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Perfectly Deep Weekly #40:
Nadia Struiwigh, Ricardo Villalobos & Samuel Rohrer, Earthen Sea


Dear <<First Name>>

Another week, another three killer slices of brand new, deep electronic music for you to enjoy.


As a side note, reaching newsletter number 40 is also a noteworthy anniversary. Thanks to all of you who choose to let these bulletins enter your inbox.


This week I have also added some more classic dub techno mixes to Perfectly Deep's Mixcloud profile, including one of my all-time favorite mixes: Low Light Mixes' "Dubstrates & Dreamstates. Check it out:


Perfectly Deep @ Mixcloud


In any case, I hope you will enjoy this newsletter as much as I did putting it together.


Keep it deep,


Christian Villum

Nadia Struiwigh - Phantasymix #40 (2022)


Tags: #deeptechno #minimaltechno


Nadia Struiwigh is a Dutch producer and DJ who has been on the circuit for over a decade. Known for her experimental ambient production chops, she has three excellent albums in the bag and a series of singles and EPs on prolific labels like Central Processing Unit. Her most recent album, 'Aurora Pax,' came out last year with high acclaim.


She also masters a more upbeat style of deep electronic music, as we see in this mix for the Phantasy podcast. Here she shows off a highly well-curated deep, minimal mix that, as the Phantasy staff puts it, "guides listeners down a deep, even meditative wormhole of rich techno and waves of diverse electronic textures." It starts slow, but 10 minutes in starts to show its real colors.


The set builds very nicely over the course of the hour, and if you are in a particularly dancey mode, I recommend skipping forward to around the 51-minute mark and turning your volume knob to 11. 




Ricardo Villalobos & Samuel Rohrer - Microgestures (2022)
Arjunamusic Records

Tags: #minimalhouse #deeptechno

It has been over ten years since Chilean-born and German-raised superstar DJ Ricardo Villalobos' last album with brand new material if you exclude his remix album from last year. That is a long time in electronic music, so this is an exciting event.


Villalobos rose to well-deserved fame in the 2000s. He was one of the most prominent faces of the explosive popularity of a stripped-down variation of house and minimal techno often referred to as 'micro house'. That wave was led by labels like Playhouse and Perlon, through which Villalobos released many of his singles and EPs. My personal favorite by him from that time is the outstanding album 'Alcachofa' which came out in 20203 on Playhouse. A timeless gem in my book.


On this album, Villalobos teams up with German acoustic improvisation artist Samuel Rohrer, whose work sits typically somewhere between ambient music, found recordings, and experimental electronica. He is known for his percussion and experiments with modular synth-driven electronic music. Together they have produced an original musical hybrid where the two musical worlds meet.


The album consists of four long tracks. The first, 'Helix,' is an energetic, high-paced percussive track that fuses Rohrer's acoustic drumming with Villalobos loop-based minimal drum programming. The result is a highly hypnotic, deep, and mesmerizing sound that slowly builds over 10 minutes. Halfway through, it starts to become glitchy and intentionally challenges the listener while still keeping the groove.


'Incus,' the second track, is more minimal and leaning toward the Villalobos sound, although Rohrer's percussion continues to be audible. The track's progression lies predominantly in the bassline, which grows more intense through various variations.


Lastly, I want to emphasize 'Lobule,' my favorite track on the album. Fuelled by a deep and captivating bassline, it subtly introduces new percussive instruments during the 11-minute duration and slowly builds up to a spellbinding groove.


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Earthen Sea - Ghost Poems (2022)

Tags: #ambient #experimentalelectronica

The man behind the moniker Earthen Sea, whose civil name is Jacob Long, a New York City resident, is perhaps more known for his role in non-electronic music acts like Black Eyes, who plays post-hardcore metal, and dub/post-rock hybrid Mi Ami. As Earthen Sea, however, his output is far more gentle. Springing from ambient music, Earthen Sea can be characterized as experiments in opaque atmospherics that draws from dub, glitch, and drones.


His highly awaiting new album, Ghost Poems, doesn't disappoint. Shaped by two key concepts—"seventh chords on a fake Rhodes patch" and "the studio as a dub instrument," according to the press release, it is a smooth and comforting journey into deep, dubby ambient. It carries a warmth that comes in part from the Rhodes organ referenced above. The musical textures are framed by long synth pads, quirky melancholic melodies, and crackly noise samples.


The first track, 'Shiny Nowhere,' is a slow-paced downtempo lazy-beat track with a compelling organ motif soaked in crackly noise. It is followed by an equally slow but even more laid-back ambient track, 'Stolen Time,' with a shuffly beat and echoing reverberations. Excellent and stylish stuff.


I would also highlight 'Snowy Water,' which has more of a dreamy aura. The drums are so subtle that you can hardly make them out in the heavy, overlapping synth pads. 'Rough Air' and the closing track 'Deep Sky' also deserve mention with their uplifting vibe.


The album comes out on Kranky, which has also been featured in this newsletter in the past. Spanning over 400 releases, it boasts an impressive roster of noteworthy artists, including one of my favorites, Loscil, and household names like James Zabiela, Jon Hopkins, Pan•American, and Grouper. Alongside those electronic music stalwarts are also indie acts like Deerhunter, Low, and avant-garde names like Tim Hecker. One of those mastodon labels with massive staying powers that invite you to dive into its impressive discography. Set aside ample time, though - you will need it.

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