88th newsletter: Sylianka restoration, Freedom Gerdany, upcoming presentation and workshops

Welcome Friends

What a summer! So happy I got the sylianka restoration completed and returned. Now time to switch gears. I’m getting ready for a two week trip to Ukraine for the unveiling of my late uncle's, Lubomyr Husar, statue in Vinnytsia, 300 km from Kyiv. 

Before I go, I’m looking forward to doing another presentation about beadwork. Fall is the perfect time to continue learning through articles or hands on. Pick your learning style and get creative! 

Zalishchyky sylianka with monety restoration

Toronto, Summer 2020: Bozhena Gembatiuk works in the same building as the Ukrainian Museum in Canada, Ontario Branch. Last summer she saw them preparing for the "Spirit of Beads: Sharing Their Stories" exhibit.

Bozhena believed she had just the piece which would fit in the exhibition, but when she brought in her sylianka from Zalishchyky to show, tiny black grain of sand-like beads were loose in the box. Everyone's hearts sank as this beaded choker with coins and unique bugle trim could not be used in the exhibit. I, a consultant for the Spirit of Beads exhibit, was recommended for the restoration of the beadwork.

Restoration in progress

Toronto, Summer 2021: Here I am with some good lighting and beadwork in hand as I worked to restore this wonderful family heirloom.

Restored sylianka

Toronto, Summer 2021: Here is the completed restoration of the sylianka. I have a detail blog post here.

Thanks to Bozhena, for entrusting me with your baba Olena's "strichkova sylianka with monety" from Zalishchyky.

Thanks to Jo-Ann for getting the blog post up for all to see.

Olena Fedorchuk’s latest

Lviv, August 2021: Traditional Bead Adornments of Ukrainian Folk Wear. Lviv: Ethnology Institute of NAS of Ukraine, 2021, 320 pages.

This book is an in depth resource about sylianky, gerdany and all the types of beadwork Olena identified in her 2007 book

PhD Defended

Lviv, August 2021: Congratulations to Olena Fedorchuk for defending her PhD dissertation at the The Ethnology Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

It’s been a pleasure working with you to develop an English version of your typology of beadwork for the UMC-O Spirit of Beads exhibit. I look forward to more collaborations.

Sylianka references

Cotillion references

Sylyanky article in Nasha Doroha

Edmonton, August 2021: Thank you to editor Lyrissa Sheptak for publishing my article about Gerdany, Sylyanky: Beadwork Ukrainian style in the Summer-Fall 2-3 (74)/2021 issue. Nasha Doroha (means ‘Our Way’) is a publication of the Ukrainian Catholiic Women’s League of Canada.

Article and Pattern

Edmonton, August 2021: In addition to an overview about the different styles of beadwork, there is my illustrated instructions for basic netting. This is a great introduction of the world of sylyanky with a single needle and thread instead of multi-needle beading on horse hair!! If you need visual instruction, join me for an online workshop Oct 16th via UHEC.

Gerdany for Freedom Figthers

Kyiv, August 24, 2021: More than 100 bead artists from Ukraine volunteered to make complex pictorial gerdany for military women. Lyudmila Skoropada originated this concept. Anna Voroshilova developed the pattern, Nina Lysak chose colors and Nadezhda Demyna sourced the beads.

147 “Peaceful Heavens over Ukraine” gerdany were distributed to women firefighters on the day of the 30th anniversary parade of Ukraine’s Independence.

Treasured Gerdan

Kyiv, August 24, 2021: This is Olean Dracuk hugging the beautiful gerdan given to her.

Watch the reaction and deep appreciation of the women in this video

Freedom Gerdan

Kyiv, August 24, 2021: Thanks to Natalia Hrytsyshyn for gerdan design photo and Olena Nemyrovska for the details.

Online Presentation

Online, Sep 25, 2021: Thank you to the Ukrainian History and Educational Center (UHEC) in Somerset, NJ, for the opportunity to share my passion of beading! 

First, I’m going to do a PowerPoint presentation of the splendor of traditional prykrasy from different ethnographic regions of Ukraine. I’ll show how contemporary bead artists inspired creations. Register for my lecture here.

Online workshops will be offered in October and November. 

Hands on: Netting Know How

Online Oct. 16, 2021: Join me for this workshop where I will show you how netting is beaded. Thanks to the marvels of cameras and Zoom, you will be able to see close ups of how I am stringing beads and passing them through a common bead to create a net.

Register with the UHEC

Hands on: Sylinaka with an ‘X’

Online Nov 20, 2021: Join me for this workshop where I will show you how motif are created by placement of colored beads as you are netting. Thanks to the marvels of cameras and Zoom, you will be able to see close ups of how I am stringing beads and passing them through a common bead to create a net and motifs. 

Register with the UHEC.

Peridot and garnet collar

CT, Aug 2021: Chris Stasiuk Jahmarian, an uber creative bandurist, attended my weekend Gerdany Beadwork Retreat in Stamford, CT. back in 2012. Chris got the basics of how motifs are created from the weekend and is able to create her own designs.

About this gerdan Chris said "This gerdan was fun to figure out, fun to do, and very different from traditional design. So worth it! I made the pattern based on a picture that caught my eye. I like the curves! I found the beads (semi-precious peridot and garnets) at a bead show - don’t know that I would have I intentionally put the colors together otherwise."

Chris's next combination will be amethyst and freshwater seed pearls.

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