Weekly Update October 22, 2020
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Please notify the church office of any changes in personal information so that our database may be updated and remain current.

When making checks out to Spirit of Joy, it is not necessary to write multiple checks when contributing to various ministries.  Either designate in the remarks line how you want the check disbursed or attach a note.  If I have any questions, I will contact you personally.

Church office hours are normally 9:00 - 2:00 PM Monday, 9:00-1:00 PM Tu-Thurs, and 3 hours on Friday as scheduled.  Office number is (830) 433-7711 or contact me at It is best to call first to make sure I am not out on an errand.

Thank you.

Blessings, Cynthia Points



Pastor Megan sent an email last week outlining the return to worship plan starting in November 2020.       

Worshippers at Spirit of Joy will be limited in number to 20 each Sunday.  Congregants scheduled for a specific Sunday will be notified.Please contact Jennifer Ehlers( 830-305-1352 to add your name to a specific Sunday or with any questions.. 

Thank you.

SISD Needs Water Bottles for Students

The Seguin school district is in need of our help.  Students cannot use the water fountains at the schools because of Covid.  Pete Silvius is working on getting students in the district water bottles that can be refilled from the water fountains.  Some students can afford to pay for them but there are many that cannot.  Spirit of Joy's committee, Supporting Counselors in schools, will be hosting a donation drive to help fund these water bottles.  There are several ways to donate.  If you are a Thrivent member, you can write a grant to help buy these bottles (contact Grace Mueller if you need help with this). You can also donate through the church by sending in a check with Water bottles as your memo.  The donation drive will last until Oct. 31.  We will then give the money/grants to the district so Pete can get bottles to all students.

  As always, thank you for your commitment to the community. 

"I Love Goats"
"I love goats."  These are the opening words of Rodrick Shao's Temple Talk last year promoting the 7th Annual Watoto Kickball Tournament; an annual event Spirit of Joy has embraced all seven years.  Due to the pandemic, this tournament will not be held in-person this year.  However, you have an opportunity to continue to support the orphans of Tanzania (who need supporting more than ever since Tanzania has been hit hard by the COVID-19 virus) through the sustaining purchase of goats that can provide milk, food, fertilizer, and income.  Goats create a life-changing event at a crucial time in each child's life.
There are two ways to give.  First,  you may visit this secure link that outlines TLU's fundraising plan: If you prefer, you may make an "above and beyond" offering through our church office by making your check to: Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church with the memo line reading:  Watoto=Children Project.  
Thank you for supporting the TLU Watoto=Children Project.  We love goats!  But more importantly, Spirit of Joy loves caring for God's children!

Fair Trade Promotion
The Fair Trade movement promoted by Lutheran World Relief is championing social justice while at the same time caring for God’s creation.  SERRV International, 501(c)3 non-profit, is credited to be one of the first fair trade initiatives worldwide.  All of the items are made through 85 small-scale, environmentally sustainable cooperatives in 35 developing countries.  
A supply of SERRV’s 2020 Holiday Catalogs are available at the entrance of the Synod Offices on the campus of TLU.  The catalog will give you all the information you need to place an individual order through email, by phone, by fax, or through the mail.  Or, you may order directly on-line by visiting their website:  SERRV’s phone number is  800.423.0071.  




The Christian Counseling Center really needs your support. It is again having its annual BBQ Sunday, October 25th from 10AM to 1PM.  Due to COVID safety concerns, the Board of Directors has decided to hold a Drive THROUGH only event this year.  BBQ chicken halves will be sold for $8.00 each and can be picked up via a drive through in the alley behind Faith Lutheran.  This is the perfect time stock up for a  family or small group get together! You can even stock your freezer for chicken spaghetti, King Ranch casserole, and chicken salad. Tickets are available from Nancy Hartfiel, Kristen Kneupper, or at Parker’s City Pharmacy’s drive through window.   The Guadalupe Christian Counseling Center appreciates your support. 
If you are unable to leave your home because of health issues but would like to purchase some chicken contact Nancy Hartfiel and she will deliver it to you Sunday afternoon after the drive through.


October 25

Assisting Minister: Arlynn Hartfiel

November 1

Assisting Minister: Thomas Snooks


Monday Afternoon Storytime, 12:30 PM, Online with Pastor Megan
Monday Evening Trivia, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, On-line with Pastor Megan
Wednesday Morning, 7:00 AM, Men's Group Bible Study at Taqueria Olvida followed by service at Juan Seguin (for anyone) until noon
Wednesday Evening, Acts Study, 6:30  - 7:30 PM, Online with Pastor Megan
2nd Saturday, Juan Seguin Workday, 8:00 AM - Noon All skill levels needed, Contact Jim Dyess with questions

 Pastor Megan’s Sermons are available at

October 25 --GVCCC Bar-B-Que Faith Lutheran Church

November 2020 - Limited on-site worship begins


Scheduled each Sunday at 9:30 am.  Log onto our Facebook  ZOOM for fellowship hour after worship.


All persons worldwide infected with the CoronaVirus

Iglesia Luterana- Cristo Rey

Rhonda Behal, Susan Jennings, Jason Bounds, Janey Larson, Janene Jendrusch, Del Schlueter, Nancy Kempf, Dee Pickelman, Katy Wallace, Thomas and Linda Snooks, Jeanette Doerr, Brenda Engelmann, Lynna Kraus

Scott Boswell (US Army)

Earl Bishop (Father of LeeAnn Dunn), Annabelle Mueller and Chris and Karly Mueller (Granddaughter  and Son and Daughter-in-Law of Grace and John Mueller), Diana Saunders (Aunt of Denise Crettenden and Great-Aunt of Eleanor/Abigail Crettenden), Allison Hastings (Niece of Karen Wallock and Jeep Kiel), Claire Ongstad (Daughter of Lynna Kraus), Patti Miles (Mother of Jessica Miles-Wallace), Mike Hartfiel (Son of Arlynn and Nancy Hartfiel), Mike McMillen (Cousin of Cynthia Points), Judy Pearce, (Aunt of Rhonda Behal),  Jeanne Behal (Mother of Charlie Behal and Grandmother of Jessie Behal), Mary Lee Alexander ( Aunt of Denise Crettenden), Ross Moline (Brother of Jon Moline), Amie Calhoun (Niece of Nancy Kempf and Lynna Kraus), Amber Jendrusch (Daughter of Janene Jendrusch), Albert and Ruby Gallas (Uncle and Aunt of Helen Mycue), Jennifer Bulgerin (Niece of Bobbie Maddox), Emily Eastwood (Sister of Sharon Villalpando), Robert and Martha Eastwood (Parents of Sharon Villalpando), Lisa and Ron Vertuyft (Sister and Brother-in-law of Martha Rinn), Judy Saunders (Mother of Denise Crettenden and Grandmother of Eleanor/Abigail Crettenden), Lynda Urban (Cousin of Sharon Frels)

Gene Brown (Friend of many), Bill Squires (Friend of Kathy Yandell), Dee Willen (Friend of Denise Crettenden), Gae Widdows (Friend of Mary Petrosky), Susan Duke (Friend of Kathy Yandell), John Mikulin (Friend of Sharon Frels), Laura Johnson (Friend of Susie Winterhalter), Lisa Shelton (Friend of the Boswell Family), Hiliary DeRuyder (Friend of Sharon Frels), Don Cummins (Friend of Kathy Yandell), Leia Hill (Friend of Diana Ball), Jaila Castro (Friend of Diana Ball), Martin (Grandson of friends of Dawn Silvius), Cesar Melendez, (Friend of Susie Winterhalter), Mollie Love (Friend of Rick and Jennifer Ehlers), Harry Miller (friend to many), Nellie Robinson (Friend of Mary Ruby), Rachel Keller (Friend of Denise Crettenden), Emma Wolter (Friend of Sharon Frels), Mike Taft (Friend of Karen Wallock), Mark Keddal (Friend of Karen Wallock), Clay Hollub (Friend of Karen Wallock), Ramon Salazar (Friend of Denise Crettenden), Amanda Simmons (Friend of Mary Petrosky)

Please contact the church office to have a name added to this list.  We will add all individuals with health, emotional or family/work issues.  We will edit all names for continued inclusion at the end of each month. Please let the Office know if an individual has returned to good health and can be removed from the List.  Thank you.



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