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Perfectly Deep Weekly #39:
Andrea Cichecki, Plastikman & Chilly Gonzales, Hoavi


Dear <<First Name>>

This week we are back enjoying some brand new music that is taking up a lot of real estate in the airwaves of the Perfectly Deep HQ.


One thing worth noting is that one of the acts, Hoavi, is Russian. So obviously, that got me thinking about whether I should follow the widespread sanctions against Russia following the Ukraine invasion and exclude the album and artist. I tried to see if the artist had publicly spoken out against the government's aggression, but that is seemingly not the case. Not that I could find, anyway.


From a certain perspective, that speaks for exclusion, but then it dawned on me that excluding all artists whose opinions I cannot find also seems like a very divisive and prejudiced approach. Especially in the field of art, where meaning and messages are often deliberately abstract, buried, or left open to interpretation. That is like saying that everyone who doesn't speak up (on channels that I listen to) is to be considered pro-war. That seems wrong, too. Then again, I, of course, realize that's how sanctions are supposed to work.


In the end, after much deliberation, I chose to include it. If you think that is the wrong decision, please let me know. You can use the shoutbox below.


In any case, I hope you will enjoy this newsletter as much as I did putting it together.


Keep it deep,


Christian Villum

Andrea Cichecki - DeepInIt Podcast #19 (2022)


Tags: #deephouse #dubhouse

Producer and DJ Andrea Cichecki have put together a delightful set of tracks in this recent mix. Weaving together deep house, ambient house, and lots of dub-influence house music, this mix builds up a lovely laidback vibe that works for dancefloors and chilled-out listening alike. I particularly like the part that starts at around 1h9min, where the set starts to get into a mesmerizing flow state.


Cichecki is quite cosmopolitan. Born with Polish roots, she grew up in the Netherlands before relocating to Berlin. Here she quickly earned herself a reputation as a rising star with DJ residencies at renowned clubs like Hoppetosse and Club der Visionäre. The latter is one of my all-time personal favorite clubs, and I had the pleasure of living almost right next to it during my own stint in Berlin back in 2009-2010. Anyway, she recently moved on to Dresden which is now her home.


The mix comes out on the South African podcast outlet DeepInIt, which has a great selection of other episodes well worth checking out. It seems its account on Soundcloud is offline, but you can follow along on Facebook instead.




Plastikman & Chilly Gonzales - Consumed in Key (2022)
Minus Inc. / Turbo Recordings

Tags: #deeptechno #minimaltechno

I found myself surprised that I haven't featured Richie Hawtin, aka. Plastikman in this newsletter before because he is not only one of the biggest and most prolific stars in minimal - or deep - electronic music. He is also one of the most progressive artists in electronic music in general.


A grand experimenter, Hawtin is one of the early pioneers of techno - from the early 1990s in Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. Since then, and to this day, he has been pushing the technological and artistic envelope of the scene. He is constantly experimenting with new methods and hardware, from production and performance instruments to grand concert-scale setups that rethink the entire experience and expression of how electronic music is perceived live.


For example, I remember experiencing the performance of his previous album, EX, live at Sonar Festival in Barcelona in 2014. It featured a massive, 10-meter-tall, pulsating cylinder speaker in the middle of the audience area, which directed people's attention away from the artist himself. A performance etched into my memory.


This album is his first as Plastikman since then, and it is, of course, another experiment. It builds on one of his previous releases under the Plastikman moniker, 'Consumed,' which came out in 1998 and was a minimal, stripped-down album that became a sought-after deep minimal classic.


Chilly Gonzales, the renowned multi-instrument and multi-genre musician, heard this album and was amazed by the compository parallels it drew from freeform jazz (as opposed to the typical linearity of techno composition in general). He felt compelled to reinterpret the album on this piano, and thus this album came to be. The creative meeting between two musical worlds in a way that makes space for them both, but at the same time in unison, creates a highly original jazz-techno hybrid. Learn more about the origin story on the Consumed in Key website with small background videos and more goodies.


It comes out on Hawtin's 'Minus' label, another mastodon in electronic music spanning over three decades, and the home of many of Hawtin's musical projects, including Plastikman, through which he is responsible for iconic releases such as 'Muzik' and 'Recycled Plastik.' It is distributed under license to Turbo Recordings, a large Canadian label for techno and electro founded by another big wig in electronic music, Tiga. Turbo has an impressive 400+ releases under its belt, so it is also one of the major forces on the techno scene.


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Hoavi - Posle Vsego (2022)
Quiet Time Tapes

Tags: #experimentalelectronica #experimentaltechno

This album is a lovely melting pot of ideas and creativity. It consists of works made between 2013 and 2020 and precedes Hoavi's more recent work, which is more inspired by the dub and jungle genres. It is apparently made predominantly by using analog synths and sample recordings and can - according to the press material - be compared to "a walk through a forest in winter; it feels lonely and foreboding, yet simultaneously serene and full of beauty."


It starts very classically ambient with the title track 'Posle Vsego', a soft, synth-pad driven track, void of drums, that eases us into the album. 'Ne Opomnitsja' gradually intensifies the sound with insisting percussion on top of an experimental, deep synth motif. A little later, 'Mercenary' moves us into a more compressed, stripped-down house-meets-funk space, and 'Part 3' skips on into a sound characterized by crackly, noisy drones and sea bird song samples. You never know what is around the corner on this album, and that is its strength.


My favorite is probably 'Shuvaloo,' a brooding dark ambient track with layer upon layer of gritty noise and faint melodic bits and pieces to create an intense, hypnotic feel.


Behind the moniker stands Kirill Vasin, a highly productive St. Petersburg-based producer. He, alongside his personal productions, also functions as part of a musical collective called St. Petersburg Sound Systems - and runs the label Shells Rattle.


With the Hoavi alias, he has released seven albums over the last decade - on various labels, including Balmat, Fauxpax Music, and his own imprint. Posle Vsego comes out on Quiet Time Tapes, a cassette tape label from New York City known for seeking out experimental artists and expressions.

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