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November 2014

Righteous Anger #Represent!


Bring back righteous angry feminists - trust me there's a lot to be angry and proactive about this month. We will all have different experiences with anger, some of us have been taught to be passive while others are burning with righteous anger both are aggressively (and assertively) pushing against the boundaries that hold us back.
Some of us are able to go and protest, others organise groups of women in safe spaces and some of us read and write bulletins too (hint hint!). Not all of us can Carry That Weight like Emma Sulkowicz  a victim of sexual assault, by another student in her dorm room who is carrying her mattress around campus until her rapist is expelled. 

Whatever the way we do it, big or small, when we we challenge misogyny and sexism while also being mindful is it righteous, represent!
By Hebe (Editor)
Young Women's Group have a new campaign #ownyourselfie in the early planning stages, which will be launched ahead of their next Saturday Summit on Saturday 22nd November 11am - 3pm which will focus on young women's ownership of their photos, images and other online material.
Young women are invited to bring along photos and decorate their own picture frame to place in a temporary gallery for the day while discussing some of the issues around ownership of women's photos and in turn women's bodies.

Watch this space for the launch of their campaign and to find out more about the group go here

Dapper Laughs? Proper Gross!

Lee Kern wrote an emotionally charged response to the newly commissioned ITV show 'Dapper Laughs: On The Pull' asking for those who helped to make the programme to be accountable for spreading misogynistic messages which dehumanize women.

"If I could sum everything up in one go it would be this: We don't work in an industry that is somehow separate from reality. What we do is not 'just telly'. We are helping to shape the reality we live in. What we put on the screen has a real world effect. And this show contributes to a culture of abuse that degrades us all - men and women - boys and girls."

Read the full article here

Greater Manchester Conference on Female Genital Mutilation

This conference brings together a strong team of national and regional speakers to educate and inform about the realities of FGM.  
It hopes to address issues in a way that is relevant to everyone and speakers and workshops, from midwifery, primary schools, activist group Bristol Integrate and NESTEC will ensure that this is a useful afternoon. 

Attendance is free but you must register to attend & book on one of the workshops on the following link: here

Arty Installment for November

Illustration by Kendra Yee for an article published by Rookie called:

 Ugly As I Want to BeI made every bad thing people said about me into a badge of honor, and I wore it with pride.

The illustration explores some themes included in the article about being a young woman and dealing with and recovering from self harm, body image and self-love
Reclaim The Streets Walk through Bolton town centre 6th December, meeting at the University of Bolton Eagle Town entrance at 7pm.

Street harassment (fitness clothing)
Child sexualisation (onesies)
Sexual assault (drag)
Consent ("sexy" clothing)

For more information contact
Black Feminists Manchester is a group for women and girls who identify as 'black in the political sense'. Self- identify, originate or have ancestry from global majority populations
(i.e. Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America) multi heritage / mixed race and indigenous backgrounds. 

You can get involved at meetings, socials, in projects and workshops and write articles for our blog; to raise consciousness and share experiences of multiple oppressions such as sexism, racism,homophobia, ableism with the aim of transformative personal and social change.

See their wonderful website and find out about their newMixed Race: Girls Project: here

Does ‘Poverty Porn’ 
undermine the Welfare State?

Is it ever ethical or excusable to watch 'entertainment' television like Jeremy Kyle, Benefit Street (the list goes on) 'critically'? Or is that all part of the illusion that produers are creating? I'm not sure, it is certainly a topic we must talk about and examine 

This event will bring together social science researchers, policymakers,
journalists, activists and the general public to discuss programmes like 'Benefit Street' and other so-called â€˜documentaries' that claim to offer an insight, present a damaging and stigmatized image of people living in poverty in the UK.

Thursday 6th November, 5pm – 8pm

Z-Arts, Hulme, Manchester
This month our 'woman to watch out for' is a young woman named Hannah Thompson who became the inspiration for a new law to punish ex and abusive partners who post "revenge pornograpy" on the internet has called for a national helpline for victims wanting to remove offending images. Hannah, who's former partner published private sexual images on a blog, joined other victims to campaign for the "revenge porn" law to be passed through the house of lords. After recovering from the initial shock, Hannah decided that she had to break the silence of the issue and it should be a criminal offence to share these images. She hopes that now the law has been passed- which is surely a victory of it's own right- it will "feel like justice" for her and other victims.

Now with a successful campaign behind her, Hannah is keen to address the issue further. She reported that most victims of revenge porn who have contacted her since she began the campaign are 14 and 15-year-old girls, she believes there needs to be more education for increasingly younger ages. Go Hannah!
50 Years of Sexism: What Next? An International Conference at Durham University with the Departmennt of English Studies and the Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities 

"We welcome abstracts of three hundred words for twenty minute papers discussing the conference theme from any discipline. We also welcome proposals that engage with the conference theme in ways beyond conventional 20-minute papers, such as film screenings and discussions; artworks; poster presentations; manifestos. Please contact the conference organisers on if you have any questions about the viability of what you plan to submit."

For more information, and to keep track of the latest conference news, click here
Everyday Sexism: Malmaison use mal taste advertising outside their Manchester Hotel

We know that women can be builders, carpenters, architects and construction managers. Apparently the hotel chain Malmaison haven't yet been informed! What does this advert say about women construction workers, a profession that is notoriously difficult for women to pursue? You can be a builder, but only if you're a sexy builder with a sexy drill/spanner. 

A group of women are organising protest Tuesday 4th November outside Malmaison, Manchester during the after work rush hour (5pm) to increase numbers and maximise visibility. 

Contact for further details
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