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Every Woman Inspired Newsletter March 2013
International Women's Month Special


... And as we celebrate our achievements, let's not forget the plight of our sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers in war torn countries where a girl child's life is worth nothing. Where she can be raped, then made to marry her rapist to save honour, where she eats last and the least and where she can be married off to any man for the right price. 
EWI Celebrates International Women's Month by throwing the spotlight on SOME of our Women and Girls who ROCK!
Writer, actress, comedian, television and radio presenter, playwright... the list goes on. Because not only is she beautiful and talented, she’s been making us laugh for over twenty years and she still manages to be down to earth and sensational at the same time... not that everyone agrees with us, but then who’s everyone?
A rising star in the making. She has innate artistic talent. Because she’s fourteen years old and totally committed to her art. Because she relocated with her family to South Africa last year. Because in that short time she has formed herself a band, ‘The Sunshine Band,’ released her first single, ‘Mr Retro’ and won a music scholarship to attend Eden College in Durban. This young princess rocks!
Kianja on Facebook and @Kianjamusic on Twitter
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REDHED or REDHOT as we call her
The founder of Day of the Goddess. Because she’s bold, sexy, sassy, funny, creative and real. Because she’s multi-talented, self taught and has the knack of re-creating herself. A role model for self-made women.
TV and Radio Presenter and lots more. Because she has a beautiful daughter, Marley. Because she’s been at the Beeb for so long and makes those boring interviews with boring people seem really interesting. Because she hasn’t aged on our television screen and no major beauty company hasn’t noticed and given her a nice cheque for her beauty secrets. Because she has a social and community conscience.
Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker. Because she has beautiful dreadlocks. Because she is intelligent, well travelled and opened minded – I’m always seeing Jackee at the air port heading on a plane out to some place. Because she has helped so many women to focus, love themselves and change their lives. Because she offers hope.
A singer and Poet who expanded her art and wrote a novel. To write a good novel, you’ve got to astonish. She did this in her debut novel, Love Me.  Gemma has a way with words, of making words dance and float and define the moment. If you haven’t read it yet... then what have you been reading?
Business woman, entrepreneur, events planner, works across all parties to increase BAME representation and participation in public life and enterprise. Because she’s innovative, enterprising and knows how to get what she wants. Because she’s not afraid to be who she is and do what she wants and go after it with a passion... love her or hate her, you got to admit that she gets things done. Check out her networks, Sistalk and National Black Women Network.
Singer, song writer, actress, teacher. Because she has a beautiful singing voice. Because she’s the queen of Lovers Rock. Because she’s got so much more to give. Because her talent is still yet to be widely appreciated.
Explosive, multidisciplinary artist, a singer and song writer. Because she’s also an actress, poet, author and starred in the one woman play, ‘Criss Cross I Was Taking A Bath.’  Because her self-produced alum, ‘A Raw Slice Of Reality’ should be heard by everyone. Because in February 2013 she made her film debut, playing the lead in the short film, ‘Hear My Son,’ which was screened at the British Film Institute.
You can get her music on Itunes, &
Because she is amazing. Because she is a Life and Career Transition Specialist, a qualified coach, who works with people to transform their lives.  Because when she was made redundant from her role in Equality and Diversity, she didn’t give up. She used her passion and motivation to help improve the lives of others.  Because she set up her own company to provide solutions to individuals and businesses. Because she’s articulate and professional with a great smile. And because she is a warm human being.
Because she’s dynamic, entrepreneurial and a business leader with a proven record. She was one of the original founding members and a director of Choice FM. Because she established the UK's first Black Women Business Network - The European Federation of Black Women Business Owners. She also has her own business, ASAP, a marketing and PR consultancy.
Because she astonishes, makes you laugh, cry and think out of the box. Because she is a Word Sound Artist, Radio Presenter, Personal Coach and a director of Wilde International Network. And she has a naughty hat that is quite amusing, which you will never get to know, unless you know her. Because she also has a corporate hat which she uses to assist her community in their development. Because she is a foster mum who has the love and patience it takes to turn vulnerable lives around.
Campaigner, activist. Tracey Ford, founder of JAGS Foundation. Tracey set up Jags Foundation as a lasting tribute to James Andre Godfrey Smartt-Ford, her son who was tragically murdered inside Streatham Ice Rink in February 2007. Since then Tracey has not stopped. She spends her time in schools talking to children. She spends her time talking to government agencies. She spends her time talking to parents. Because she has to ensure her son has not died in vain. 
Business woman and director of Ndulge is committed to becoming the Body Shop of Africa and the Caribbean. Because she’s innovative and enterprising and her products are handmade with love. Because she has worked within the health and fitness industry and continually enhances her knowledge of nature. Because she knows that beauty is more than skin deep and that inner beauty is the real beauty.

Remember - 
One Woman Can Change Many Things. Many Women Can Change Everything.
We're Passionate About Inspiring Women . . .
And We're Damn Good At It!
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