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Publishing legal notices online

Last week, the Judiciary Committee heard testimony on Rep. Roy's bill concerning electronic publication of certain legal notices.

The bill would provide greater transparency and increase access to information for members of the general public. It would also allow local communities to save money by posting legal notices online rather than in print newspapers. It would move legal notice publication into the 21st century and bolster information sharing in this age where print newspaper readership is on the decline.

The newspaper industry spoke in opposition to the bill, but Rep. Roy is attempting to work with the group to craft language that will increase access to this important information.

For more information on the bill, click here

DCR considers SNETT upgrades

At the invitation of Rep. Roy, DCR Commissioner Jack Murray came to Franklin to view the Southern New England Trunk Trail and discuss some proposed improvements. Several town officials along with representatives from the SNETT Rail Trail Committee, YMCA, Downtown Partnership, and DCR joined Rep. Roy and Rep. Kevin Kuros to discuss ways to enhance the rail trail.

The group was brought together today to discuss the future of a particularly difficult obstruction to the trail where it crosses Prospect street in Franklin. Bringing all of the parties together and setting them all on a common goal is an important hurdle that has been accomplished. The meeting has now helped clarify the next few steps and got the ball rolling for a project that began a number of years ago.

The SNETT is a 22 mile long former rail trail that begins in Franklin, and terminates in Douglas MA. The trail acts as pedestrian, equestrian and bike recreational asset to the six towns it connects. 

For more photos from the visit, click here. For more information on the SNETT, click here.

MDN profile on Rep. Roy

Thank you Milford Daily News for the piece on Rep. Roy's first 11 months in office. Click here to see the complete article.

It's an honor to serve Franklin and Medway and to work with some great people to make Massachusetts a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Veterans Day

Rep. Roy participated in Veterans Day services in Franklin and Medway last week. 

In Franklin, guests heard from U.S. Navy veteran Carolyn Jette who shared the story of how she met her best friend, a yellow Lab named Troy. Troy has been her service dog since 2009, helping her get a handle on the debilitating seizures that truncated her military career. You can read more about the Franklin event by clicking here.

He was pleased to join Col. Michael Matondi to honor Medway's veterans at a ceremony with approximately 200 residents. It was a fitting tribute to those who make it possible for us to enjoy living in a free society. The keynote speaker was Major General Wickstrom who shared stories from the battlefields in the Middle East. He was born and raised in Medway. You can read more about the Medway event by clicking here.

At both services, Rep. Roy shared a quote from a Calvin Coolidge proclamation from the very first veteran's day: "Massachusetts has many glories, and the last one she would wish to surrender is the glory of the men who have served her in war." 

Roche honored for FinCom service

Long time Finance Committee Chair Jim Roche was honored at the start of last week's meeting of the Franklin Finance Committee.

Rep. Roy and Jim started in local government together and had a great working relationship. Jim was a diligent and dedicated public service and his voice will be missed on the Finance Committee.

And thank you to Steve Sherlock of Franklin Matters for capturing this photo. 

Genocide education bills

At the beginning of the Legislative Session a very passionate and dedicated constituent, Maria Walzer, brought to Rep. Roy's attention a bill she had written that would include the Ukrainian Famine Genocide into the Social Studies Curriculum Frameworks. H475, An act concerning Genocide Education, was filed  in January.

The Joint Committee on Education held a hearing in November on Curriculum II which included H475, Maria brought along two panels to discuss Genocide Education and to testify in favor of the bill.

Rep. Roy is currently working with Rep. Jonathan Hecht (D - Watertown) who has authored his own genocide bill. They hope to combine the two bills.

November office hours

 7:30-8:30AM, Galantes Restaurant 320 Village Street, Medway, MA

3:30-4:30, Rick’s restaurant– 28 West Central Street, Franklin, MA

10:00-11:00AM, Franklin Housing Authority–45 Winter Street, Common Room, Franklin, MA

All office hours are open to any residents of Franklin and Medway who may have questions or concerns that they wish to bring to his attention. Walk-ins are welcome; no appointment necessary.
Constituents are also invited to call Rep. Roy at his State House office at (617) 722-2400, stop by Room 134 in the State House, or email him at

Visit with UMass Amherst students

Rep. Roy was in western Mass and stopped at UMass Amherst to meet with students from Franklin and Medway.

UMass Chancellor Dr. Kumble R. Subbaswamy stopped by to join the discussion which took place in the beautiful new Commonwealth College at UMass. The meeting centered on college life, career plans, and student government.

It was a good discussion that really demonstrated the quality of the UMass program, and underscored the notion that education is the key to economic prosperity.

For more pictures from the visit, click here.

Medway 300th Resolution

With Medway's 300th anniversary celebrations over, Rep. Roy joined his colleagues Sen. Karen Spilka and Rep. John Fernandes in presenting a Resolution from the General Court to the Board of Selectmen.

During the presentation, Rep. Roy noted that one of his first visits to Medway was to the historical society where he first learned much about of Medway’s history.
"Being brand new to Beacon Hill and the State House – what a treat it’s been to be able to learn about a community through these celebrations and events," he said. "It’s been a great opportunity to learn about the community and see it really come together."

House Passes An Act to Foster Economic Independence

Rep. Roy joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to pass comprehensive legislation that enhances the efficacy of the state’s welfare system through new initiatives and reforms. The comprehensive bill promotes financial independence and strengthens anti-fraud measures.

The $20 million bill dedicates $11 million to create the Pathways to Self-Sufficiency program which provides numerous resources including job training, education and employment-matching programs to help welfare recipients achieve financial independence. The program requires applicants to search for employment before they receive cash assistance, replacing current regulations in which recipients have 60 days to find a job, but allows for temporary benefits while awaiting placement. 

It also builds on the House’s ongoing commitment to preventing welfare fraud and closing loopholes that incentivize individuals to remain on welfare through numerous provisions:
  • Expands the scope of prohibited EBT transactions to include foreign transmittal agencies to prevent the use of EBT cards for international wire transfers;
  • Requires the DTA to notify recipients who have not used benefits or have high balances, and subsequently requires the DTA to expunge or recoup funds; 
  • Codifies regulations mandating that SNAP benefits are for household use only as a means to prevent overseas food shipments;
  • Requires the DTA to create a fraud detection program to analyze risk and refer cases to the Bureau of Program Integrity for investigation;
  • Requires self-declarations to be signed under the penalties of perjury and prohibits self-declarations from being used as the only verification of eligibility;
  • Allows state agencies to disclose tax forms for eligibility determination;
  • Reduces the time period that results in a presumption of abandonment of Massachusetts residency.
The bill passed the House unanimously.

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