobbying Virgin & British Airways - nothing has changed

We thought Paul Lawrence’s reflection on the APD, and what many people thought was successful lobbying is anything but . . . see an excerpt of what Paul says.

Paul Lawrence: A couple of weeks ago during a budget statement, the UK government announced changes to the Air Passenger Duty to the Caribbean.
Campaigners fighting the APD let out a huge cheer and declared the war won . . . I did no such thing. Why? a) because that change does not come in until 2015 and b) because when it does it will save you the paltry sum of £16. I will not cheer for £16 when airfares are running into the thousands. BUT I congratulate the APD lobby team on this tiny victory.

So here’ what we need you to do next

1) Sign the petition and get friends to sign also
2) Follow us on the twitter
3) Retweet any post we do on BA and Virgin or airfares in general
4) Get ready for another public meeting in London
5) Get ready for a public meeting in Nottingham
6) Request your own copies of the paper petition if you have people who wish to sign but are not online.
The twitter link is @action4fairfare. The petition link is:

Jamaica Poetry Festival 2014 - The Year of Poetree

The highly anticipated Jamaica Poetry Festival has its 4th annual staging on Sunday August 10th at Louise Bennett Garden Theatre, 36 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica. The Jamaica Poetry Festival is a continued and sustained effort aimed at social intervention, renewal and transformation. This is a collaboration which includes the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), Edutainment Promotion and the Jamaica Poetry Foundation. Consistent with the social mandate, there is a focus on youth which hopes to aid in resetting the mindset of the Jamaican youth.

The Jamaica Poetry Festival Showcase features several national and international poets and a very special guest artiste.
Tribute is being paid to several Literary Icons: Mutabaruka, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Jean Binta Breeze, Oku Onuora, Benjamin Zephaniah, Sonia Sanchez, Amiri Baraka and Una Marson.

Contact: 001 (876) 904 9690 / 398 8616

Do take a look at our websites, EWI & WIN . . . like us on FB & follow us on twitter, & like our Protect The Girl Child Campaign on FB

And that’s me for now . . . I leave you with this thought:

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

More health, wealth, love and joy!


Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm is a Writer, Author, Broadcaster, Activist, CEO o f WIN & co-organiser of the Every Woman Inspired International Conference
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