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Perfectly Deep Weekly #37:
Laima Adelaide, Shelley Parker, Miss Kittin & The Hacker


Dear <<First Name>>

This week, the theme is ultra-fresh new deep electronic music that's been filling the airwaves these last few days in the Perfectly Deep HQ here in sunny yet chillingly cold Copenhagen. One detail to highlight is that one of this week's recommendations is from the deep drum'n'bass genre, which I know some of you have been yearning for. So here you go.


As a side note, I've also added some more of my all-time favorite mixes on Mixcloud to the Perfectly Deep repository there. Concretely, I have created a new playlist titled 'Minimal house' and filled it with some insanely good stuff from over the years. Check it out:


Minimal house playlist on Perfectly Deep @ Mixcloud


In any case, I hope you will enjoy listening to this week's newsletter as much as I did putting it together.


Keep it deep,


Christian Villum

Laima Adelaide - Art Bei Ton #54 (2022)

Art Bei Ton

Tags: #deeptechno #minimaltechno

The excellent podcast series by the Berlin-based Art Bei Ton collective, which focuses on merging electronic music and visual arts, continues to impress. This mix, their most recent episode, features Laima Adelaide, a producer and performer of deep electronic music within the genres of deep techno, ambient, and experimental techno. 


A student of classical composition at the State University of Music and the Performing Arts in Stuttgart, she is a well-known live performer of her own material. According to her bio, a material seemingly surfacing through her imagination: She explains that "my main inspiration is exploration. Each of the tracks is a study of an unknown environment which forms itself in my imagination."

While still early in her musical career, her tracks have already been featured by various prolific outlets, including Oslated and Monument. Most recently, she also launched her own label, Predawn Records.


In this set, which I believe consists of her own material (though it is not entirely clear, so I might be wrong), she has put together a mix of tracks that take us on an enchanting journey into the different corners of deep techno. I am particularly fond of the super-deep part that starts around the 20-minute mark.




Shelley Parker - Wisteria (2022)

Tags: #deepdrumnbass #experimentalelectronica

It's rare for this newsletter to feature drum'n'bass, even if there are arguably lots of deep elements in some parts of the genre. The omission is not deliberate, and I do keep an eye on new drum'n'bass albums that come out. They just rarely fit the bill here.


But finally, there is one that does: This gem of an album by Shelley Parker, who was unknown to me until I heard this one. To say Parker is a multi-talent is a bit of an understatement since she is a household name in a wide range of creative fields. She excels in music photojournalism, fashion and fine art photography, DJing, live sets in clubs/galleries, sound installations, and writing scores for short films, theatre, and contemporary dance. Woah.


Music-wise she has built quite a reputation, not least on the London circuit - but also internationally. She has over ten releases under her belt, including one on prolific label R&S. Add to that years of DJ-ing experience - and the launch of her own label, Structure, a few years back. On all accounts, she is manifesting herself as a rising star in drum'n'bass and a cross-over artist that appeals more broadly to audiences in experimental electronica circles - and even in the creative arts outside the music scene.


The album starts with three powerful drum-heavy tracks that might be rhythmically fast-paced but feature deep basslines and long synth pads similar to what you would hear on ambient records—an exciting cocktail.


The album also contains some stints into other genres. Like 'Glisten' that builds on a captivating breakbeat drum pattern and the ravey minimal techno banger 'Deluge.' My personal favorite is probably 'The Faun,' an oddly slow-burning drum'n'bass belter.


'Wisteria' comes out on the UK-based Hypercolour label, founded by Jamie Russell, Alex Jones, and Ste Roberts. Launched back in 2006, it has outputted more than 175 releases, including notable records by Mary Jane Coles, Laurent Garnier, Luke Vipert and Groove Armada, and Alex Jones himself.


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Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Third Album (2022)
Nobody's Bizzness

Tags: #electroclash #minimaltechno

In unison, German producer and vocalist Miss Kittin and French producer The Hacker are one of the mastodon acts of electronic music in general and pretty much invented - or at least spearheaded - the genre known as electroclash back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their debut album and a string of singles like 'Frank Sinatra' and '1982' took the duo to mainstream fame and deservedly so.


Electroclash took the world by storm with its combination of Detroit electro, 80s new wave, and lots of punk rock attitude, and this duo was, in many ways, the embodiment of the style. They released a second album in 2009, which continued and developed their sound into an even more 1980s synth-wave heavy direction (and even included a daring cover of Elvis Presley's Suspicious Minds). Aside from two retrospective compilations called 'Lost Tracks 1 & 2', this was the last we heard from them as a duo.


Until now, 13 years later, when they've returned with 'Third Album', a compelling third chapter. Almost as if each album marks a new decade.


Style-wise, they stay true to their original point of departure, but the sound is more stripped down and darker this time. Highlights include 'Ostbahnhof,' referencing the famous Berlin train station, a minimal arpeggio-driven track with a bleak synth theme, and vocals referencing a debauched night at the infamous Berghain club located nearby.


Another highlight is 'Malade,' an intense techno track that reminds me of the aforementioned '1982'-single that kickstarted the whole thing for the duo. I also want to emphasize the closing track, 'Soyuz,' a dirty electro track combining an irresistible drum beat with the stripped-down approach in perfect unity.


Whereas the first album came out on the legendary 'International Deejay Gigolos' label, founded by DJ Hell, aka. Helmut Geier, this one comes out on Kittin's own 'Nobody's Bizznezz' imprint, on which she has released an impressive 50+ releases, mostly solo, over the last 20 years.

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