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Wilde International Network Newsletter December 2013
Every Woman Inspired . . . Women Who Inspired Us

It was amazing. It was humbling and yes there was disappointment, but the first ever Every Woman Inspired Retreat took place at the Alhambra Inn, in Kingston Jamaica from 22-24th November.  The hotel was steeped in history with a lot of bric-brac objects from past Jamaican life left in communal areas. Some people liked it others were less impressed but I thought it arty and creative in an antiquity kind of way and enjoyed our two day stay before returning to the golden sands of Montego Bay and all inclusive hotel life.

We made mistakes and errors but we were able to avoid the pitfalls and hurdles because the majority of the women who came to EWI were self motivated and empowered by the challenges that presented themselves.  So although everything didn’t go completely to plan, we learnt together that when a storm suddenly breaks out you learn to dance in the rain, build boats to stay afloat; you do what it takes in order to never give up, so for most of the attendees the finale on the Sunday made up for the prior days of frustration.

December Issue

We culminated with a live band, featuring reggae songstresses Sharon Tucker and Jackie Stewart. The awesome poet, The Mighty Ginsu  Suuru stole the hearts of the women with his beautifully written and performed poetry. (You’ve got to check him out.)

Sharon Tucker

Patricia Foster
The writer and workshop facilitator Patricia Foster and writer and entrepreneur Abena Bedeau brought the house down with their performances and guest speaker Miss Jamaica UK, Gemma Feare’s keynote speech covering our theme of Health, Wealth and Inspiration was well received. Patricia Foster was able to inspire our participants, Lydia and Margaret. Lydia will be starting her blog and Margaret will be starting her Widow Warriors campaign to highlight the plight of widows in Nigeria. All this was conceived during the EWI retreat.
Specialist midwife Denise Henry gave her informative presentation on Female Genital Mutilation, and Marcia ‘Culture’ Gordon gave her thought-provoking and fun workshop about women across generations, from twenty to seventy years young.

EWI - High Impact Event
Every Woman Inspired was also noted as a High Impact Event by the Global Entrepreneur Week. This means our event had a high amount of interest registered via all social networks, and so 2014 be a part of something inspiring . . . get your early info now:


Abena Bedeau

Denise & Rasheda, Hellshire Beach

Lydia & Margaret, Alhambra Inn

Just chilling at Rose Hall

EWI Directors with Gemma Feare (Miss Jamaica UK)

Some of our Ja sisters
A Word from Abena Bedeadu
For me the EWI expo came at just the right season of my life. I had recently resigned from my full time job to pursue my dream of using my creative talents to start a business and be my own boss. I am an eclectic designer and crafts-woman, making bold and beautiful bags, jewellery, clothing and accessories for both men and women.
I expected EWI and my time in Jamaica to inspire me mentally and creatively and I was not disappointed. Being around the potent combination of positive and beautiful women challenged me to think big and dream bigger. And with the backdrop of breathtaking scenery, vibrant people and blazing sunshine my creative juices where bursting.
Since returning to London I have re-vamped parts of my range and re-thought my business plan to take my business to the next level with international presence. My website is due to go live in the New Year and I am excited about the feedback I am getting already.
One of the highlights during the expo was the opportunity for me to share my spoken word poetry during the gala dinner and dance. I have been writing poetry, short stories and plays since childhood and although I have performed over the years to small and large crowds, this experience was different; I spent days with talented and powerful women who had not seen this integral part of me and I was unusually nervous but confident that they would be encouraging. The reception I received reminded me that doing what you are passionate about fells really good!
Jamaica is such an inspirational place and seeing so much of the island on our travels was a blessing. This is a slice of a piece I wrote on the road trip from Kingston to Montego Bay.

I'm on a journey
Through coconut,
banana, breadfruit leaves
They sway over me
I feel fruitful
They inspire me
to bring-forth
Divinely to be more of me

Since returning to London I have challenged myself to press on with my book, something that I put on the back burner in recent months. I now have a definite title: Poems and Prayers for Love, Life and Butterflies. My dream of being a published writer is closer to becoming a reality. I am also looking into the prospect of further education to refine my gift.
I want to say thanks to the founders and organisers of EWI for having the vision to host this event. It has been a blessing to me and I believe it will only get bigger and better.


Women Moving Mountains
After the seven days event in Jamaica, one of the many things I did whilst continuing to complete my novel, (which I have a timeline from my agent for) was visiting women owned businesses on the North coast of the island.  Women moving mountains is a global phenomena. Women have collaborated in order to expand their businesses. I met Dawn, who spent many years working at Sandals resort in the Bahamas and who is now running her beauty spa business in Ochio Rios and is on board for EWI 2014. Bring it on Dawn!
Sponsor A Girl Child
I also met Dawn Daley, a woman who is privately fostering children whose parents are unable to care for them. Dawn has her own responsibilities but has the compassion to take in children, especially girl children, to offer them a better start. Dawn needs our help. Just three pounds a month from twenty of us will assist Dawn in feeding and educating Chanina. Will you help? Contact The Wilde Foundation about our Sponsor A Girl Programme. And Chanina is just one of the girls that need our assistance. Contact us for more information;
Thanks to everyone who sent in congrats; see a few of the responses below;

Congratulations to all the organisers for achieving the first of what is an important and worthwhile conference for many women. Sisters; you did good! Malakh Zebulun, London.
Well done EWI organisers, it isn’t easy to plan an international event. I hear about the disappointments but they are really just lessons in disguise – so go forth and do your best and God will assist you to do the rest. Just don't give up on this wonderful venture.
Mpress Makeda, CT USA.
Hi Rasheda,
It was lovely meeting and talking to you.
I'd like to congratulate you ladies on bringing your fabulous 'Every Woman Inspired' event to Jamaica, which is a big achievement that shouldn't go unnoticed. I mentioned to you that I'd like to discuss your 2014 expo and my potential involvement.
For some reason I get the impression that the UK is not fully informed about this event otherwise you would of had to turn people away...this event encompasses elements that we all need in our lives, such as positive people in relaxing surroundings and great weather to boot!
Carla Campbell . . . Personal Coach, Ochio Rios, Jamaica 

Dear Patricia,
I would be delighted to be a part of the event next year.
It was a pleasure meeting all the women who came along for the inaugural journey. I actually liked the smaller group size as I feel it created a much safer space in which everyone could be comfortable and truly receive and learn from all that was presented.
I can still see the faces of Culture, Abena, Hillary and all the other women who were there!
I am delighted that the ladies found the presentation inspiring. This was my first presentation to an international audience and I really wanted to ensure that the workshop was practical and yielded something tangible to help them achieve their goals.
I would greatly appreciate getting a LinkedIn recommendation from you that speaks to the impact of the workshop and my overall support of the event
Nadine Chambers, Kingston Jamaica
Thank you to the wonderful women who attended EWI and to the new friends we made . . . Wishing you all the best for 2014 . . . and watch out for EWI 2014!
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And that’s me for now . . . I leave you with this thought:

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace. 

More health, wealth, love and joy! And see you in 2014!

Rasheda ‘Ginger’ Ashanti Malcolm, Writer, Author, Broadcaster, Activist, CEO of WIN and The Wilde Foundation and director of Every Woman Inspired.

Rasheda ‘Ginger’ Ashanti Malcolm, BA, MA
Author, Broadcaster, Activist, CEO of WIN and The Wilde Foundation and director of Every Woman Inspired.
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