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Across all cultures, we women have always found strength in sisterhood. Men enjoy making jokes about us going to the toilet together, going shopping and the other girlie stuff us women adore doing. We make no bones about it; we believe the bond between female friendships, strengthens over generations as we get to know and understand the layers of self.  We women share more than gender, yes we share some secrets and many fears, we may enjoy revealing how much we love our soul mate... and how much they get on our last nerve at times... we counsel each other, and sadly, we have betrayed each other. But we forgive and inspire each other too, and the intuition that is innate in us ensures our strength from within, in the forehead, not the forearm.

EWI would like to share with you, the journeys from women across generations.

Yahtanhoya (Tanhoi) Sinclair

23 years old Jamaican Poet, Freelance TV Presenter, Entrepreneur, Event Promoter, Social Media Specialist and Account Executive and Promotional Officer at Jamaica's number one Sports Radio Station (KLAS Sports Radio)
shares with us:
Love - It’s interesting that this was the first thing on the list, as I'm learning some very valuable lessons about love even in this moment. What I know for sure about love is that you never, ever really know enough. It’s a constant learning process and it has no place or time, it takes whatever form it pleases. The best you can do is allow it to just be. Expect the best and prepare yourself for the worst because the words 'I love you' mean something different to everyone.

Sex - Sex is highly underrated. I say that because we make it seem so cheap (for want of a better word). The way we talk about it and sell it like it’s nothing. As a youngster I remember thinking sex would somehow make me cool and that's based on how society portrayed it. We need to ensure we educate our children so they don't think that way. Sex is the most powerful connection a man and woman can share, and it shouldn't be sold like some kind of commodity. That's what I know for sure.

Hate - The thing about hate is you can control it even though it’s just as powerful as love. We were made to express love, hate is just a mutation of those expressions. I learned a very valuable lesson about that recently and I've decided I have no space and time to facilitate hate anymore. Positive thoughts breed positive actions and negative thoughts... well, you know the rest.

Fear - One of my favourite things to say is "never allow fear to define you". It’s not the easiest token to live up to even for me but the thing I noticed is that every time I rise above my fear I achieve something new... now you just can't be mad at that.

Business - What I know for sure about business is if everyone would just mind their own, we'd all be better off.

Power - Power needs wisdom and an appreciation for moderation.

Jealousy - Jealousy is a waste of emotion in my eyes. Life is pretty simple really. If someone/thing is meant to be yours, then it will be and with that knowledge you can overcome jealousy.
Inspiration - We can never have enough of this. Inspiration can help you rise above the direst of situations. Inspiration teaches you to make something out of nothing and with that you can never be poor.

Achievements - most people judge you on how much you've achieved... I'm more interested in what you do with those achievements

What Being A Woman Means - Being a woman, especially in the world of media and entertainment means always pushing against the grain. Not many women are willing to help another woman to succeed and many men are really just trying to see how far they can push you. As a woman, creating balance is especially important, and the truth is, once you can do that, being a woman is just absolutely wonderful!
Favourite Quote -  "The woman who follows the crowd is likely to go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places where no one has ever been before."

God - I don't subscribe to any religious view and perception of God. I think people give God too much credit and don't give themselves enough. On my journey, I've found that 'God' was always within me, inspiring me and providing me with the tools I need to fight each battle (as opposed to fighting each battle for me). I don't see the need for a church, a pastor/priest or even the bible. Live good and love God. That is my religion.
Yahtanhoya (Tanhoi) Sinclair's love of performing arts was present at birth, according to the rising entrepreneur's mother. After finishing school, Tanhoi enrolled in the Edna Manley School Of The Visual and Performing Arts, where she pursued a Diploma in Theatre Arts. At around the same time, she started working at J-Werks Interactive Media - as a Production Assistant.

Tanhoi is currently a student at the University of the West Indies where she studies Journalism at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC).
In 2012 she started a poetry jam-session series, - - at Thiaah's Juices and Organic Foods in New Kingston, Jamaica, which runs weekly on a Thursday and where she is promoting as a brand.
Presently, Tanhoi also facilitates drama workshops in children's homes across Jamaica, with a TV show spin-off of the event in the making. Additionally, Tanhoi is an Account Executive and Promotional Officer at KLAS Sports Radio.

Tanhoi has aspirations to include tour management within her company, and tirelessly works to achieve her potential.

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