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Solo Battaglia inspired by Jacob van Eyck with C, E and G
Clouds - An improvisation on Zoom
Free apps for classical music improvisaton
Game of Themes Trailer
Guessing with Beethoven
New Tarantella video: Open strings
Tarantella Webinar (July 3rd)

Improvise a solo piece with the notes C, E and G

Improvise a solo Battaglia inspired by the 17th-century improviser Jacob van Eyck
We also have a video series about the history of the battaglia in relation to improvisation.
Click here!

You can continue to learn on Patreon, where we steal ideas from Jacob van Eyck about how to improvise for a longer time only using C, E and G only! Go to Patreon here.
Zoomprovisations! Zoom is part of daily life now and everybody says "you can't play together because of the delay". To us that sounded just like an improvisation challenge. The concept: play any note. If you think it's dissonant, resolve it. 

Free Apps to learn Improvisation

Preparing yourself at home for these improvisation meetings, or anyway, improving your improvisation skills on your own can be a daunting task. So in this playlist we talk about apps you can use to improve your improvisatory skills and how to use them (or click the image). 
A trailer for our "Game of Themes" programme: an entirely improvised concert, based on ideas from the audience. 
A fun game is to try to guess what a composer might do. One approach is to listen to, or read a little bit of a composer's piece and see how you might continue it. Not only is it interesting and fun, we can also learn lots of things about our improvising. For example, what is the difference between my idea and this or that composer? Why does the composer do this, and why did I do that? What are logical or interesting ways of connecting one bit of music with the next? Click on Beethoven to start guessing!


Our Tarantella videos have been very popular. You can still join us in recording your own little Tarantella with the #Corontella! See above some of the amazing results. Our latest addition is an option to improvise only using open strings (violin and cello!)

More Tarantella - Webinar!

On July 3rd at 16:00 ("Dutch time") I will do a webinar on improvising on the Tarantella. We will look at several other tarantellas than the ones in the videos above. As always, you get a chance to play along with me, although I won't be able to hear you... Hopefully more soon in real life! 

Click here to find out more.

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