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Hello women, girls, youth workers and supporters of Feminist Webs. This months bulletin brings you the opportunity to be part of a global dream map, reflections on Disney princesses and some great self defense resources. Read, enjoy and share.

International women's day event

Saved by their beauty they are finally married

What Disney princesses teach little girls
comic of young women
Download Feminist Webs New Self Defense Booklet For Free

After running a series of self defense classes the participants worked together to create this brilliant guide. You can download it for free here

And check out for a global view and some other great resources.

Exciting Video Project From Moosestash Films

Take a look at this exciting video project from Moosestash Films, exploring themes such as female empowerment, self­ reflection and goal setting; they bring you, The Dream Map
Upload your dream and inspire others around the globe or take a look at the dreams people have submitted and prepare to be inspired!

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40 years of change!

40 years ago women in Ireland couldn't sit on a jury and had to give up their jobs in public service once married. See 10 things that Irish women couldn't do in 1970 that they can do now here

UK Feminista Announces Generation F

Generation F is a ground­breaking new project supporting young people to take action for gender equality. Generation F will provide workshops in schools and resources for young people to reclaim the 'f word' and speak out against sexism.
Check it out here
Fantastic Training and Consultancy Available From LGBT Youth North West
LGBT Youth North West works extensively with lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people all across the region and beyond. Additional to this we offer a wealth of LGBT Awareness raising opportunities for both young people and youth professionals. Find out more:

Thanks to all those who did the archive-athon

Thanks to all those who came along on Monday and Tuesday this week to catalogue the Feminist Webs girls work archive, it was full of the fun and good conversations that happen when a bunch of great women get together. We will be having another catalogue day in June so watch this space! All women welcome.
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