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Summer is almost here and we are warming up for another riveting improvisation summer!

In other good news, James and Robert are very happy and honoured, that thanks to their students at the conservatoire their improvisation elective has been elevated to a two-year obligatory course! Digital bubbles are coming your way! 

Below you can find out more about our first online ornamentation course, concerts in Weimar and Zeewolde, courses like the MentiParti Partimento summer academy and Apollo Academy and videos like our Bert Mooiman interview, a dive into the late 19th Century and the last leg of our Tartini Challenge!

Have a wonderful summer and hope to see you at one of our events,

The Scroll Ensemble - 
Robert, Iason & James
Ornamentation in the Baroque

For all levels -Beginning of July - Online

We dive into baroque ornamentation for a slow movement with Johann Joachim Quantz’s help. Quantz left us an example adagio constructed from basic building blocks. For each building block he notated several ornaments that you can learn by heart and improvise with. These same building blocks can be found everywhere in baroque music! 

On the first day of the course we will work on learning options for one building block, and how to fill up intervals, using Quantz’s own Adagio!

Find out more!
What's Next for The Scroll Ensemble ?
In the above video we talk about our next stops in Europe and online in more detail. Below you can find a shortened written version with the relevant links. For an updated list of our events, visit our website.
15 June 20:00 - Webinar Ensemble Improvisation (in Dutch)
Improvisation has always been a part of Western Classical Music in some form. Most famously, we know about Mozart or Paganini as solo virtuoso improvisers travelling around the world. But, as it turns out, a lot of improvisation also took place in ensembles and even orchestras. Robert races through history and leaves the listener with tips how to get started themselves.

Find out more 

1-4 July - Online Baroque Ornamentation Course (see above)

7 July 19:30 - ImproMania - Opening concert Bach Biennale Weimar

In the Herderkirche in Weimar we open the festival with violinist Anaïs Chen with a literal improvisation concert, meeting Anaïs Chen only once before we dive into an entirely improvised concert.
The rest of the festival also includes several jam sessions, workshops and other events we will stick around for!

10 July 10:00-11:00 - Think Tank - Bach Biennale Weimar
We are represented in the think tank discussing the future of improvisation with the panel and audience! Sounds like a fascinating experience!
Bach Biennale programme and more information

10-16 July MentiParti Summer Academy
A course about partimento and its adjacent topics like counterpoint, solfeggio and improvisation. Robert will be teaching melody players and there is an amazing line up of tutors to help everyone with their specific questions and open up their minds to partimento in the widest sense possible.
More information 

7 August 15:00 - In Praise of Folly - De Verbeelding, Zeewolde, The Netherlands
A journey through the ages, Erasmus' texts and The Scroll Ensemble's creativity at max capacity. This year the festival asked us to go all in and praise Folly.
Tickets and more information

7-14 August - Apollo Summer Academy - Warffum Kunstkerk, The Netherlands
A chamber music course including a daily improvisation workshop and possibilities to work on improvisation privately or in a group as well.
More information about the course

6-8 March 2023 - “Partimento — Realising its Potential“ international conference in Vienna at the MDW
Organised by ensemble member Iason Marmaras and including some Scrolling :). More information soon.

Bert Mooiman Improvisation Interview

Often the narrative is that classical musicians don't and can't improvise. But, isn't this an old tale? In our latest series we try to interview as many people as we can find and are willing. Feel free to get in touch with us if you'd be willing to be interviewed too! It could even be just one minute and you don't even have to be a professional musician. 

Our first guest is distinguished improviser Bert Mooiman who has been a guest in our ensemble several times. We talk about how he got started improvising, how improvisation features in his life now, and more!
Improvisational Idyl - Improvisation in Performance

As Bert attests to in the above interview, improvisation wasn't gone yet in the 19th century. Rather, it seems to have partly moved to the performance parameters of written music. A prime example is the famous violinist Joseph Joachim. Find out more about why he was seen as the ideal performer, both 'true to the composer' but also the ideal improviser. 
Our next video looks at Joachim's Violinschule for information about improvisation and ornamentation in the 19th Century.
Basic melodies over a Cadence

The final leg of our Tartini Challenge! Tartini gives different basic melodies one could find over a standard cadence to help us recognise these for ornamentation purposes. But, we can also use this information to see what he saw as the basic melodies for a cadence! 

In this video we take an aural approach and try to teach you these melodies, following a method we gleaned from ImproviseForReal. Let us know whether it helps you!
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