Cultivating Transformational Leaders                     Equipping Christ’s followers to go into the neighborhood


Special Speakers at Presbyterian Church in Jackson Hole

During Ben Pascal’s Sabbatical from May through July, the Presbyterian Church in Jackson Hole will be hosting the following special speakers on Sunday morning:

June 2

Vilmarie Cintron-Olivieri
Co-Moderator of the PCUSA

June 16

Dr. Immaculee Ilibagiza
From Rwanda, author and speaker on forgiveness and reconciliation

July 7

Rev. Dr. Mark Labberton
President of Fuller Theological Seminary

July 14

Rev. Steve Haas
Vice-President/Chief Catalyst – World Vision

The Rev. Kellie Thomson Named as Acting Stated Clerk

The Rev. Kellie Thomson has been appointed Acting Stated Clerk for the Presbytery of Wyoming by the Presbytery Council. She will be training during the month of May and will start her job on June 1. Her name will be submitted to the Presbytery at the September 27-28 meeting in Guernsey to be voted on as Stated Clerk.

Kellie takes over the position from Mark Owens, who has served the past 3 ½ years and will retire as of May 31.

Kellie has extensive experience in the San Fernando and San Gabriel presbyteries, working with the Book of Order and polity of the Presbyterian Church (USA). She served as moderator of the Permanent Judicial Committee in San Fernando Presbytery. She is a current member-at-large in the Presbytery of Wyoming.

Kellie and her husband, the Rev. Bob Thomson, worked as co-pastors for 14 years at the Woodland Hills Presbyterian Church in Woodland Hills, CA, where Bob also served as Stated Clerk for San Fernando Presbytery.

She and Bob have been in Cheyenne, Wyoming for three years where Bob serves as Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church. Kellie has been providing pulpit supply in various churches in addition to substitute teaching and serving as a per diem pastor for a local funeral home. They have three children in middle school and high school.

Kellie can be reached starting June 1 by calling the Presbytery phone number, 307-472-4717, or by mail at Presbytery of Wyoming, P.O. Box 1767, Casper, WY 82602.


Stated Meeting of Presbytery
April 26-27, 2019
Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church, Casper, WY

The meeting was called to order by moderator, Rev. Susan Reichenberg at 8:03 a.m. on April 26th, 2019 at Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church, Casper, Wyoming.

Friday April 26th

Morning worship was led by Rev. Lynn Williamson, Rev. Shayla Graham and Libby Tedder-Hugus.

The Moderator convened the meeting and after announcements, introductions and seating of corresponding members, the education focus of the day began.

The moderator introduced Jason Moore, a presenter from Ohio, who conducted a workshop titled “The Creative Worship”. 

In Session 1 – Culture, Jason talked about analyzing keys to our digital culture and exploring creative applications in worship.  One of the examples he gave was the use of Playdough as an expression of how God is shaping us.

In Session 2 – Art, Jason spoke about learning to create powerful imagery for worship.  He discussed three categories of art, which include fine art, folk art and pop art.  He suggested that most of the art used in worship should come from the third category, pop art.

At this point the group broke for lunch and reconvened at 1:30pm.

Session 3 – Team started out the afternoon.  Jason said that the work of putting together a Creative Worship is better when you collaborate with a team of people.  He had the group break into teams of four to seven people and brainstorm for 15 minutes to design a worship based on Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness.  At the end of the breakout session, someone from each team presented their ideas.

After a short break, Jason introduced Session 4 – Technology.  He gave a list of five levels, or phases, of technology.  He spoke about the various types of hardware and software needed, ranging from simple and inexpensive items such as a projector, to sophisticated and expensive video equipment.  He also shared a list of free or inexpensive software.

Evening worship was led by Jason Moore and celebration of the Lords Supper was led by Rev. Susan Reichenberg and Rev. Lynn Williamson.

Saturday, April 27th

Presbytery reconvened at 8:05 a.m. at Shepherd of the Hills with morning worship led by Rev. Larry Turpin

Presbytery Voted to Approve the following consent agenda items:

  1. Approve the minutes of the October 2018 Presbytery meeting.
  2. Inscribe into the minutes the report of presbytery Council.
  3. Inscribe into the minutes the latest financial statements.
  4. Inscribe into the minutes the report of the General Presbyter.
  5. Inscribe into the minutes the report of the Stated Clerk.
    1. Annual Statistical Report
    2. Annual Pastor Database report and redress of imbalance

Action Agenda Items for Presbytery:

1. Items from the Nominating Committee – the following persons were elected to office:

Committtee on Ministry
TE '21 Sara Shields, Mtn. View
RE '21 Sam Starnes, Thermopolis
TE '20 Ed Brenegar, Jackson
Evangelism, Congregational Development & Leadership
RE '21 David Cole
Budget & Finance
RE '20 Deb Smith, Mtn. View
ROCCS Retreat, Outdoor, Camping, Conferences & Service Moderator - CJ Clem, Sheridan
Council Moderator - Bob Thomson, First Cheyenne
General Assembly G.A. Commissioners
RE '20 Warren Genderen, Jackson
RE '20 Alternate Trenda Weisshaar, Lingle

2. Items from Council

  1. Presbytery Approved the adoption of:
    1. Revised Sexual Misconduct Policy
    2. Minor and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy
  2. Presbytery Voted for the Moderator to appoint an implementation team of three members for the newly approved policies.
  3. Presbytery Voted on the proposed Constitutional Amendments GA 223 as follows:
    18-A Election of Ruling Elders and Deacons: On Amending G-2.0401 (Item 06-11) Approval
    18-B.1 On Amending G-2.0509 (Item 06-09) Approval
    18-B.2 On Amending D-10.0401d (Item 06-09) Approval
    18-C Officers: On Amending G-3.0104 (Item 06-16) Disapproval
    18-D Membership of Presbytery: On Amending G-3.0306 (Item 06-05) Approval
    18-E Pastor, Counselor, and Advisor to Its Pastors and Congregations: On Amending G-3.307 (Item 06-02) Approval
    18-F Welcoming to the Table: On Amending W-4.0202 (Item14-03) Approval
    18-G Disciplinary Offense: On Amending D-2.0203b (Item 06-04) Approval
    18-H.1 On Amending D-10.0401b Approval
    18-H.2 On Amending D-10.0401c(1) Approval
  4. Council reported that it is still in the process of interviewing applicants for Stated Clerk and will make an interim selection in the near future.
  5. After amendment, Presbytery voted to form a New Administrative Commission for Riverton and Dismiss existing the AC effective July 1, 2019
  6. After amendment Presbytery voted to designate ECDL as the oversight Commission for our two NWC’s

3. From Committee on Ministry

  1. Presbytery voted to sadly confirm the honorable retirement of Rev. Larry Turpin
  2. Presbytery voted to confirm the transfer of Rev. Marc Jones to St. Augustine Presbytery
  3. Presbytery voted to confirm dissolution of call for Rev. Guy Helms

Presbytery concluded with a service of appreciation for Rev. Larry Turpin.

The meeting was adjourned with Prayer by the Moderator at 12:18pm.

Note: the next meeting the Presbytery of Wyoming will be September 27-28, 2019 hosted at United Presbyterian Church, Guernsey WY.

Camp Story 2019 Schedule

For information about Camp Story's 2019 Schedule, visit their website:

Remote Vacation Bible School

This summer there will be three Remote VBSes! They will be held at

  • Shell:  June 24-28
  • Pine Ridge: July 15-19

Monday is set up day. There is a  meal and campfire that evening. VBS is held Tuesday-Friday. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night there is meal, campfire and message. 

Your help is needed:

  1. a musician for the week in Saratoga. 
  2. helpers to do recreation, teach a class, help with cooking, clean up, etc.

Please contact Monte Richeinberg at (217) 251-1182  as you feel called to help! 

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

May 31-June 1, 2019
Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole

An event sponsored by The Evangelism and Redevelopment/Leadership Team of the Presbytery and the Presbytery of Yellowstone! It is being funded by both Presbyteries and by the Synod of the Rocky Mountains!

It will focus on “Equipping Christ Followers to Go into the Neighborhood.”


The keynote speaker will be Co-Moderator of the PCUSA,Vilmarie CINTRON-OLIVIERI

She is a native of Puerto Rico and an English as a Second Language teacher. She is a ruling elder who has served on the Committee on Theological Education and as a translator from English to Spanish at numerous General Assemblies. As our ultimate global ambassador, Vilmarie has a deep passion to share the good news of Jesus Christ. When she was elected, she said, “We don’t know when our time will come. We need to try to live every day, loving God and loving the neighbor in concrete ways, not only by our words but by our actions. We must look for ways to be better Christians, citizens, and neighbors, to effect change and make a difference.”


  • Where: Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole
    1251 South Park Loop Road
    Jackson, WY 83001
  • Cost: $75 per person (hotel and meals provided)
  • Pre-event with Vilmarie - 5:00PM
  • Begins with dinner on Friday, 6:00 PM and ends Saturday, 3:00 PM
  • A variety of motivational breakouts
  • Registration at


Let's gather together to discover how we might become better neighbors in our communities!

"We love because God loved us first." - John 4:19



Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the Rocky Mountains Triennial Gathering

The Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the Rocky Mountains Triennial Gathering, will be held August 9-11 at the Holiday Inn, Sheridan, WY, 1809 Sugarland Dr

Clergy/CRE Groups

Who is your pastor’s pastor? To whom do they turn when they need to talk? Where are the safe places where they can be open and talk about the realities of their ministries and the struggles, the strains and the joys?

The Presbytery of Wyoming has encouraged and supported our General Presbyter, Steve Shive, to convene and meet with groups of Clergy and Commissioned Elders throughout the state.

The meetings usually meet at 10:00 AM with a format including:

  • Check-In and Reflection
  • A Spiritual Practice
  • Prayer Together

The groups usually break up at noon and they all go to lunch together!

Basin Group

Community Federated Church, Thermopolis, Tuesday, May 14

West Group

Star Valley United Church, Thayne, Thursday, May 30, 10:00 AM

The Presbytery of Wyoming – Spring Meeting

When: April 26th and 27th
Where: Shepherd of the Hills Church - Casper
What: Friday – Jason Moore presenting a workshop on “Making Worship More Creative”!

Information to be included in packets or to be considered for the agenda must be submitted to Jan DeBeer ( no later than Friday, April 5th. If you miss this deadline, your report or other information will not be included on the docket for the April Presbytery Meeting!

Prayers for the People

  • Mark Owens and family in the passing of Mark’s mother.
  • The Presbytery as it learns to go into its neighborhoods
  • Peace in Syria, Palestine and Israel.
  • Presbytery of WY Stated Clerk, Mark Owens as he continues to heal from cancer surgery.
  • The Worland Church as they navigate the transition to a part-time pastor and as they say goodbye to their pastor of ten years, Rev Guy Helms.
  • Libby Tedder-Hugus and Shayla Graham as they lead pioneering work in the New Worshipping Communities in Casper and Pine Ridge!
  • Rev. Shayla Graham, pastor at Pine Ridge New Worshipping Community, for healing of the seventh cranium nerve after her surgery to remove a tumor on her auditory nerve.
  • The United Presbyterian Church of Riverton as they put their building on the market to sell and the Administrative Commission as they work with them to determine next steps.
  • Rev. George Pasek and the Powell Church as he serves as their Interim Pastor.
  • Dakota (Frederick) and Tanner Kohfield as they continue a year of ministry as YAVs (Young Adult Volunteers) with the PCUSA in Tucson, AZ
  • Community Federated Church, Thermopolis, as they begin the call process for a new pastor.
  • Rev. Amir Issak and the Tyre Evangelical Center as they live out the love of neighbor among the many refugees in their community! Rev. Amir asks, "We have around 4 families from a Kurdish background that started to attend church with us on Sundays. They are around 25 persons, we are constantly following up with them spiritually and humanitarian. Pray for them for the Lord to bless them and fulfill their needs"
  • Rev. Larry Turpin and the Union Presbyterian Church, Evanston as Larry will be retiring on June 15th.  Pray for the many transitions that are occurring in Larry and Julie's life and the life of the congregation!
  • Congratulations to Rev. Jason Harshberger and Beth Bear who were married last Saturday!
  • Camp Story director and staff as they plan for the new camping season.
  • The Remote VBS as they gather in Shell on June 24 through 28 and in Pine Ridge July 15 – 19.


May 17 - 19
First Presbyterian Cheyenne 150th Anniversary

First Presbyterian - Cheyenne

May 18-21
Work Days at Camp Story

Camp Story

May 30
CRE - West Group

Star Valley United Church-Thayne

May 31-Jun 1
Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole

Jun 14-16
Camp Story - You & Me weekend

Camp Story

Jun 17-21
Camp Story - Day Camp

Camp Story

Jun 9-21
Camp Story - LIT

Camp Story

Jun 23-28
Camp Story - God and Creation

Camp Story

Jun 29-Jul 3
Camp Story - Night Owl

Camp Story

Jul 7-12
Camp Story - Around the World

Camp Story

Jul 6-12
Camp Story - Backpacking Camp

Camp Story

Jul 14-17
Camp Story - Starters Camp

Camp Story

Jul 16-20,2019
Presbyterian Youth Triennium

Purdue University

Aug 1-3
Big Tent


Aug 9-11
Presbyterian Wyoming of the Synod of the Rocky Mountains Triennial Gathering

Holiday Inn, Sheridan

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