Matt McCall filed for candidacy back in March
                   Drive By Weasel Strikes Again

Please pray for Joe Pags as he has been a victim of a drive-by “Weaseling”.  We are hopeful for a speedy recovery.

Last Thursday night listeners to WOAI radio San Antonio heard with their own ears as Congressman Lamar Smith flat out denied that he had been “duckin’ or dodgin’” Matt McCall, who is Smith’s Republican challenger for U.S. Congress District 21.

During one of Smith’s frequent visits to the Joe Pags show, an on-air caller reported that candidate Lamar Smith had recently cancelled speaking engagements at local Republican Groups after being notified that Matt McCall might be at the meetings.

Now, Smith’s campaign “policy” of letting down local Republican groups if Matt McCall is likely to appear is no secret among local GOP group leaders.  And members of local Republican groups haven’t been too pleased that this 27 year Washington insider seems more concerned about running from his opponent than having a genuine two way conversation with members of his own party base.  Most WOAI listeners also know that Lamar Smith is up for re-election and in active campaign mode – it’s kind of hard to hide the busy campaign staff and the $1 million war chest.

Even so, when radio host Joe Pags asked Lamar Smith if he had been “duckin’ or dodgin’ anybody”, Smith wasted no time in replying; “No I don’t think so”.  Not realizing what the Weasel was up to, Joe was knocked off of his game, and fell in line saying that he didn’t know what the big deal was – there isn’t even an election coming up for about a year.

The Republican primary election is in March, with early voting - just three months away.  We are appreciate the fact that they see a conservative as a threat and don’t want to mix it up in a Citizen vs. Citizen debate.  After all, the recent WSJ pole said that 62% of the electorate recognizes it is time to throw them all out, even their own guy.

The big deal is that this would all be very funny if it weren’t for the serious state of affairs in our country today. Lamar Smith has had 27 years to solve these problems. Instead, however, he has become a card carrying member of the McCain--Graham Party.

It’s time to send Matt McCall to Washington to fix the problems that Congressman Smith and his fellow D.C. insiders have built.
For Liberty,
L.A. Lovejoy
Communications Specialist
Matt McCall Campaign for U.S. Congress

P.S. Lamar has been in for 27 year and Fifteen Trillion extra dollars in Debt. How is that working out for you?

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