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It’s been a while since our last newsletter. Not that we’ve been idle, we had a sellout show with our theatre piece, Stories from Between, which is coming back this spring and believe me, you won’t want to miss it. We’ve also been working on our new website, check it out to keep up to date;

and you can catch us live, (Culture & Ginja) on our Saturday afternoon radio show, Wilde Talk from 2-4pm on 104.1 fm or we keep it real . . . check us out on YouTube - you’ll love it!

February Issue


The road to self discovery while being simple, is certainly not easy. In all my changing career dreams over the years, there remained a few constants. My love of writing, my love of radio, my love of dreaming and my love of knowledge.  All of this I guess contributed to my aspirations. And just so you know we’re on the same page when talking about ‘aspirations,’ the meaning is; to desire with eagerness; to seek to attain something high or great... which brings me to Every Woman Inspired - I’ll mouth off about that in a mo.

Before that I want to share something with you. Some years ago, when my four children were still quite small, and I was young and full of dreams that sometimes ended in my heart-break, because they were unrealistic or just not feasible, I curled up with the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louisa L Hay.
That book opened my world to the power of my subconscious mind, my spiritual realm, as I call it. Reading it was my epiphany, and in literature when we talk about an epiphany, we are referring to the point in your work where a character has a sudden insight or realization that changes his or her understanding. You Can Heal Your Life, not so much changed as enhanced a hunger in me for self-knowledge, wisdom and a passion to expand my mind.
And now back to my aspirations. I’m excited by a dream I’ve had for many years and though I know it’s not original, I’ve always wanted it. I’ve envisaged putting on an international expo for women, and when I finally put the feelers out there, I had overwhelming responses from other women. And so check out Every Woman Inspired, the international expo aimed at women. Get more info from the website,


Firstly this project excites me because we are working in collaboration with other groups, individuals and organizations, such as The Victoria Climbie Foundation, Jamaica Stage, RAFFA, and the interest is mounting in the UK. In Jamaica we have ICAS, Pure Potential and One Step Forward Consultancy, and again with more mounting interests coming in from the US, Africa and Canada.
Despite our experience of hosting international projects, this is by far the most challenging Wilde has ever undertaken. And we are confident that the knowledge, expertise and skills of our partners are a recipe for success.
Protect the Girl Child

As informed women, (excuse me a while brothers) we are aware of the horrendous attacks on women and the girl child globally... which has always been happening only now the media seem willing to show the masses. Well without getting too emotional, (coz I can speak for the universe on this topic) we knew we couldn’t give in to the hopelessness and grief that this situation stirs. Why in the Creator’s name does any society allow the attack on its matriarchs? On its children? We met with many women from different cultures to discuss this topic. We cried at stories told to us by a South Sudanese woman, we were horrified at our sister’s story from Cameroon about breast ironing, which is another form of mutilation and of course the unprovoked barbaric acts by those five Asian men on a young woman, which resulted in her death. There are many forms of abuse against women and girls and it must stop!
Our awareness campaign is Protect the Girl Child and we are joining the Innocence Revolution, which has grown to over 20 countries signing up to host events on 
14th April 2013 - A Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse.
We will keep you informed of what WIN is planning.
Sisterly Things

I truly enjoy the company of positive sisters and doing lots of sisterly circle things. Not that I’m against men, I have four grown sons and a partner who I adore, but women are the back bone of any progressive nation, and the treatment of women and girl children shows the true status of a nation. I know you all agree with me.
And that’s me for now.
More health, wealth, love and joy!

Rasheda ‘Ginja’ Ashanti Malcolm,
Author, Broadcaster, Activist, Workshop Facilitator, CEO of WIN and 
The Wilde Foundation and director of Every Woman Inspired.

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