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August 17, 2019

"Getting to Know You"
“Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you.”
(Jeremiah 29:7)

“Build it and they will come.” It no longer works. We do not grow the mission of Jesus by creating great programs with the intention of attracting people to our churches.

  • People in our culture today outside the church and even a few inside largely do not trust the institution of the church. Some people are tired of the church preaching and teaching about love, compassion, forgiveness, etc., and not practicing it. Most of the “spiritual but not religious” and “nones” – those with no religious affiliation have usually had a bad experience in the church.
  • The majority of the millennial generation who do not go to church see the church as “judgmental”, “hypocritical”, “anti-homosexual” and “insensitive to others”, according to Barna Research.

So how do we connect with people in our neighborhoods?

One leading church leader, Lovett Weems, says, “The church has to earn the right to be heard.” How do we do that?

Over the next few blogs I will be sharing ideas. These ideas are from Phil Maynard with Go to his website for some fantastic ideas.


  • What if you were to ask the server at the restaurant if you could pray for anything for him/her as you bless your meal?
  • What if you were to pray for your neighbor or co-worker going through a difficult time?
  • How might you pray for the needs and concerns of those in your community?
  • How might your eyes (and hearts) be opened if a team from your congregation had a prayer walk around neighborhoods in your community?


What could happen if your team were to talk with people in ‘the know’ about your community? How could that change your perspectives on transforming the world? People like:

School principal Business owners Chamber of Commerce
Police chief Mayor Hospital administrators
Fire chief Social services organizations Realtors
“What if...
We saw ministry as being involved in the community rather than serving on a committee?”
“What if...
We the church sought the welfare of the city?”

Equipping Christ Followers to Go into the Neighborhood,


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