Weekly Update April 25, 2019
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April 27 - Habitat Lutheran Home Build -8 am - Noon, 519 Tampico
May 26—Nolte Island, Confirmation Service with Emanuel’s Lutheran, 10 a.m.
Jun. 23-28 - Youth Service Trip to the Rio Grand Valley
Oct. 5—“Blessing of the Animals” with St. Andrew’s Episcopal and Emanuel’s Lutheran, Central Park, 10 a.m., Saturday
Oct. 20 —Outdoor Worship, Seguin Outdoor Learning Center, 10 AM, Potluck
Jan. 24-26, 2020  - Spirit of Joy Retreat at HEB Foundation Camp


Council Corner
Welcome to Council Corner! Each month, council will give a brief overview of our meeting held that month. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask a Council Member for more information.
  • We were the only bid for the Juan Seguin Campus. We now await to hear if our bid was accepted. Stay tuned for updates from the Juan Seguin Taskforce.
  • We are currently ahead of budget to date.
  • In March we hit a major milestone in the building fund, we reached $500,00.00.


Coming soon to a church near you a chance to win a beautiful queen size quilt created by the women of Spirit of Joy and Faith Lutheran Churches.  All proceeds will benefit Goat Project in Tanzania. 
 More information to follow.



Breaking news:
 The sewer line was hooked up to the house.
 On Thursday April 18.
  • Muddy ground cancelled our plans for roof installation.
  • Accomplished some other tasks that needed to be done.
On Saturday, April 20. 
·  We had no construction activity on this day in observance of the Easter holiday.
On Thursday April 25.
·  We will restart installation of the roof.
On Saturday, April 27.
·  Continue installation of the roof.
Start time for both build days is 8:00 AM at 519 Tampico.
On Saturday volunteers from the Lutheran churches are anticipated and FUMC will join the build thanks to Robin R. This is great because peeling the roof panel seam covers is a chore in itself and the more volunteers we have the better.
 On Saturday, April 27 the Director on Duty will be Pam S.; a Competent Person needs to be designated.
Please click the following link and sign-up under the day and for the time that you plan to work. The time can vary depending on which group is scheduled. It really helps to know who intends to help us on any day.
You can also sign up at the Habitat Store with the following link:
Groups should enter the expected number of Volunteers after their group name.  

Hymn Selection

Do you have a passion for worship and music? We'd love to have you join the hymn selection team! We plan a season at a time - and are meeting on Tuesday, April 30, at 2:00pm at the synod office (1090 Oestreich Dr.) to plan the rest of the Easter season. We'd love to have you join us! 

Letter from Morgan M. Klaser, Director, Jon & Sandra Moline Center for Servant Leadership Texas Lutheran University.
“Thank you to Spirit of Joy for attending and/or supporting this year’s annual TLU Water to Thrive Benefit Dinner & Silent Auction and the TLU Water to Thrive Chapter. I am proud to report on behalf of the TLU Water to Thrive Chapter that the group successfully raised $7,922 to go towards completing TLU’s sixth and seventh wells. We’re also well on our way to funding well #8 too. This would not be possible without your support and  kindness toward the mission of Water to Thrive. Thank you again for your support.

The Missional River Experiment is happening!

Thank you to those who donated to the Missional River first delivery!  We received the mini-fridge, but Briesemeister would like one too if someone has one.  We’d like to use some Thrivent grants in the future, so please contact Karen Wallock if you are a Thrivent    member.  We need to coordinate what and how we ask for items.  

For now, let’s concentrate on items that do not expire like the socks, water, water bottles, and gift cards in $10 increments.  (Walmart, HEB, King Ranger, ZDT, Pin Twist)
Will keep you posted.  The Community in Schools Counselors were very grateful to receive our first delivery.


Spirit of Joy has been very generous in donating items for the Humanitarian Respite Center. They are in need of small size shoes, both in adult and in children's sizes.  If sales arise on these products, please consider donating a pair or two.  In April, donations will be collected for Proyecto Azteca. This organization provides neighborhood lending libraries.  On the previous trip to the Rio Grande Valley, SOJ donated many books for these libraries.  Books continue to be needed as  lending libraries are constantly being built and set up in neighborhoods.  Books of all kinds will be needed:  children, teens, and adults, both in English and in Spanish.  There will be a tub on the stage each Sunday for the collection of the donated books.  Thank you for your generosity in the support of the youth's servant leadership program.



April 28
Assisting Minister: Jon Moline
Readers: Janice Ideus, Alfrieda Leiter
Communion Assistants: Jim Germann, Sharon Frels, Cathy Cordes
Communion Assistants – Youth: Neolla Shao, Nancy Shao
Children’s Sermon: Cynthia Points
Ushers: Diane and Larry Lippe
Setup/Takedown: Darren Dunn, Jim Germann
Host: Karen Sturm
Children’s Corner: Sharon Frels
Flowers: Arlynn and Nancy Hartfiel
Refreshments: Nancy and Arlynn Hartfiel
Altar Setup: Cathy Cordes, Rhonda Behal
May 5
Assisting Minister: Jackie Silvius
Readers: Sandra Moline, Kirsten Legore
Communion Assistants: Gloria Mitchell, Patti Buckley,
Communion Assistants – Youth: Paxson Legore, Alexsa Say
Children’s Sermon: Pastor Megan
Ushers: Tobin and Judith Hoffmann
Setup/Takedown: Chris Frels, Charlie Behal
Host: Pamela Bounds
Children’s Corner: LeeAnn Dunn
Refreshments: Karen Wallock, Sara Elley
Altar Setup: Rhonda Behal, Judith Hoffmann



Christian Cupboard Donations 

(Both monetary and grocery)
Dixie Grill Receipts
Missional River Experiment Items

Wayfarers—Sundays, 12 pm.—1:30 p.m. St. Andrew’s Episcopal Youth House
Prayer Group - April - Babs and Jeep Kiel
Tuesday Morning Bible Study—6:00 a.m.—El Olvido Hacienda Restaurant
Habitat for Humanity Home Build—March 23, 8:30—Noon
Christian Cupboard—1st & 3rd Saturday, 8:45 a.m.—Noon
Women’s Bible Study
Evening—May 14, 7 p.m., Home of Elaine Kalkwarf, 1714 Westview
Afternoon—May 15, 2 p.m., Home of Chris Dyess, 2205 Lakewood
Choir Practice—Wednesdays 7 p.m., Synod Office
Madrigal Practice—TBA
Hymn Selection—TBA
Pastor Megan’s Sermons are available at


Emily Solis, Nancy Kempf, Fred Strey, Dee Pickelman, Katy Wallace, Thomas and Linda Snooks, Linda  Canet, Wilbert and Jeanette Doerr, Elaine Cordes, Brenda Engelmann, Lynna Kraus

Don Moline (Brother of Jon Moline), Hilda Zamora (Niece of Sharon and Armando Villalpando), Rhonda Fuquay (Sister-in-law of Calvin Points), Amie Calhoun (Niece of Nancy Kempf and Lynna Kraus), Judy Semmler,(Sister of Chris Frels and step-sister of Rhonda Behal), Randy Hill (Brother of Rhonda Behal and Chris Frels), Rob Gordon (Brother-In-Law of the Frels/Behals), Dusty Jones ( Brother-in-Law of Karen Jones), Amber Jendrusch (Daughter of Janene Jendrusch), Albert and Ruby Gallas (Uncle and Aunt of Helen Mycue), Jennifer Bulgerin (Niece of Bobbie Maddox), Emily Eastwood (Sister of Sharon Villalpando), Robert and Martha Eastwood (Parents of Sharon Villalpando), Lisa and Ron Vertuyft (Sister and Brother-in-law of Martha Rinn), Mike Hartfiel (Son of Arlynn and Nancy Hartfiel), Judy Saunders (Mother of Kim Saunders/Denise Crettenden, Grandmother of Eleanor/Abigail Crettenden/Cameron Saunders), Lauren Knight (Niece of Katie Dickey)

Eric Patterson (Friend of Emily Solis), Family of William Zies (Friend of Mary Ruby) who passed into eternal life last week.
Esther Beck and Family (Friends of the Molines and so many others), Nellie Robinson (Friend of Mary Ruby), Michelle Faith (Friend of Kristin Moum), TC McCoy (Friend of Calvin Points), Rachel Keller (Friend of Denise Crettenden), Emma Wolter (Friend of Sharon Frels), Mike Taft (Friend of Karen Wallock), Mark Keddal (Friend of Karen Wallock), Heath Hartung (Friend of Sharon Villalpando), Jessica Sauceda (Friend of Sharon Villalpando), Connie Hendricks (Friend of Diana Ball), Jackie Mueller (Friend of Mary Ruby), Clay Hollub (Friend of Karen Wallock), Ethan Bundick (Friend of the Behal and Frels Families), Ramon Salazar (Friend of Denise Crettenden), Donna Boelter (Friend of Kathy Yandell), Amanda Simmons (Friend of Mary Petrosky)

Please contact the church office to have a name added to this list.  We will add all individuals with health, emotional or family/work issues.  We will edit all names for continued inclusion at the end of each month. Please let the Office know if an individual has returned to good health and can be removed from the List.  Thank you.

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