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Perfectly Deep Weekly #49:
Miret, Frantzvaag, Zvrra


Dear <<First Name>>

With the dust still settling from Sónar last weekend, I've enjoyed a handful of new releases these past few days and would like to share three of them with you. 


One of these is from an artist who blew me away in Barcelona. That's the beauty of going to festivals with a broad lineup, compared to concerts or club performances; at festivals, there are acts you see by coincidence who win you over on the spot. This one, Miret, out of Mexico, is one of those for me. I hope you'll like his music, too.


In any case, I hope you enjoy this newsletter as much as I did putting it together.


Keep it deep,


Christian Villum


Miret - Desert Hut Podcast #118 (2022)

Resident Advisor

Tags: #dubbytechno #dubbyhouse


Miret, who hails from northern Mexico, is based in Barcelona, where he is an active part of the electronic music scene. His signature sound is deep house-inspired slow techno with dub sensibilities. I would say this is also mirrored in his vibe and personal appearance, now that I've experienced him live on stage in Barcelona. A cool dude.


According to his bio, his style is a "bending alloy of global sounds and solid electronic rhythms, always mixed and crafted with elegance." Amen to that. In this mix, Miret starts with his brilliant slow-paced style, as outlined above. The first range of tracks is downtempo slow-burners that put you in a laid-back, groovy state. Around 20-25 minutes, he moves further into more dubby house territory. I am particularly fond of the part that starts around the 37-minute mark. That's #perfectlydeep. It is like cream flowing from your speakers.


The mix comes out on a label and podcast I did not know about before, Desert Hut, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This music collective excels in a musical spectrum similar to that of Miret. So in many ways, this is a perfect home for him musically. Other than that, it is a somewhat reclusive group that doesn't write who is behind it anywhere online. So, they let the music speak. However, now that I've dived deeper into the back catalog of the imprint, I must say it is a trove of treasures. Well worth sinking yourself into if you're into Miret's mix.




Frantzvaag - Solo Super (2022)
Fuck Reality

Tags: #deephouse #dubbyhouse

There is not much information available on the guy behind the Frantzvaag moniker, Mats Frantzvaag. He is based in Oslo, Norway, and this is his debut album. Before that came a couple of EPs on various labels, including Prins Thomas' imprint, the disco-house label Full Pupp.


Frantzvaag's sound is quintessential deep house with disco and dub leanings. It starts with 'Become,' which ticks all the deep disco house boxes with low pass filters, vocal snippets, and a compelling groove that makes it hard to sit still. 


'Anyone Everybody' is the follow-up track, and here we lose the disco to dive further into minimal, deep house. It sports a delightful, delicate synth motif that gives it a feel of melancholy.


Other highlights include '2001,' another deep house track with lots of dubby reverb and echo. Also, it features scratching, which is rare in deep electronic music. But it works. 'Dose' also works well. It's a full-on deep disco house. Like Daft Punk meeting Sylvester, without the vocals. Lastly, 'Going Away' is an excellent, synth pad-driven deep house track with disco leanings in the bassline.


It is also worth noting 'Come Later' because it sports a 303 acid bassline which, quite honestly, also always gives points in my book.


The album comes out on the Fuck Reality label, a sub-label of Smallville Records. Fuck Reality has only released seven records since its initiation in 2015, and this is the first full-length album. Its parent label, Smallville Records, is based in Hamburg and was founded by Julius Steinhoff & Just von Ahlefeld (thought now run by Steinhoff and Stefan Marx) used to be both a label and a record store. Since 2021, however, it is only the former.

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Zvrra - Solace (2022)

Tags: #experimentaltechno #experimentalelectronica

Chicago-based producer Raven Mazique (aka Zvrra, pronounced "zuh-varra") is a rising star on the global experimental techno scene. While seemingly a new name to emerge, she has been grinding her teeth as a producer for over 15 years, building a reputation first on the Chi-town circuit and later earning her merits globally.


Being a former game developer, she has shared that this job has helped shape her approach to composing music. The tracks she makes are often a soundtrack to her imagining a visual setting, like a dark room, and then making music that fits that setting. It is not an incident that one review I found described her music as "swirling, atmospheric worlds in the form of techno." Game developers are, in essence, world builders.


The album is a highly eclectic collection of tracks that twists and turns constantly. The trio of opening tracks, 'Solace Intro,' 'Fossilized,' and 'Chithe Palace,' are all highly experimental works of art that feature shuffly drum programming, asymmetrical loops, and noise-driven samples.


'Noble 1,' 'Noble 2,' and 'Redland Dunes' then take us into minimal techno, though never in a strictly conventional sense. Zvrra plays with tempo, styles, and, overall, the genre's norms. 'Redland Dunes,' by the way, reminds me of the stellar Traktor series of EPs by Torsten Pröfrock on the DIN label back in the mid-1990s.


My favorite is 'Metallus Ruins (Past),' a super-deep techno belter, preceded by the dark ambient track 'Metallus Ruins (Future).' I take it from the title and musical kindship that they belong together like a mini techno symphony.


The album is self-released, as far as I could dig out. It doesn't feature on Discogs yet, which is often the case for self-released records. Such DIY ethos is clearly woven into Zvrra's artistic practice. She is also a member of EAT DIS, a "Chicago-based netlabel carving their path in electronic music that is specifically a space for nonbinary and trans producers to push the boundaries of sound," as it is elegantly described in a Zvrra-feature on Bandcamp. Other members in that collective include Twofold, Alptrack, and DJ Girl.

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